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Yasmin Vossoughian

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Yasmin Vossoughian is an outstanding-winninwinning journalist based in New York City. [15] [1] [2] She is an MSNBC anchor.

Early Life & Education

Yasmin Vossoughian was born in New York City to Dr. Ahad and Shamsi Vossoughian. [3] [15] Vossoughian's parents are from Iran.[36]

Yasmin Vossoughian attended Cornwall Central High School then transferred to Northfield Mount Hermon School graduating in the class of 1996. [2] [3]

Upon graduating high school, she went on to complete her undergrad studies at Occidental College from 1996 to 2000, where she received a Bachelor's degree in economics and history. [2] [3]

Yasmin Vossoughian Wiki (19)

Yasmin Vossoughian with her sons Azur and Noor Clifford

After graduation from college, Yasmin started her career at E! as a production assistant. She then went on to produce for the Style Network. At that time, Yasmin obtained her first on-air job at the German-based internet TV station DTV. [15] [2]

During her time at DTV, Yasmin covered events such as the September 11 attacks and the New York City mayoral elections. She also did red carpet interviews with such celebrities as Salma Hayek, Tom Cruise, Susan Sarandon, and Robin Williams. [15] [2]

Yasmin then went on to be a correspondent for Current TV, an internet, and broadcast network driven by viewer-created content from around the world.

During her first assignment at Current, Yasmin traveled alone to Tehran, Iran to produce a documentary on the underground youth culture there. [15] [2]

Later, Yasmin Vossoughian worked as a co-producer on MSNBC' s Up With David Gura and substituted several times as the host. She also worked on Morning Joe.[20]

In September 2020, Yasmin left Morning Joe and passed the torch over to Kasie Hunt. "We want to bring in someone who you're going to be seeing every single day, Monday through Friday, during this 5 a.m. hour on the East Coast — the new host of Way Too Early — there she is! Kasie Hunt! Hi Kase, congrats!" Yasmin exclaimed during the segment. "Welcome to the early morning my friend! Have you gotten your alarm ready? Do you have a new coffee maker in place?" Yasmin joked. She became the MSNBC Live on the weekends.[39]

Personal Life

Yasmin Vossoughian Wiki (20)

A photo of Yasmin Vossoughian

In June 2016, Yasmin married Whittaker Lindsay Clifford.

[1] They had their first child on August 9, 2018.[32] As of July 2020, the couple has 2 sons, Azur and Noor Clifford.[34] She spent four months at home with Noor after he was born. Before that, she spent six months at home with her first son, Azur, as she was in the middle of changing jobs.[37]

Vossoughian has a birthmark on her leg.

In an article for NBC News' Know Your Value, she wrote about her constant struggles with herself and attempts to find an inner balance:

For the last 40 years, I’ve been learning to accept myself, appreciate what I have and honor what makes me different.

But some days are harder than others, especially now that summer is almost here and we start to shed clothing.[34]

Worrying thoughts have encapsulated my life in some way for as long as I can remember — from teenage angst in dating, to starting college and meeting new people, to entering the work force and choosing a career that thrust me into the spotlight, to finding my husband and meeting everybody in his life.[34]

In an interview with NBC News' Know Your Value, Vossoughian shareds her experience of working from home during Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what she learned about staying connected and reinvention during difficult times:

I do not like working from home.

While I consider myself an introvert who enjoys small groups and conversations, I thrive when I’m going to work every day.

I love talking to my colleagues, casually stopping by my bosses’ office, throwing ideas around with producers and just the all-around camaraderie.[38]

The last three months have been a completely different reality for me.

I’ve been anchoring from my bedroom in Brooklyn.

We live in an apartment with my two kids and three labs- it is cramped to say the least.

There is always the threat of a child barging in or a dog barking indiscriminately (which has happened.)[38]

The answer in my humble opinion is to stay connected and reinvent yourself, then reinvent yourself again.

[...] On top of that, I stay in touch.

I could easily shut the camera off everyday and talk to nobody.

Instead, I stay in touch with my producers throughout the day.

I check in and share information.

I call my bosses to get a sense of the future, see how they’re doing and try to stay in the orbit of the work and office life without actually being there.[38]

Also, I do things like this, writing about my life in quarantine and the difficulties I face, to help others who are going through a similar experience.

It helps psychologically now and hopefully for my future.

While it's impossible to predict what will happen post COVID-19, we can take control of what we can and try to thrive where we are now.[38]



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Yasmin Vossoughian Wiki (2024)


What nationality is Yasmin? ›

Yasmin is a girl's name of Persian origin, meaning “jasmine flower.” This word derives from yâsamin, meaning "gift from God." The national flower of the Philippines, this plant is native to warm, tropical regions of the world.

Where did Yasmin Vossoughian go? ›

Yasmin Vossoughian is a television journalist currently serving as a national reporter on MSNBC.

Who are the parents of Yasmin Vossoughian? ›

Daughter of Dr. Ahad Vossoughian, and Shamsi Vossoughian. Has two sons: Azur Vossoughian Clifford (b.

What is Yasmin Vossoughian's ethnic background? ›

“I just want to tell good stories and inform people and bridge gaps, and that's what my goal has always been. Being a minority myself, being Iranian-American and growing up with Muslim parents and being from a small town, all of that plays into it.”

Is Yasmin an Arab name? ›

Save a baby name to view it later on your Bump dashboard . The contemporary refresh of Yasmīn, Yazmine is an Arabic feminine name linked to great beauty and sensuality.

Is Yasmin Vossoughian married with children? ›

She has been married to Whittaker Lindsay Clifford since June 2016. They have two children.

Is Yasmin Vossoughian still on MSNBC? ›

Three and half years and my time as host of Yasmin Vossoughian Reports has come to an end. I am so thankful to my team who made sure this show was spectacular everyday. We kicked ass. And thank you to all of you for watching each and every weekend.

Was Yasmin Vossoughian ill? ›

I was hospitalized for four nights. [On Jan. 7] I was readmitted when I felt a flutter in my heart, like a butterfly was inside my chest. They determined I had developed myocarditis—inflammation of the actual heart now, the heart muscle.

Who is the most popular anchor on msnbc? ›

Rachel Maddow

Known for her in-depth reporting and analysis, Maddow has been one of MSNBC's most popular anchors for years.

Is Ali Belcher married? ›

Is Yasmin Mexican Bratz? ›

Yasmin may be of Hispanic origin but by debuted, she was intended to be of Iranian origin and heritage.

What culture is the name Yasmin? ›

Yasmin Origin and Meaning

The name Yasmin is a girl's name of Arabic, Persian origin meaning "jasmine flower".

Is Yasmin a Russian name? ›

Yasmine is a Persian word, but it was inserted in Arabic language from Persian hundreds of years ago. In English, it means “Jasmine” which is a kind of flowers.

What language does Yasmin come from? ›

However, in terms of etymology, the word jasmine is of Persian origin (in Persian: Yasmin). It entered the English language through Old French. Today, Jasmine is one of the most popular names in the Western world and has numerous spellings.

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