THE PRISONERS OR WHISTLEBLOWER? | Let's Play Deus Ex Human Revolution - Part 22 (2023)


GOOD MORNING LADIES AND GENTS! My name is DKEN and welcome back to Let's Play Deus Ex Human Revolution DIRECTOR'S CUT! Bad news. Burke had been listening in to all of the communication between Keittner and Jensen. After Jensen discovered the underwater research lab, Burke had no choice but to destroy everything in order to bury the truth. But, Jensen's objective is to make sure that the whistleblower makes it out alive. STAY TUNED AND ENJOY THE OUTCOME!

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Are still alive? Are you no money back guarantee? Thanks for shopping? Oh yeah.

This better be good.

Oh no.

No, no, oh god.

Oh god, I'm.

So pissed off right now there we go what is going on everybody good morning, ladies and gentlemen, my name is deacon and welcome back to let's play, duo sex, human revolution.

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It activating security scan there you go.

You don't, [, __, ], the [ __ ].

The cyclist I don't really care about the side quest.

I care about getting the [ __ ] out of here.

Subject recognized access.


Thank you.

Get me out of here mistake you've been detained for conspiring to commit.

Yes, hi.

Can we talk now? Oh boy, it's time you can't, keep but locked up.

Please put the weapon away.

Hold on.

Please tell me what's going on back there in the examination area.

Hold on a minute.

Hold on hold on.

I heard something, hey, bye-bye, they're, a source of disturbance so jensen I'm in your detention camp and uploading to the security mainframe now copy that any problems.


I couldn't get rid of.


Well, we'll talk about that later, right now you need to get inside the interrogation wing and find out what burke is hiding contact me when you know kitener out.

Roger, oh, um.

Let me that's one way of doing it.

Security scan biometric data assembled, subject, recognized access.

Granted, medical history gathered indicates that she's a prime candidate for inclusion.


When is this [ __, ] going to end I'm, sorry, I'm, sorry, I'll, stay quiet.

I promise just don't hurt me, anymore, calm down, I'm, not gonna hurt you you're, not one of them.

You've got to get me out of here.

You've got to do something before they come back.

I don't want to disappear like all the others.

Hold on.

You said, they were coming back who berk is he behind this I'm? Not sure he comes around, but not that often, I know he gives the orders around here.

He doesn't seem all that interested in us beyond some psych tests and questioning.

He mostly leads us to the doctors or scientists, or whatever they are tell me about these scientists is one of them a woman named reed.

I don't know, I mean there is a woman, but her name is kavanaugh.

Not reed.

I heard the guard calling me she seems different like she doesn't like what they're doing to us.

I can't help, but think she's being forced to do these things.

The others just treat us like animals, it's horrible.

I just want to go home.

I want to help you, but you've got to stay calm.


What did you mean by disappear, like the others what's been going on back here? I don't know, I've heard rumors and seen some things, and I know what they've done to me biopsies blood samples tissue cores like I'm, some sort of lab rat is that why you're back here separated from the others.

This is where they they study and examine to see if we're compatible or something I don't know what they want for us.

Sometimes we're sent back to themselves.

Those that aren't, some of the others think they let them go.

But I think they're being sent somewhere else.

Another facility may be somewhere else inside this one, why what makes you think that because of the way they talk when they're with us, it's like they're, looking for some kind of perfect g match or something I not a doctor.

I don't understand it.

I just don't want them touching me anymore.

Quick note, I have to edit out any long pauses.

I repeat I have to edit out long pauses, okay, what's your name.

I don't know why they're holding me in here.

They just grabbed me off the street.

I heard cape town was dangerous.

But I thought with all the security around cape town, south africa, isn't that where we are.

I blacked out, they drugged me.

I was on vacation in cape town at the end of the summer.

I was going to be studying senior year in the fall.

And I wanted to have an adventure.

My parents must be so worried.

I take it you're, not a terrorist.

Then no, I've never done anything wrong.

Never demonstrated against anything or anything.

But neither most of the girls here, I'm, not sure about the men, but please can't, you get me out of here.

I know this is gonna seem cruel, but I can't help you right now you're going to leave me here.

You can't, you have no idea what it's like, please, no I'm.


