What if the Aurora Landed in the Void? (2023)


Today, I'll be attempting to answer a question I've seen you guys ask in the comments many times and that is: What if the Aurora landed in the void? I'll be using data available in the game as well as a fair bit of my own speculation to try to get as close to an answer as possible!

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This video contains spoilers from the world and story of subnautica, please beware when it comes to the world of subnautica.

I occasionally like to ask questions that are purely hypothetical in nature simply because well, I like the idea of exploring their potential implications, whether that be something huge living in the void or what the crash zone used to look like before aurora's unfortunate arrival topics, which don't necessarily have a solid answer, but in the game's lore.

And yet in my opinion, trying to answer them can be a lot of fun.

And today I'll be discussing a question just like that one that I've seen mentioned in the comments many times over and over.

And that is what if the aurora landed in the void I'll be taking information given to us by the game directly and trying to apply it to this hypothetical scenario.

So that we can get at least somewhat of an idea of what the game would have looked like if the pilot decided not to aim for shallow water.

So without any further ado, grab your pda, get ready for some theorizing and let's go.

Now to first give this video, some structure here are three main questions, I'll be trying to answer in regards to the aurora swimming through the void number one, how would this affect riley's survival number two? How would this affect the rest of the crew and number three? How would this affect events in below zero also before we start just so we're all on the same level, I'm going to be presuming that the aurora crashes into the void from which point onwards.

It is no longer accessible.

I mean, yes, I suppose it's possible that the ship would actually float, but then it really wouldn't be any different from it being in the crash zone.

So let's just say it sinks to the deep dark depths and can no longer be reached using the equipment available in the game.

So to start with the first question, how would riley be affected? Well, initially he wouldn't given that his life, pod detaches before the aurora hits the ground.

He should still be relatively fine landing onto the planet and waking up from being temporarily unconscious.

The next few hours of exploration might actually even be easier for him, given the fact that a there would probably be no radiation from the aurora and b, it is possible that because of this reapers wouldn't even be present in the crash zone since their attraction to sound might lead them to pursuing the ship into the void effectively speaking riley would have a pretty good time up until the time came for him to retrieve the blueprint for his escape rocket.

Since that blueprint would most likely be resting somewhere thousands of meters below his prawn, suit's, crushed depth limit, which effectively means that yes, if there is no other way for the blueprint to be sent to him which I'm, assuming there isn't, he would not be able to get off the planet for all other aspects of survival like building habitats or even curing kara.

He should be more or less fine given that you can find pretty much all important blueprints, scattered about without ever visiting the aurora now for how the lack of a reachable aurora would affect the rest of the crew.

We don't really have much to go off of here.

But yes, it is possible that more would potentially survive since we know of at least one life, pod.

They try to get to the aurora and well, presumably failed.

Perhaps it not being available at all could make others more focused on finding a safe place to stay such as the island and trying to establish some sort of a base given that we know of several additional survivors who made it to the island.


I don't think that theory is too much of a stretch.

Now for perhaps the most interesting aspect would below zero still happen in my opinion, most likely, though it might take a bit longer let's talk this through there are two core reasons why below zero can happen, originally, rightly curing the planet and making it back to altera to presumably inform them about it.

Now in the aurora, less parallel universe, riley should still be capable of curing kara sooner or later.

And even though he wouldn't be able to make it back to altera thinking about it, logically, they just lost a brand new capital ship, which was already on a supposedly quite important.

Secret mission in around the same area as the degassi.

If that isn't enough reason to properly investigate, then I don't know, what is we do know that it takes around 13 months to get to 4546b from wherever the aurora took off.

So it might take them a while to get there, but eventually I'm almost certain.

They would given the fact that riley would have probably still seen the effect of the quarantine enforcement platform on sunbeam.

He should reasonably be compelled to deactivate it.

And thus when another alteran vessel came, they would probably be able to safely land and rescue him.

Now, yes, there are a few possible variables that could throw these theories for a loop for one.

You could say that maybe the only reason you can find the blueprints for everything outside the aurora is that the explosion scattered them about.

But given the fact that you can already find them in the world before the explosion, I don't think that's what the developers intended.

Additionally, you could say that maybe since the aurora's position would be hard to detect if it were in the void, the sunbeam could arrive to a different part of the planet, meaning they would get destroyed without rightly seeing them.

But given the fact that he would have a ton of time on his hands through exploration.

I think he would eventually disable the quarantine enforcement platform.

Even if he never realized, it was actually a weapon.

