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Emily has thousands of hours clocked in survival games, from ARK: Survival Evolved to 7 Days to Die; she loves the diversity of the genre. Initially skeptical about the theme of Conan Exiles, she quickly became addicted to the game and now recommends it to every survival fanatic she meets. Right now, she's probably in the Tundra on a seemingly endless quest to find a Baby Sabertooth.

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Table of Contents

  • Overview of Discovery Locations in Conan Exiles
  • Capitals
    • Forgotten City of Xel-Ha
    • Mounds of the Dead
    • New Asagarth
    • Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters
    • The Black Galleon
    • The Den
    • The Summoning Place
    • The Temple of Frost
    • The Unnamed City (location)
  • Camps
    • Black Hand
    • Frost Giant
    • Dafari
    • Heirs of the North
    • Lemurians
    • Dogs of the Desert
    • Exiles
    • Relic Hunters
    • Forgotten Tribe
  • Caves
  • Dungeons
    • Palace of The Witch Queen
    • The Barrow King
    • The Black Keep
    • The Dregs
    • Midnight Grove
    • The Passage
    • The Scorpion Den
    • The Sunken City
    • Warmaker's Sanctuary
    • The Well of Skelos
    • Wine Cellar
  • Ruins
    • Jungle
    • River
    • Tundra
    • Snow
    • Desert
    • The Unnamed City (Biome)
    • Savanna
    • Highlands
    • Volcano
  • Vistas
    • Desert
    • Highlands
    • Jungle
    • Savanna
    • Snow
    • Tundra
    • Volcano
  • FAQs
    • Question: How Many Marked Locations are there on Exiled Lands?
    • Question: What's the Most Important Type of Discovery Location in Conan Exiles?
    • Question: How Long Does it Take for Map Completion in Conan Exiles?
  • Completing the Map in Conan Exiles
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Conan Exiles Discovery Locations are places that pop up on your screen and mark your map whenever you enter it for the first time. These Discovery Locations can help you complete the Explore the Entire Exiled Lands – Journey Step.

To do this, you need the locations for the caves, dungeons, ruins, vistas, and obelisks. For obelisks, I recommend Eradicati0n’s guide for obelisk locations. It can help you teleport all over the map, making getting the other Discovery locations much easier.

But getting the journey step isn’t the only reason to complete the map. One of my most memorable moments when I played Guild Wars 2 was when I completed my first map. That inspired me to aim to do the same in every game I play, including Conan Exiles.

Overview of Discovery Locations in Conan Exiles

  • Capitals – 9 locations – large cities with much to do.
  • Camps – 83 locations – small outposts owned by the factions.
  • Caves – 20 locations – areas with treasure, unique bosses, and more.
  • Dungeons – 11 locations – loot and a big boss at the end.
  • Ruins – 69 locations – old places with manmade structures but rarely anything notable.
  • Vistas – 78 locations – landmarks, good for gathering materials and screenshots.


Capitals in Conan Exiles are a lot like Capitals in real life. They are more than landmarks; they are cities that hold a lot of history, life, and secrets. There aren’t many of them compared to other types of establishments, but they make up for that with quality.

Forgotten City of Xel-Ha

Conan Exiles Discovery Locations: I See You, Map Completionists - Conan Fanatics (3)
  • Biome – Jungle
  • Faction – Lemurian
  • Danger Level – 3/5
  • Dungeon Inside – yes

The Forgotten City of Xel-Ha is an important and large jungle city once inhabited by the Lemurians after their city was sunk. It is to the far east and contains multiple dungeons and even more bosses. Here, you’ll find the Dagon worshippers and multiple Dagon establishments.

Mounds of the Dead

  • Biome – Tundra
  • Faction – Forgotten Tribe
  • Danger Level – 4/5
  • Dungeon Inside – No

The Mounds of the Dead is an amazing place to farm thralls, loot, and grab a few unique items. Thorgar the Blacksmith can teach you the Pride of Aesir armor and if you kill the T4 thralls, you can get some great tools/weapons.

New Asagarth

  • Biome – Highlands
  • Faction – Heirs of the North
  • Danger Level – 4/5
  • Dungeon Inside – No

New Asagarth is a densely populated but relatively small city. It is the best place in the game to get Steel because every NPC will drop Steel Bars, and there are a lot of enemies here. There’s also a World Boss, though rare, that will drop a Frost Giant follower.

Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters

  • Biome – Savanna
  • Faction – Relic Hunters
  • Danger Level – 1/5
  • Dungeon Inside – yes

Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters, is the safest place in the Exiled Lands. Not only are the NPCs friendly, but they’ll fight anything that makes its way into the city. There are merchants, important quest NPCs, and the entrance to multiple dungeons (if you count the outskirts.)

The Black Galleon

Conan Exiles Discovery Locations: I See You, Map Completionists - Conan Fanatics (4)
  • Biome – Desert
  • Faction – Black Hand
  • Danger Level – 4/5
  • Dungeon Inside – no

The Black Galleon is a stone pirate ship full of Black Hands. You can learn emotes, buy from merchants, and open Legendary Chests inside. It’s also a good place to farm thralls (to kill, not to enthrall.)

The Den

  • Biome – Desert
  • Faction – Dogs of the Desert
  • Danger Level – 3/5
  • Dungeon Inside – no

The Den is a wonderful place to stop because merchants here sell you Rocknoses and Camels. This is also where you can learn the infamous Belly Dance. There are plenty of enemies to fight, but it’s not as congested as other cities.

The Summoning Place

  • Biome – Desert
  • Faction – Dafari
  • Danger Level – 2/5
  • Dungeon Inside – no

There’s plenty to loot and learn at The Summoning Place. The Dafari Cannibals are one of the weakest factions too, so taking them down a few at a time shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t forget to look for the Witch Doctor because he drops a gas mask.

The Temple of Frost

  • Biome – Snow
  • Faction – Frost Giants
  • Danger Level – 4/5
  • Dungeon Inside – no

The Temple of Frost is almost a dungeon, but it’s not. It is a capital with a forge inside that can make unique items via the stele you learn in the temple and a lot of Black Ice to farm. The Frost Giants inside are tanky, so come prepared to use stamina wisely.

The Unnamed City (location)

  • Biome – The Unnamed City
  • Faction – Giant-Kings
  • Danger Level – 5/5
  • Dungeon Inside – no

The Unnamed City plays like a messy dungeon. There are seven main bosses, three others, and many more minibosses. All give unique items. There are also key locations inside, including the Archives which teach you the Map-room.


Conan Exiles Discovery Locations: I See You, Map Completionists - Conan Fanatics (5)

Camps in Conan Exiles are small, with rarely more than ten NPCs wandering about. Each of these camps is owned and occupied by a specific faction with some holding many more than the other factions.

Black Hand

  • Anchor Point – northeast I-6 – has just two T4 thralls.
  • Bilgewater Break – central I-7 – always has decent T4s, but nothing else to see.
  • Captain’s Quarters – in Buccaneer Bay – always has Captain’s bodyguard and recipes for pirate gear.
  • Deathwhisper Camp – southcentral I-6 – inhabitants usually fight spiders; one loot chest here.
  • Deckswab’s Retreat – mid-sized camp with two loot chests.
  • Flotsam – in Buccaneer Bay – a huge camp with a lot of enemies, minibosses, world bosses, and more.
  • Jamilla’s Liberty – in Buccaneer Bay – has miniboss and loot chests.
  • Lookout Point – central J-5 – a great place to farm Ironstone, not many enemies; one loot chest here.
  • Marauder’s Muster – western I-7 – small camp with a loot chest.
  • Sailstitch Camp – northwest J-6 – brimstone farm, chest with gold, and a few T4s.
  • Scavenger’s Berth – southeast I-5 – has over a dozen Black Hands and is a good place to get a Bearer.
  • Scoundrel’s Gateway – northwest I-6 – medium camp with Hyena Fur Armor and Hyena Fur Epic recipes; two loot chests.
  • Scupper’s Shelter – north L-7 – good glowing Goop farm and two loot chests.
  • Spotter’s Squat – central J-6 – very small camp with nothing to do.
  • Sully’s Ambush – between I-5 and I-6 – always contains Sully, a great first Fighter thrall.
  • Talier’s Berth – north M-8 – medium Black hand camp.
  • Tarman’s Berth – southwest J-6 – a medium-sized camp that always has Tarman, another great first Fighter.
  • The Sandspit – southwest J-7 – a handful of pirates; one loot chest.
  • Voyager’s Vigil – central I-7 – large camp with nearly 30 thralls and a loot chest.
  • Watchers Waystation – northeast I-5 – inhabitants usually fighting spiders; one loot chest here.