I can't have you tagging along just yet we're, walking the halls alerting.

The guards trust me when I can get you out, I will, but your best bet is to stay put, oh I'll.

Alert them anyway, burke.

And the two doctors were just here heading for the morgue I'll, tell them you're here.

I will let me out or I'll, tell them.

I swear, okay.

And then what do you really think they'll? Let you go I'm, still the best chance you've got, but you have to be patient.

Okay, we gotta go.




I've been waiting for too long, I'm, sorry, sweetheart.

But I need my augmentations back.

And you have no idea what that feels like I understand.

I seem a bit cruel.

But at the end of the day I got, I got a job to do.

Okay, did she just say? Dr, gary savage, that's, one of the names of the previous scientists back in the original game.

What the [ __ ] is this.


So let's simplify this.

They were doing experiments on these random people that they you know that they've never met before.

Okay, amen.

So what did these ones die of savage, a complete neurological breakdown from the looks of it organ collapse? Nerve degradation, find him there's been some trouble on the base.

My man will take care of it you're saying, we may be looking at serious cross-systemic failure issues with the ocm it's.

Those god-awful implants gary the whole inhumane procedure after a while it just burns them out has this been happening at the other sides.

We've experienced some die off.

Yes? But I've been told.

Dr, reed's research may offer a breakthrough if we could bring her back here, that's not going to happen.

Then we need to start considering other options.

A nanotech-based solution, performed on willing volunteers and are you volunteering yourself? Doctor, tiffany, please.

I need to look at the raw data commander.

If you would, I turned a blind eye to your little office romance savage.

But if she becomes a problem, she will be volunteering.

You've got to be kidding.

Me tiffany and gary savage.

I found out what burke's been concealing.

The interrogation wing is some kind of medical testing facility he's using the prisoners as lab rats for what not sure I'll need berk's, retinal scan data to find out.

I can't download that without setting off a million alarms.

However, burke's eyes are enhanced jensen.

He uses special retinal prosthesis custom made for him by the tai young medical corporation.

You want me to remove burke's eyes, not the ones he's currently using he just received a new set this evening for when the cargo ship docked with any luck.

You'll find it in his office kitener out.

Roger access denied, oh, come on just stop I'll.

Get you out of there when the opportunity presents itself activating security scan biometric data assembled subject, recognized access granted, oh so subject recognized access.

Can we get this over with please? I heard you so back up what the hell? I got a man down here? Okay, uh.

A better line, uh, uh.

This is absolutely stupid.

This really is okay.

Let's just head on with the objectives access kitener.

I've got the eye, but it's, not going to fool a retinol scanner unless it's attached to an optic nerve.

I know that jensen I do have a plan.

Take the eye down to quinn, he'll know what to do kitten are out this better be good.

So what's, the story just got off the hormone prosthetic eye.

One of the burks we need it to get past a retinal skin, but it's useless like this.

I without an active neural connection.

It might as well be an expensive paper.

Weird may as well, put a gob stopper in front of the scanner for all the good that thing maybe just a mechanic, but I'm, also the only thing keeping this whole bleeding facility from sinking into the abyss.

Think I can manage a simple optic frequency bypass, just let me give me tools, right so that's it.

Now he got the eye sorry, took a little longer than I expected nearly break the damn thing once or twice new t-a-m, firmware and such now don't, go [, __, ] around with that.

It's only got a limited life spend you to the 10-power source.

I wrecked it's only good for one use got it? Well, hopefully this thing works.

It'll work just tiny.

So long, as you don't do something stupid like drop it and in a bloody way, so can we just get this over data assembled subject recognized access granted, oh god.

Damn it.

This is taking too damn long, access granted and underwater, jensen, it's kitener, where are you in a well-concealed elevator inside the prison's restricted wing your gun-running, neural engineer deserves a raise? I take it.

The eye worked then good.

Now, listen, if what you say is true, if burke really is using the prisoners here as lab rats, I need proof hard evidence that I can take to interpol an entire prison full of kidnapped civilians, isn't enough, you're, an ex-cop jensen.

You tell me how many death row inmates crying on about their innocence.

Have you seen getting out point taken I'll see what I can find this does remind me of the ocean lab in the original game.

