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Table of Contents

  • What Do Obelisks Do?
  • Where are they?
    • Obelisk 1: Dagon's Eye, Map Square N6
    • Obelisk 2: Upper Staging Area, Map Square K8
    • Obelisk 3: The Sinkhole, Map Square H6
    • Obelisk 4: Unnamed City, Map Square D6
    • Obelisk 5: Shattered Springs, Map Square C8
    • Obelisk 6: The Black Keep, Map Square F11
    • Obelisk 7: Temple of Frost, Map Square D13
    • Obelisk 8: Path of the Penitent, Map Square G14
    • Obelisk 9: The Dregs, Map Square D4
    • Obelisk 10: Mounds of the Dead, Map Square B11
  • FAQ's
    • Question: Is there a Limit on How Many Obelisks I Can Attune My Bracelet to?
    • Question: Is there Any Other Way to Get Back Home Using the Obelisks?
    • Question: Which Obelisk Would You Say is the Most Important?
    • Question: Will I Lose Access to the Obelisks if I Die?
  • Conclusion

Conan Exiles has many mysterious items and objects, but one of the strangest has to be the obelisks. Carved from dark stone, these towers are cloaked in a dark purple mist and immediately stand out in The Exiled Lands. Today we’ll be looking at exactly what these strange monoliths do, and where you can find them.

What Do Obelisks Do?

It is easy to get confused about what exactly an obelisk does, especially when you first see them, I know I was. They’re unlike anything else in the game, and they stand out in any environment they’re in. Don’t be too inquisitive though, else you might pick up some Corruption! If you do, you can learn how to get rid of it here.

So, aside from filling your veins with corruption, what else do they do? Well if you do wander close enough to an obelisk, you’ll find that you’re able to attune your bracelet to it. You can do this with every obelisk in the game, up to a maximum of the 10 obelisks available around The Exiled Lands.

Once your bracelet is attuned, you’ll be able to teleport to any attuned obelisk from a map room. Think of these obelisks as exit-only doors. You’re able to teleport to them from a map room, but unfortunately, you can’t then use the obelisk to travel back to the map room, you’ll have to run, walk or ride your way back home.

However, even given that fairly sizeable downside, obelisks are an important time-saving part of Conan Exiles’ late game, and provide you with ways to quickly reach areas that are usually difficult to traverse, or to areas that provide bountiful loot.

Where are they?

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (3)

Good question! There are a total of 10 obelisks dotted around The Exiled Lands, fairly evenly spread throughout the map aside from in one area: The Highlands.

This is probably because The Highlands is a fairly small area that has a few obelisks nearby, so it’s not too much of an issue, though if you’re a bit lazy at times like I am then it’ll probably irritate you slightly.

You’ll find obelisks in pretty important areas, usually near notable landmarks, dungeons or other Points of Interest, as their designed to provide easier access to these important areas that you may wish to visit repeatedly for resources, loot or other valuables. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at exactly where these 10 obelisks are.

Obelisk 1: Dagon’s Eye, Map Square N6

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (4)

You’ll find the first obelisk in the ruins of Dagon’s Eye, on a mountain north of the Forgotten City of Xel-Ha, located in the south-eastern Jungle. The Jungle can be a tough environment to navigate at the best of times, as it’s crawling with fierce wildlife, vicious monsters, and aggressive humans.

Even the most fearsome Exile can be caught off-guard in the jungle, so having a teleport here through this obelisk is a valuable asset to have.

Within only two or three map squares away from the obelisk you’ll find plenty of important areas, including four world bosses, easy access to Buccaneer Bay, The Palace of the Witch Queen, and the Forgotten City of Xel-Ha, and you’ll also find fairly important character unlocks such as the Derketo religion just south of Xel-Ha, and open-world crafting recipes nearby.

The area around Dagon’s Eye also offers access to Panthers, Gorillas, and Ironstone, which can be important resources for survival.

Obelisk 2: Upper Staging Area, Map Square K8

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (5)

The second obelisk can be found in the Upper Staging Area, deep in the northern jungle. Similar to the first entry, penetrating the deep jungle unscathed is a tough test of wits and endurance.

Having to dodge the snakes, crocodiles, and oversized spiders along with all the other strange animals that lurk behind the trees is a task that we should always avoid when possible.

The Upper Staging Area is a raised platform, so should provide a small amount of safety when you teleport, but the area around the platform is still fraught with danger. However, having easy access to this part of the jungle is valuable.

This obelisk will provide easy access to various animal and natural resources like claws, hide, gossamer, etc. You’re only a stone’s throw away from The Passage, a large tunnel-like dungeon that leads from the Jungle to the Frozen North.