Frost Giant

  • Blizzard’s Overwatch– central B-13 – small outpost with a reference to the game Overwatch.
  • Crystalline Chasm – northwest C-13 – one loot chest and five Frost Giants.
  • Flamemist Camp – central E-13 – around 5 Frost Giants.
  • Icekeeper Hollow – south D-13 – two loot chests and two Frost Giants.
  • The Outcast Camp – west C-12 – one loot chest and the Ymir religion trainer.
  • Ymir’s Delusion – on the line of E-11 and E-12 – two loot chests and four Frost Giants.


  • Bonebreaker’s Bend – central H-5 – small camp with a loot chest.
  • Cannibal’s Rest – northwest H-4 – small camp with T4s and a loot chest.
  • Carver’s Crest – north H-4 – small camp with two loot chests.
  • Death’s Shadow Camp – southeast E-5 – small camp with a loot chest.
  • Dustdevil Ridge – central G-5 – a loot chest and iron farm.
  • Fleshtearer Falls – east E-5 – two loot chests.
  • Gallaman’s Overlook – on the line between H-4 and H-5 – contains one loot chest.
  • Heartsblood Rise -north G-5 – one loot chest and iron nodes.
  • Howling Plateau – on the line of E-4 and F-4 – on top of Shaman’s Rise, where the Yog religion trainer is.
  • Marrowman’s Height – east E-4 – two loot chests.
  • Narrowneck Span – southwest I-4 – one loot chest.
  • Raider’s Ridge – southwest G-6 – one loot chest and coal farm.
  • Ravager’s Cleft – east F-5 – small camp.
  • Riverwatch Camp – northeast D-4 – two chests and many hyenas.
  • Skulker’s End – east D-4 – larger camp with six loot chests, an emote, and recipes.
  • Spinebreaker’s Flank – central H-5 – three loot chests and spiders.
  • The Corner of Bones – on the corner between F 4-5 and G 4-5
  • The Cursed Way – east F-5 – emote nearby.
  • The Dryfalls – southeast J-7 – unique biome between desert and jungle.
  • Thugra’s Stand – on the line of G-6 and H-6 – loot chest; coal and iron farm.
  • Witness Camp – on the line of F-5 and F-6 – one loot chest.

Heirs of the North

  • Coldfish Camp – northeast G-10 – home to Varpnir, a good T4 Archer.
  • Desertwatch – central F-9 – another Varpnire and bearer spawn; four chests.
  • Freya’s Hovel – east G-9 – home to Freya, another great archer.
  • Lian’s Watch – on the line of F-10 and G-10 – contains Lian, a good Fighter.
  • Mammothrider’s Shanty – south F-10 – another average camp.
  • Meadowwatch – east F-10 – good Bearer spawn.
  • Meltwater Crag – north F-10 – average camp.
  • Nordhof – on the line of E-10 and F-10 – has Altar of Ymir, a Bladesmith, and four chests.
  • Rimefisher’s Hut – northeast E-10 – has emote.
  • Stormwatch – north E-9 – two chests.
  • The Watchtowers – southeast D-10 – three towers with chests.
  • Trapper’s Cabin – southwest G-9 – has cookbook.


Conan Exiles Discovery Locations: I See You, Map Completionists - Conan Fanatics (6)
  • Pagoda of Boundless Lusts – west O-5 – lots of special NPCs and the Priestess of Derketo.

Dogs of the Desert

  • Bonepicker Camp – north G-7 – medium camp with loot chest.
  • Claw Outcrop – central H-6 – one loot chest.
  • Howler’s Lode – east F-7 – small camp.
  • Hunter’s View – west G-6 – medium camp and iron farm.
  • N’batu’s Pack – northwest H-6 – small camp, home to Nbatu.
  • Sharptooth Passage – south G-7 – medium camp, one emote, one chest.
  • Waterhole Outlook – on the line of H-6 and H-7 – small camp.