Okay, it's time.

Hold on a minute there.

You go.

Sorry, don't hurt me anymore, a whole different level of pain trauma, kid quite the house of horrors.

You got here, doc, you letting anyone in or just women who are you how'd.

You get down here.

This is a restricted area.

Obviously you wouldn't want the ranking file knowing what kind of sick experimentation is going on down here.

No you.

You don't understand I'm, not where's burke.

And your research partner savage.

The book went back up to the base.

And gary gary left told me to be smart, keep my mouth, shut and do whatever burke tells me to do for now for now I heard the three of you talking up there in the morgue sounded like you don't exactly fit in here.

Doctor, kavanagh and who the [ __ ] are you the name's jensen? I came here looking for someone megan reed reed.

I've seen her research gary thinks it could be the key we're missing.

If she can be convinced to come here, megan reed was kidnapped kavanaugh violently as was her entire scientific team.

And the dozens of women you've been torturing down here.

No you, you don't understand I'm trying to save them gary.

And I we were sent here to put the ocm project back on track.

It wasn't until we got here that we realized what that meant and by then by then it was too late you're really gonna stand there and try to justify your role in this aren't.

You people are being enslaved, kavanaugh enslaved and crucified it.

It wasn't like that at first, I thought we were gonna make a difference do something incredible for the world right and look how incredible it turned out to be, but you can still make a difference.


You can help me blow the lid off.

This place are you insane? No, I'm, not insane, there's, too much money invested in this.

I don't care about the money.

The people I work for they'll kill me.

They'll hunt me down and kill me.

I know people who can protect you hide.

You interpol is just waiting for evidence to tear bell tower.

Apart, it's, not just bell tower.

Oh god, oh god.

Am I really gonna do this you you can't get me out through the prison berk would stop us.

Then we'll have to do what savage did take a submersible.

We can't the hatches to all the docking hangers are locked tight.

The only way to unlock them is by using the security console in the prison command tower, but keeps an eye on us that way then I'll have to go back up there and unlock it.

Well, you gather as much evidence as you can carry, oh, my god I'm, really gonna do this damn right? You are now get moving I'll contact you when I unlock the hatch all right, fine.

But mr jensen, please hurry.

Oh, I will hurry.

You gotta be nuts.

If you wanna [ __, ], stay here.


Now, um.

What the [ __ ] is that free.

This must be the layout I'm.


So sorry, don't hurt me anymore.

So kitener contact interpol.

We need rendezvous coordinates for a deep sea submersible.

Oh, what what exactly have you found jensen a research, complex hidden beneath this base.

One of its staff is one to turn whistleblower if we can deliver her to interpol using one of the lab's transport subs, which explains why you need the coordinates I'll, see what I can do kitener out do me a favor hurry.

So, okay, what the hell is going on the elevator stopped burke must have intercepted.

Our comms get the hell out of there.

I'll meet you that's, not right got it.

Finally about time get this [ __ ].

I need my augmentations back that's.

What I need.

I can't, wait to get out of this god.

Damn it I'm gonna have to make a choice.

I can't I'm, sorry, yo over there, oh [.

__, ].


Baby give me that yellow initiated detention, silo, decontamination.

Proceeded activating security skills, biometric data assembled, subject, recognized access.


We really broke open a hornet's nest didn't.

We it's bad.

You need a medic.

Yeah, I'll get right on that.

We've got those coordinates jensen, but burke figured it out seized control of the station and locked down the detention camp bastard's cleaning house.

I've got to get kavanaugh out can't, not until you stop the gas, what gas berks enacted, a scorched earth protocol to stop the truth from getting out poison gas in every cell lab tube unless you stop it.

Stay with me, kindner there's, a circuit board.

Underneath the prison command tower.

It directs the float everything's connected, but might be able to redirect the whistleblower has to live jensen.

Only sure way we stop kitener.

I don't have a [ __, ], typh.

Hold on give me a minute.


The other one.

Okay, good.

The tension silo is secure lock down you.

I only have one again, I'm, sorry, baby.

But um, get out of my way.

Damn great, tough choice.

The prisoners always a war, you can't, save both what the hacker from the ship [ __ ].