In here, you’ll find a fair few crystal deposits, tonnes of Red Widow and Grey spiders, and a terrifying (but not too dangerous) Sand Reaper Hive Queen.

Obelisk 3: The Sinkhole, Map Square H6

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (6)

The third obelisk can be found sitting precariously atop The Sinkhole in the central desert. This is likely going to be the first obelisk you encounter unless you’re brave enough to enter The Unnamed City in the early game, and it’s one you’re probably gonna stay away from given the enormous hole just waiting for you to lose your footing and fall to your doom.

However ignoring that very obvious danger, this is quite a useful obelisk to have access to. The central desert provides ample access to various important resources, and this is the perfect launching point for any resource-gathering expedition.

Ride north to farm up some hide from the rhinos and elephants, east to tackle the NPC camps and try to find that perfect thrall, and if you head south you’ll find yourself at The Summoning Place, fighting off hordes of Darfari cannibals.

The surrounding areas also have ample access to stone, iron, aloe and a few nearby world bosses, and of course, there is the allure of The Sinkhole itself. This pseudo-dungeon contains Undead Hyenas and Skeletons, and a hulking Undead Dragon right at the bottom.

Alongside the enemies, you’ll be able to find a stone at the back of the sinkhole that will give you the Dragonbone Weapons recipe if you already know how to make Star Metal Tools, and for all you lore fiends out there, you’ll find Harlot’s Journal #7 sat next to the obelisk.

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Obelisk 4: Unnamed City, Map Square D6

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (7)

The fourth obelisk is easily one of the most useful, as you’ll find yourself here quite often in the mid and late game. This obelisk sits in The Unnamed City, close to The Archives, an important location for learning recipes in the end game when you’ve run out of feat points.

Having such easy access to The Unnamed City is critical for farming important yet fairly scarce resources like Demon Blood, Fragments of Power, and the powerful Relic Hunter thralls that roam the outskirts of the city.

Another massive positive is that in the late game, you’ll likely be using Legendary Weapons and Armour that you can’t repair with resources at your workbenches, so you’ll be able to quickly teleport here and farm Legendary Weapon Repair Kits and Legendary Armour Patch Kits.

You can craft these repair items at home, but it can drain quite important resources so having ample access to them from the various mini-bosses around The Unnamed City is much easier. On top of these useful options for farming, The Unnamed City is just a pretty fun place to have some enjoyable PvE encounters against a variety of enemies.

Obelisk 5: Shattered Springs, Map Square C8

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (8)

The fifth obelisk is another very useful spot. This obelisk is just south of the Shattered Springs, east of Klael’s Stronghold and northeast of Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters.

The Shattered Springs to the north provides an amazing source of brimstone from its natural sulphur pillars, and plenty of brimstone and crystal from the respective rocknoses. There is also a nearby world boss, though you’ll need to take care to equip your sandstorm breathing mask, as the noxious fumes will slowly and steadily damage you.

Klael’s Stronghold to the east is perhaps one of the hardest dungeons in the game, containing some impressively strong bosses with some impressively strong rewards.

Finally, to the southeast, Sepermeru is a go-to location for chest runs and thrall farming. There’s also a tavern on the eastern side in which Conan himself resides, flanked by three entertainer thralls who will help cleanse your corruption, a very useful utility to have access to.

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Obelisk 6: The Black Keep, Map Square F11

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (9)

The sixth obelisk is located near The Black Keep, between the Ruins of Xullan and the Bridge of the Betrayer in the frozen north. This obelisk is in a pretty hostile location, and though the immediate area is relatively safe, you’ll find tonnes of aggressive enemies nearby.

This is pretty much an essential obelisk to pick up if you need to spend any time in the lower areas of the frozen north, as running across the Bridge of the Betrayer can be a nightmare at the best of times.

Aside from the resources in this area, this obelisk also allows access to The Black Keep, a fairly tough dungeon that will test your combat skills but will also reward you with the recipes for the Silent Legion armour set and the Kinscourge weapons.

The armours are, in my opinion, some of the best looking ones in the game, and they’re useful, so it’s worth being able to visit this dungeon quickly and easily. Make sure to wrap up warm, bring some spicy food and a sharp sword, you’ll need it at this obelisk.

Obelisk 7: Temple of Frost, Map Square D13

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (10)

The seventh obelisk is located just southeast of the Temple of Frost, in an otherwise unremarkable corner of the frozen north. This obelisk is the closest you’re going to get to the intimidating Volcano without actually being in it, so it’s a very useful obelisk to have access to if you haven’t yet managed to attune your bracelet to the eighth obelisk.

One of the other major benefits of this obelisk is that you’re quite close to a lot of regular ice and black ice deposits, making acquiring these very useful resources quite easy.