  • Dozens of Unnamed Posts – so many.
  • Drifter’s Rest – central L-5 – has cookbook.
  • Mitra’s Serenity – on the corner where H-I and 5-6 cross – has Shrine of Mitra and an emote.
  • Muriela’s Hope – northwest E-7 – friendly camp with emotes, recipes, and more.
  • Wightwatch Lookout – northeast B-10 – contains one chest.

Relic Hunters

Note: All in Sepermeru but considered camps on the map.

  • Southlake
  • Temple Quarter
  • Waterside
  • Westwall
  • Westwall Prison

Forgotten Tribe

  • Stargazer’s Crest – north C-11 – has witch hunt and chest.


Conan Exiles Discovery Locations: I See You, Map Completionists - Conan Fanatics (7)

Caves are practically dungeons but not classified as such. They are real caves that hold unique loot, mini-bosses, and can be wonderful farming locations. Some even have steles or ghosts that can teach you emotes.

  • Bin-Yakun’s Seal – One of the four caves owned by the Child of Jhil. The main boss is Feasts-On-Flesh, who drops Black Blood tools and guards a Legendary Chest.
  • Cavern of Fiends – A small imp cave where you can harvest crystal.
  • Dragonmouth– the entrance to the volcano.
  • Executioner’s Entrance – has Executioner, world boss, who drops unique items; good ironstone and brimstone farm.
  • Gallamnan’s Tomb – small brimstone cave with a Crocodile boss at the end.
  • Hanuman’s Grotto – has a merchant that sells a chance to get pets.
  • Jhil’s Roost – another Child of Jhil cave with the Fiend of Jhil that drops Act of Violence, Hollowbone Bow, or Unwelcome Gift.
  • Lockstone Cave – Child of Jhil cave with Shrouded-by-Darkness boss that drops Special Ammo recipe and a fragment of Power.
  • Scuttler’s Shortcut – Zath religion teacher inside with crystal and a Legendary Chest.
  • Shaleback Hollow – a corrupted cave with Thaumtergy Bench at the end.
  • Sinner’s Refuge – another brimstone farm.
  • Skittering Cavern – spider cave with End of All Hope spider boss who drops The Nemedian, Akbitanan Knives, and a key.
  • The Crevice – nearby Angry Mountain Goat atop a cliff.
  • The Floe – entrance to the Pens.
  • The High Way – contains dragons, traders, and the Shrine of the Oracle.
  • The Scraps – another Child of Jhil cave. This one with the same stuff as Jhil’s Roost.
  • Undergate – an underwater cave and another entrance to the Black Keep.
  • Warren of Degenerates – imp and crystal cave.
  • Weaver’s Hollow – zath religion teacher inside.
  • Xalthar’s Refuge – miniboss Aridis and six loot chests.


Dungeons are a gamer’s best friend. We’re familiar with the term, which insinuates plenty of dangers and loot if you’re brave enough to enter. I believe there’s an appropriate number of dungeons in Conan Exiles.

Palace of The Witch Queen

  • Main Boss – The Witch Queen
  • Biome – Jungle
  • Recommended Level – 40
  • Top Rewards – Mask of the Witch Queen key item, Key to Razma’s Quarters

The Palace of the Witch Queen is a short Jungle dungeon that ends with the Witch Queen boss. Huge story spoilers can be found here and directly after. When you leave, head to Sepermeru to use the key.

The Barrow King

  • Main Boss – The King Beneath
  • Biome – Tundra
  • Recommended Level – 30
  • Top Rewards – Diadem of the Giant-kings

The Barrow King is a small tomb with the King Beneath inside. He’s a simple boss with a keystone item. To open the tomb, you must have at least one Demon Blood in your inventory.

The Black Keep

  • Main Boss – Kinscourge
  • Biome -Snow
  • Recommended Level – 50
  • Top Rewards – Tears of the Two Races and Heart of the Kinscourge

This is where you learn the Pride of the Silent Legion and Kinscourge Weapons. At the end, you have to fight the Kinscourge, who drops a key item and isn’t tough if you’re at least level 50.

The Dregs

  • Main Boss – Abysmal Remnant
  • Biome – River
  • Recommended Level – 35
  • Top Rewards – Staff of the Triumvirate

This sewer dungeon is near the Unnamed City but is much less difficult. At the end, the boss is a sewer snake. Behind him, you can learn many recipes for armor, weapons, and more.