You've been listening.

This whole time like vietga said, everything's, connected, right now.

Gas is set to disperse evenly between prison and the lab all you can do in here is a redirect flow out of one area into the other do nothing everybody dies do something somebody goes faster precisely.

But if you want to bring down bell tower, the choice is clear hold on a minute, I'm, sorry.

But oh god.

This is way too much I'm, sorry.

But the assignment is more important, a difficult decision, but that called nuke park gave you no choice? Tell that to the prisoners you'll have interpol rendezvous with kavanaugh submersible as soon as you unlock it use the touch screen in the security room above you.

It will shut off the lockdown.

So you can return to the base.

And why would I want to go rock there? Last thing standing between you are megan, lead is barked.

Okay, kavanagh.

I've unlocked the hatch and I'm transmitting the coordinates to a rendezvous site.

Oh, thank god.

I thought when the code yellow started stop it's over just make sure interpol gets that evidence exactly I'm going after burke jensen out.


I've been in this [ __, ] prison hole for too long.

I need to get out of here.


And I know, this was a cold decision to make, but the mission's far more important any day now tyler or should I say, adam, jensen, that's, right? I know who you are now geithner, wasn't quite as good at hiding her tracks as she thought she was if you think kavanaugh's escape changed anything you're.


Bell tower will track her down and on the off chance.

The good doctor does spill her guts to someone anything.

She says will be discredited.


I admire your ruthlessness to save the life of one woman.

You allowed a hundred more to die that takes strength of will the read woman.

This megan, you've been searching for she's, not here.

And the only thing standing between you and the ship that could take you to her is me.

I underestimated you back on the ship I won't be doing it again.

Can we get this over with god? You're there? Queen here, footsteps, I know it wasn't easy.

But you did what had to be done.

It took me shop.

I left you a thing or two.

So you can give him hell.

I'd like to say we'd meet again over a pint sometime but godspeed.

Second night, I can hear you [ __, ] it, oh [.

__, ], god, damn it, hmm.

If it makes you feel any better about katniss.

I doubt you had any intention of sending you on to the good doctor.

Okay, we're eliminating everybody, um make the call, um.

And you thought I did not see you don't, forget.

I have explosive rounds hostile on the run.


Enemy down explain to me to me.


Yeah, it's only a matter of time before my man finds okay, let's, go high, um night, night, where are you going? Ready? Uh, wait.

Did I get him? I got one what about the other one? Oh nice, I guess I think someone knew, hmm, um, hold on never mind on you.

You've condemned me for my actions chances.

But look at the licks, you've gone to to fight.

One let's just get this [, __, ] target detector.


I thought possibly to recruit did that get him that got him right here.

One down is abused, oh, damn.

It I'm curious.

How far do you think? Dr, reed would go for her research.

Oh, [, __, ], food.

You can't stop me.

Oh, shorts.

Ogres, I'm, standing he's, not good a power vacuum.

I can take advantage of return to loading bay 2.

The doors between here and the docking platform will be open for you last time I passed through there.

Burke's men were still waiting for me, not anymore.

Great, except I came here looking for megan reed.

But a tan I can't leave without knowing there is a boat heading toward the location as we speak.

If you hurry, it can be on it.

Wait, you said, bert's, revolver, what's so special about this nice.


Thank god.

This is over I'm afraid, our good friend quinn met with an unfortunate incident during all the commotion and is no longer with us your voice.

It was you this whole time who are you for the moment I'm between identities I apologize for the duplicity, but it was a necessary precaution.

You had to be kept in the dark and kitener.

Did she know commander kitener's perception was much like yours, shrouded.

She saw what she needed to see and was told what she needed to hear in order for me to complete the mission.

So we were both pawns, except she's dead and I'm, not.

So where does that leave me in your grand design, we're all pawns in someone else's, grand design, mr jensen, but that doesn't make natania's death, any less tragic your actions ensured her sacrifice was not made in vain.

However, dr, kavanaugh made it out safely and is on her way to the rendulous site.

She will expose the truth in due time.

Kindness, wasn't.

The only one who died back there.

Those prisoners will be added to a long list of bell towers atrocities.

We will not let them be forgotten.

We mustn't stay here.