So there you have it guys as crazy as it sounds.

I don't think the aurora landing in the void would actually change much o'reilly would probably still be able to survive below zero would probably still happen, although possibly later and hey, some additional survivors would maybe still be alive, which would certainly make riley's time on the planet, a lot more comfortable, but that brings us to the end of this video.

So I hope you guys enjoyed taking it back a little bit with these speculations.

And if you have any additional theories or things to add to what I just said here, please make sure to leave that down in the comments.

I would very much like to read it.

If you enjoyed this video, maybe consider liking and subscribing, both of those would be very much appreciated.

And with that I'm gonna see you all in whatever next video, I make bye bye.


What happens if you go into the void Subnautica? ›

Description. The Void is an ecological dead zone with very little biodiversity. Entering the Void is ill-advised, due to the extremely deadly Leviathans living there. The Leviathans can and will destroy you and your vehicles, one of which will insta-kill any life passing 8000 meters.

What happens if you don't repair the Aurora in Subnautica? ›

The Aurora's radioactive fallout will have devastating effects on the alien ecosystem if not contained within the next 24 hours." "Warning: ship's structural integrity is low. Fire suppression equipment and laser cutters may be required. Exploration is conducted at your own risk."

Can the Aurora sink in Subnautica? ›

If you explore it while it's submerged, the sinking event will trigger once you obtain the resource. If you wait long enough, the ship will sink on it's own and you'll need to navigate down the massive hole created by it.

Can you fly out of the void? ›

The two ways to get out of the Void are to quickly fly out of it on creative mode, or by using the teleport command.

How many leviathans are behind the Aurora? ›

There are 25 reaper leviathans in Subnautica; 7 in the mountains, 8 in the dunes and 10 in the crash zone.

How many Reaper Leviathans are at the back of the Aurora? ›

The Crash Zone is the biome in which the Aurora crashed, hence its name. It is characterized by rocky slopes and deep trenches covered with sand and is littered with debris from the crashed spaceship. This biome is one of the eeriest biomes due to its open spaces and the presence of ten Reaper Leviathans.

Are there Reaper Leviathans in the Aurora? ›

Reapers are most densely populated in the Aurora's Crash Zone, the Dunes, and the Mountains, though there are also a couple in the Bulb Zone.

Can you get in the big ship in Subnautica? ›

Now, to get into the Aurora in Subnautica is far from easy. You will also have to pack a few items that will actually help you explore the crashed ship. The very first thing is a Radiation suit. There is no chance that you are getting into the Aurora without this on.

Can you enter the Aurora before it explodes? ›

You cannot enter the Aurora before it has blown up, only two access points are in the middle of the ship so without noclipping you cannot access them. It's "closed up" until it explodes. Lol, ok, until it explodes it has no doors, hadn't thought of that.

What if you touch the Aurora? ›

you will not know if you touch an aurora as absolutly nothing will happen. the question was better before you edited it,the temparature of the solar wind is not relevant you can not feel it the density is too low.

What is the deepest someone has gone in Subnautica? ›

The maximum possible depth the player can reach is 8,192 meters in Subnautica by going down the dropoff at the Crater Edge: passing this will immediately warp the player and any vehicle they are in to Lifepod 5.

How long is a day in Subnautica? ›

An ingame day lasts 20 minutes of real time, of which 15 are in daylight and 5 are in the night.

Can you stop the Aurora Radiation? ›

After the player has repaired the leaks in the Aurora's generator room, the Radiation zone will vanish entirely after three in-game days, allowing exploration of the Aurora and the Crash Zone without the Radiation Suit.

What is the penalty for dying in Subnautica? ›

If the player dies, they respawn, but certain items are removed from their inventory. In freedom mode, gameplay is near-identical to that of survival mode, but without hunger and thirst. In hardcore mode, gameplay includes permanent death.

How deep can you go in the void? ›

After this, if no buttons are pressed, the player usually falls to death at just over 256 blocks into the void, with this number varying on each death. It is possible to survive in the void if the player constantly eats enchanted golden apples.

Can you go inside the crashed ship in Subnautica? ›

To get into the Aurora you will have to head on over to the nose area of the ship. This is basically the part that is broken up and provides an entry into the interior of the ship. Make sure to approach the wreckage from the left side of the ship to avoid contact with the Leviathan.

Can you leave the void fields? ›

Depending on the enemies that appear and the items they obtain, leaving early may be necessary to avoid losing a run. However, upon leaving, the Void Fields cannot be reentered for the remainder of the run.

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