Midnight Grove

Conan Exiles Discovery Locations: I See You, Map Completionists - Conan Fanatics (8)
  • Main Boss – Brother of the Blood
  • Biome – Unique
  • Recommended Level – 45
  • Top Rewards – Flesh of Remembrance

The enter Midnight Grove, you have to drink the Potion of Midnight, which can be purchased from the Child of Jhebbal Sag. This dreamlike dungeon has four big bosses, though only the last has a unique drop.

The Passage

  • Main Boss – Sand Reaper Hive Queen
  • Biome – Jungle/Snow
  • Recommended Level – 40
  • Top Rewards – Broken Scourgestone Piece, Sand Reaper Toxic Gland

The Passage takes you from the Jungle to the Snow biome and has many spiders in between. Inside the dungeon, there is a spider queen who deals poison damage, so antidotes are recommended.

The Scorpion Den

  • Main Boss – Ancient Scorpion Queen
  • Biome – Desert
  • Recommended Level – 50
  • Top Rewards – Scorpion Egg-sac (Pet), Scorpion Queen Venom Gland

The Scorpion Den is also the Silver Mine. It has unique drops, all scorpion related, and a ton of resources to farm. At the end of the dungeon, the Ancient Scorpion Queen will meet you with high HP and poison.

The Sunken City

  • Main Boss – The Ritual Keeper
  • Biome – Jungle
  • Recommended Level – 40
  • Top Rewards – Dagon and Lemurian gear (Daggers of Dagon is my fave)

This may be my favorite dungeon because of how unique it is. It can only be entered by interacting with a boat at Dagon’s Embrace. Once inside, you’re taken to a path to Atlantis.

Warmaker’s Sanctuary

  • Main Boss – The Arena Champion
  • Biome – Savanna
  • Recommended Level – 60
  • Top Rewards – Armor Scraps, Destroyer/Carnage

The Warmaker’s Sanctuary is the hardest dungeon in the game. There are two bosses, but the last is much harder, requiring a couple of max-level top-tier thralls or a group of friends to take her on. But both bosses drop materials to make the best armor in the game.

The Well of Skelos

Conan Exiles Discovery Locations: I See You, Map Completionists - Conan Fanatics (9)
  • Main Boss – The Degenerate
  • Biome – Volcano
  • Recommended Level – 60
  • Top Rewards – The Shining Trapezohedron

The Well of Skelos is supposed to be the last dungeon in the game, though it’s easier than the Warmaker’s Sanctuary. The enemies aren’t tough but there’s enough going on that being over-leveled is a good idea. To enter, you must jump down into the center of the volcano.

Wine Cellar

  • Main Boss – Thag
  • Biome – Savanna
  • Recommended Level – 55
  • Top Rewards – Khari Steel

The Wine Cellar is a secret dungeon behind the tavern at Sepermeru. It has a ton of Khari Steel to farm and recipes to use it. There are also weapon drops that are some of the best in the game.


Ruins don’t usually have much to do, but they do have plenty to see. Sometimes they are located near dungeons, caves, and capitals – or even in them. But the ruins alone rarely have anything notable.

If you’re missing some locations, use this and the Vista list below as a checklist. If you can’t find a location, reference this interactive map, ensuring you put a check by all the points of interest on the filters.


  • A Light to Guide Them Home
  • Avenue of the Sun
  • Boulevard of the North Star
  • Dagon’s Embrace
  • Dagon’s Eye
  • Descent of Dagon
  • Eastern Barracks
  • Gate of the Moon
  • Lower Staging Area
  • Penitent’s Crossing
  • Ruined Outpost
  • The Black Garden
  • The Celestial Plaza
  • The Eye that Never Closes
  • Upper Staging Area
  • Watcher of the Passage
  • Xel-ha Docks


Conan Exiles Discovery Locations: I See You, Map Completionists - Conan Fanatics (10)
  • Algar’s Overlook
  • Shattered Bridge
  • The Broken Highway
  • The Sentinels


  • Bjornar’s Stand
  • Circle of Swords
  • King’s Niche
  • Ravaged Barrows
  • Ruins of Velstad
  • The Cursed Mound