Much longer.

Mr jensen.

If we hope to get you away from this base, oh, yeah, let's let's just get out of it right? Where's megan.

I don't know for certain.

But what I do know is that earlier today, burke issued orders to have a large group of detainees transferred off this base.

Supposedly they will be assisting at another black site facility.

Another one, how many of these sites are there, if we knew that I wouldn't have gone to all this effort to expose this one bratan, right? You're sure megan is at this other facility.

Nothing is ever certain in life.

Mr jensen.

But it is the best chance you have.

Unfortunately, the cargo ship carrying the prisoners has already set sail.

But I took the liberty to send out an urgent dispatch in burke's name ordering the ship's captain to hold position until one more detainee could be flown on board in stasis.

A helicopter is on the roof to pick you up.

Wait a second.

You want me to get inside another stasis, pod last time I got in one of those things it didn't go.

So well, I know it's far from ideal, but frankly, your options are quite limited.

Although I suppose you could try swimming there better be the right, [, __, ] boat this time because I don't feel like coming back here.

Anytime soon don't worry.

Man, it'll, be grand.

Besides, I thought you americans liked riding off into the sunset.


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Okay, give me a moment give me a moment that's all of my ammo.

Oh, [, __, ], baby, oh, that's.

All the stuff that I had before I got detanged hold on, uh, okay.

All righty.

I'd better get my [ __ ] in the coming storm and does not need to be clenched tightly to maintain its hold on.

Someone jensen carries too much baggage right now.

His obsession with reed only serves to distract.

You must him it by himself.

And when he does, if you have followed my instructions precisely, you will know how to find him, assuming he lives that long pritchard any chance you're.

Still there jensen.

My god, you've been offline for days where the hell are you all right? I was hoping you'd tell me I'm pinging you now you're in singapore, damn something's.



I pinged you.

And a second later, I lost your gpl signal.

It's, like you disappeared into a black hole gotta be a jammer.

Well, obviously, if you can find the transmitter and take it offline I'll, be able to track you and keep you on a tighter leash.

I've got more important things to do than help you keep tabs on me if megan and her team are here, there's, no time to waste.

No, oh.

Thank god.

Oh, thank god.

Oh my god, I got all of my powers back all of it.

All of it only this time I have become stronger.

Oh, thank god.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think this is way too much for me.

So you know what I'm going to have to stop this right here right now.

So with that said, this concludes this episode of deus ex human revolution.

So thank you very much for watching do not forget to hope smash that like button, subscribe to my channel share this with your boys.

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And every single one of you have a wonderful and blessed day.

Peace out.


Can you save Nina Sullivan? ›

If the player succeeds in saving the prisoners, Nina Sullivan may be found surviving in one of the prison cells (the third floor of the cells, the east section, the southern cell of the three), and she thanks the player for saving herself and the prisoners.

Can you save the prisoners and kavanagh? ›

However despite all this, there is a third option that Jensen can take to save Dr. Kavanagh and all the prisoners at the same time. In order to pull this off you need any lethal weapon (pistol, combat rifle ect.), the Move/Throw Heavy Objects and Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis - Jump Enhancement Augmentations.

Do your choices in Deus Ex Human Revolution matter? ›

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

nope. decisions that effect the narrative including saving allies, killing or sparing enemies and choosing the ending you choose for yourself. but killing randoms doesn't have an impact, besides making the game more enjoyable.

How long does it take to complete Deus Ex Human Revolution? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is about 21½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 44½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Can Nina Malloi be saved? ›

Once inside the Brigand's Hideway, the Fateless One eventually will find Nina dead or involved in combat (in the latter case she can be saved).

How many missions are in Deus Ex Human Revolution? ›

There are thirteen missions in Deus Ex, as well as an optional training mission.

Can you save Malik Deus Ex? ›

As long as you don't completely dilly dally, you should easily have enough time to save Malik. It is possible to get this achievement while also maintaining the Pacifist achievement so long as you tranquilize, stun, or knockout all organic enemy units.

Can I save Keitner Deus Ex? ›

Netanya is notable as the only named character in the DLC that must die; other than the dead men surrounding her that she killed trying to get to Jensen, Burke can be spared, Quinn only fakes his death and both Dr. Kavanagh and the prisoners can both be saved through the All of the Above achievement/trophy.