The final, and arguably most important benefit, is that the Temple of Frost to the north is a fairly high-level dungeon that contains the Frost Temple Smithy.

If you can manage to fight through the frost giants, including the frost giant smith and the massive Hrungnir of the Frost, you’ll be able to learn the Frost Smithing feat to be able to craft a small selection of Black Ice weapons and tools.

These can only be crafted at the Frost Temple Smithy, so having easy access is very useful. You’ll also find emotes, loot chests, and black ice nodes within the dungeon, so its a great place to have quick access to

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Obelisk 8: Path of the Penitent, Map Square G14

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (11)

The eighth obelisk, as mentioned in the previous entry, is directly inside the volcano. It’s quite toasty in there, so before you even think about teleporting there, make sure you bring some appropriate armour and some ice to chew on, it should keep you cool in this inhospitable environment.

The Path of the Penitent is a critical part of the Volcano, it leads deeper into the area, eventually reaching The Well of Skelos, an important end-game dungeon that provides access to one of the artifacts needed to create the keystone used to remove the slave bracelet and finish the game.

Alongside that, The Well of Skelos also includes the Volcanic Forge, the only place in the game where you can make composite obsidian if you already know the obsidian tools feat.

This obelisk is a short walk away from that important dungeon, but of course, you’ll also be able to farm up obsidian and goldstone in the areas surrounding the obelisk, making it a pretty useful area to have quick access to.

Obelisk 9: The Dregs, Map Square D4

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (12)

This obelisk rests atop the entrance to The Dregs, a fairly early-game dungeon located on the western end of the river that runs through the southern desert. This obelisk is fairly easy to miss as it’s tucked out of sight, especially if you’re busy trying to fight off the Darfari that defends the entrance to the dungeon.

Though the dungeon itself isn’t particularly difficult, it does provide access to some unique and useful resources, such as reptile hide, glowing goop, the Staff of the Triumvirate, and you also get to learn some useful crafting recipes for building and combat throughout the dungeon.

The southern desert isn’t a particularly interesting or desirable location to be in, especially as you get closer to the end-game, but it can be useful to have as an option for reaching the southern side of The Unnamed City, farming Glowing Goop in the nearby dungeon, or simply just farming stone from the plentiful rocks around the southern river.

Obelisk 10: Mounds of the Dead, Map Square B11

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (13)

The final obelisk is located southwest of the Mounds of the Dead in the western Tundra. The Tundra is a pretty bleak, desolate area with access to huge amounts of wood, alongside some pretty challenging combat in the Mounds of the Dead, which is where this obelisk can be quite useful.

The Mounds contain the recipes for learning Specialist Cooking 3 and 4, alongside providing several loot chests in the area and, most importantly, often has quite a few useful high-levelled enemies that you can knock out and break into thralls.

Finding Cimmerian Berserker fighter thralls here is guaranteed, but there are also quite a few named NPC’s of various professions that can be found in this area, and though they have a fairly low chance to spawn, acquiring any of these named thralls can be very useful.


Question: Is there a Limit on How Many Obelisks I Can Attune My Bracelet to?

Answer: Fortunately, no there is not! You can attune your bracelet to all of the 10 obelisks around the map and teleport to them from any map room. I wouldn’t recommend rushing to attune all 10 of them as soon as you spawn. Take it slowly and eventually, you’ll have easy access to all corners of The Exiled Lands.

Question: Is there Any Other Way to Get Back Home Using the Obelisks?

Answer: Whilst some mods available on PC do offer teleport crystals that can be used to return home, the base game obelisks are a one-way system. This isn’t great, of course, but it still saves you a wealth of time in getting to your destination in the first place.

Question: Which Obelisk Would You Say is the Most Important?

Answer: That is a pretty tough question. I’d say it’s between obelisk 5 and 4, in the Shattered Springs and The Unnamed City respectively.
Having access to sulfur from the Shattered Springs and thralls from Sepermeru is quite important from the mid-game onwards, whereas having access to the Unnamed City, its mini-bosses, and The Archives become more important towards the end-game.

Question: Will I Lose Access to the Obelisks if I Die?

Answer: No! Your obelisks are bound to your character, so as long as you continue to play on that character, you’ll have access to whatever obelisks you have attuned.
This should also work if you transfer your character to another server, though server transferring is (at the time of writing) a fairly new feature, and bugs may occur when using this feature.


Obelisks can be very confusing when you first encounter them, and it might not be immediately obvious what they do if there are more of them, and where exactly they might be.

With this run-down of locations of all the obelisks, what they’re near, and what they can be used for, you can travel The Exiled Lands in confidence using these monoliths.

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Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations - Must-Know Obelisk Info - Conan Fanatics (2024)
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