  • Bleakwood Ruins
  • Bridge of the Betrayer
  • Carrowmore
  • Ring of Silence
  • Ruins of Xullan


  • Chaosmouth
  • Deathwhisper Ruins
  • Deserter’s Gutter
  • Hand of the Maker
  • Lakewatch
  • Mek-kamoses’s Spire
  • Ruins of Old Nebthu
  • Sandswept Ruins
  • The Arena
  • The Imperial Highway
  • The Shattered Basin
  • The Sinkhole
  • The Slave Road
  • The Slaveway
  • The Southern Aqueduct
  • The Tower of Bats
  • The Tradeway
  • Trailer Cross
  • Tyros’s Passage
  • Weeping Ruin
  • Westwatch Keep

The Unnamed City (Biome)

  • Citadel of the Triumvirate
  • The Archives
  • The Aviary
  • The Dawn Gate
  • The Slave Pits
  • The Spawning Pools


Conan Exiles Discovery Locations: I See You, Map Completionists - Conan Fanatics (11)
  • Klael’s Stronghold


  • Sanctuary Ruins
  • Skyholme Ruins
  • The Breach
  • The Great Dam
  • The Northern Aqueduct


  • Road of the Righteous
  • Shrine of the Oracle
  • The Shattered Stairs
  • Walkway of the Devout


Vistas are view points that often have stuff to gather and animals to slay. They fit in where none of the others do and are almost always at least primarily nature-based rather than man-made like Ruins.


  • Fingerfang Rock
  • Godsight Spire
  • Ironbreaker Ridge
  • Pariah’s Overwatch
  • Priestking’s Retreath
  • Rhinohorn Ridge
  • Sand Reaper Hive
  • Sandscour Pass
  • Shattered Springs
  • The Jawbone


  • Devil’s Squat
  • Godsclaw Passage
  • Imi’s Cradle
  • Scartalon Ridgeline
  • Telith’s Island


  • Bay of Hulks
  • Buccaneer Bay
  • Canopy Outlook
  • Dagon’s Claw
  • Forkspring Hollo
  • Heliofgraph Heights
  • Hullshatter Cove
  • Inlet of the Hook
  • Island of Unsightly Sirens
  • Messenger’s Respite
  • Mire of Eternal Dreams
  • Pitfall Pass
  • Sand Reaper Hive
  • Slithering Beach
  • The Crevice
  • The Crossway
  • The Silkwood
  • Warrior’s Walk
  • Wreck of the Martyr
  • Wreck of the Wagtail
  • Xalthar’s Crossing


Conan Exiles Discovery Locations: I See You, Map Completionists - Conan Fanatics (12)
  • Boundary Spillway
  • Oasis of Nekhet
  • Oasis Overlook
  • Relicwatcher Rise
  • Swagger Rock
  • The Crowngrove


  • Eyelet Lake
  • Frostneedle Forest
  • Icepire Chasm
  • Rockfall Canyon
  • Skyfall Ridge
  • The Disjunction
  • The Forge of Ymir
  • The Frozen Slopes


  • Riversend
  • The Dirgewood


  • Bridge of Voormithadreth
  • Path of the Penitent
  • Road of the Pilgrim
  • Terrace of the tenders
  • The Hidden Way
  • The Pens


Question: How Many Marked Locations are there on Exiled Lands?

Answer: There are 242 marked locations and a few unmarked locations, mostly unnamed. You don’t have to discover them all for the journey, as camps don’t count towards them but are beneficial to grab anyway.

Question: What’s the Most Important Type of Discovery Location in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The most important type of location in the Exiled Lands is the Capitals. However, dungeons come in at a close second, with caves behind them, followed by vistas, ruins, and camps.

Question: How Long Does it Take for Map Completion in Conan Exiles?

Answer: This end-game journey step should take you weeks or months to complete. If it’s your only goal and you avoid combat when possible, you can probably finish it in a few days.

Completing the Map in Conan Exiles

It sure feels good to complete a map in a video game. With around 300 total Discovery Locations in Conan Exiles, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But if completing the map, journey aside, is your aim, don’t give up.

Take your time and enjoy every aspect of this survival game. The game has so much story, excitement, and boss fights that can keep you interested while you discover 90% of the map passively. So instead of stressing, take it easy and let the map unravel itself.

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