Can you beat Deus Ex without killing anyone? ›

Games in the Deus Ex series provide the player with the option of using non-lethal methods to take down enemies. Some players choose to do entire walkthroughs of the game without killing enemies. Such playthroughs are sometimes called "non-lethal" or "pacifist" runs.

What is the hardest mission in Deus Ex? ›

Vandenberg- The toughest mission in the entire game in terms of enemy and obstacle setup. The easiest way to beat this is to put the GEP Gun to work on the four bots (costing you six rockets), then activate Speed Enhancement and hightail it off the roof into the X-51 compound like you're Sonic the Hedgehog.

What is the hardest achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution? ›

Legend is an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution that is awarded for completing the game on the hardest difficulty level, "Give Me Deus Ex", without changing the difficulty mid-game.

Can I skip the first Deus Ex? ›

Will I miss a lot in story if I start with this game? Protagonist seems different, so mayB it doesnt matter? This game and Mankind Divided are set before the original, old Deus Ex game. So yes, you can play Human Revolution without fear of spoilers.

Is Deus Ex: Human Revolution replayable? ›

Will this game give me replay value after finishing the main campaign? Definitely yes. Some situations will change their outcome dramatically.

Does Deus Ex: Human Revolution have DLC? ›

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut was released on October 22, 2013 for Wii U and October 25 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. It features an integration of the three DLCs found in the original version and an overhaul of all the boss battles.

What is the offering in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

An Offering is one of the last quests in the Dead Kel main quest, running all the way through the last dungeon up until the final confrontation with Dead Kel himself. Hike to Akara-Tor in the far north of Gallows End and begin the ritual to confront Dead Kel after talking to Captain Brattigan.

Where can I find Murghan Amalur? ›

Murghan are lizard-like creatures most commonly found around large bodies of water, rivers, or in caves and swamps.

How many endings does Human Revolution have? ›

Each of the four ending choices have three variations in the ending monologue depending on whether the player employed pacifist means, took violent action, or a mix of both methods (neutral) when dealing with situations throughout the game. This means that the game has twelve unique endings.

Which Deus Ex ending is canon? ›

Canonical ending

JC and Helios later formed ApostleCorp, which opposed the Illuminati, as seen in Invisible War. The canonicity of all three endings was also confirmed by Invisible War's game director Harvey Smith, who felt that the combination of endings was more interesting than any of the three endings alone.

Does Deus Ex: Human Revolution have multiple endings? ›

Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn't a game that has one specific ending. You're given an option at the very end of the game that will allow you to decide which ending you receive.

What happens if Malik dies? ›

If Malik is killed, her corpse can later be found in the Harvesters' hideout on an operating table in the surgery, which can also be accessed from a cracked wall that can be broken down near the room where you meet Tong Si Hung.

How do you save Miller DXMD? ›

The Orchid Neutralizing Enzyme you got from the VersaLife vault is the only way to cure its effects. Interact with Miller until the dialogue option appears to give him the antidote, thus saving his life and awarding you the achievement.

What to do with Zeke Deus Ex? ›

It is possible to neutralize Zeke AND save Thorpe if Zeke is neutralized quickly enough (the tranquilizer is a very effective weapon in this situation). Let Zeke Go: This option will try to talk him down, if you do it right he will walk away and Josie will be safe.

What is the good ending to Deus Ex? ›

How to Get the Best Ending. There is a way to make pretty much everyone happy - and even take down Viktor without killing him if you truly want to save everyone. To do this, you must have gotten the Orchid cure by completing mission 12 and raiding the VersaLife vault.

How to save Radford Deus Ex? ›

It is possible to save Radford, if you have the C.A.S.I.E. augmentation. When he asks you to kill him, ask him why he hates augmentation so much. Once that dialogue completes, you can trigger the C.A.S.I.E.

Can you store weapons in Deus Ex? ›

You can store it in your home. Just access your smart home through your computer, open your secret stash there and you can put stuff in there using the "Open Inventory" button. There you just click on the items you want to place, and there you have it...

Can you be a girl in Deus Ex? ›

Those are the only recasts." And then there's the female JC model, which has been restored (it's also slightly shorter than male Denton). "In addition to the skin, all player sounds such as jumping, running, getting hit, dying, etc. have been re-recorded," the modders said.

Does Deus Ex have cheats? ›

Method 3: Enabling cheats via the console

Open the console and enter the command " Set Human bCheatsEnabled True " or " Set DeusEx. JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True ". You will have to do this every time you launch Deus Ex if you use this method.

How many skills can you master in Deus Ex? ›

In Deus Ex, skills define the player character's proficiency in weapons and other gameplay functions. There are 11 skills in total.

Is cyberpunk Deus Ex? ›

A big reason why the cyberpunk genre is so compelling is because of its roots in social commentary. Deus Ex constantly channels the best parts of cyberpunk with themes of inequality, corporate greed, and what constitutes a human at their core.

Is Deus Ex lethal? ›

Deus Ex provides the player with the option of using non-lethal methods to take down enemies. Except for one character whom the player must kill during the course of the game, the choice between lethal and non-lethal approaches is largely the player's preference.

Can you disarm mines in Deus Ex: Human Revolution? ›

Crouch AND switch to walk speed (CAPS lock key by default). This way you can approach the proximity mine without triggering it. Simply press the use key to disarm it. Afterwards you can use it yourself!

What does alcohol do in Deus Ex: Human Revolution? ›

Drinking alcohol recovers health at the cost of impaired vision. If health is already full, consumption will temporarily raise it above the maximum. Alcohol functions similarly to the HypoStim Injector and Painkillers, except that the health recovery or boost is lower and usage results in temporarily blurred vision.

How do I enable cheats in Deus Ex: Human Revolution? ›

During gameplay, press T and the computer will display the prompt "Say." Delete this and enter instead "set DeusEx. JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True" to enable cheat mode. Then to enter a cheat, press T again and type away.

Is there a sequel to Deus Ex? ›

Mankind Divided is set in 2029, two years after Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The Deus Ex series is set in a cyberpunk future rife with secret organizations and conspiracies, including the Illuminati.

Who is the first protagonist in Deus Ex? ›

JC Denton is the player character and protagonist of the first-person role-playing video game Deus Ex and a supporting character in its sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War. He is voiced by Jay Anthony Franke in both games.

Why Deus Ex is the best game ever? ›

Deus Ex allows the player to complete the objective any way he wants. And despite the hit-or-miss VA, Deus Ex arguably has the best written dialogue in a video game. Definitely! The narrative (how the story is told) is where Deus Ex shines the strongest.

Is Deus Ex: Human Revolution canon? ›

Deus Ex: Human Revolution comics

The Human Revolution comic series is considered canon for purposes of content on this wiki. The events in the comics are not referenced by any other title in the Deus Ex series.

Do I need to play anything before Deus Ex: Human Revolution? ›

Human Revolution is a prequel to the first Deus Ex so you won't miss out on any preceding storyline by playing HR first.

Can DLC be canon? ›

Every DLC is canon with the exception of a handful of parts. The Taken versions of Mars strikes for example are non-canon as they already happened during vanilla. The story as a whole though is absolutely cabin.

Will there be more Deus Ex games? ›

Eidos Montreal is said to be working on a new IP, developing a new Deus Ex game (reported to be in very early development in late 2022), and assisting Playground Games on the new Fable title, per Bloomberg's Jason Schreier.

How old is Deus Ex: Human Revolution? ›

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an action role-playing game developed by Eidos-Montréal and published by Square Enix's European branch in August 2011 for Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Are there different endings in Deus Ex: Human Revolution? ›

Each of the four ending choices have three variations in the ending monologue depending on whether the player employed pacifist means, took violent action, or a mix of both methods (neutral) when dealing with situations throughout the game. This means that the game has twelve unique endings.

Should I go lethal or non lethal Deus Ex? ›

Compared to lethal actions, non-lethal ones tend to net you a slightly higher experience gain per action (like knocking out an enemy, or avoiding them entirely). Thanks to this additional experience, you'll gain access to better augmentations faster, allowing you to boost your capabilities earlier.

Does Deus Ex have different endings? ›

There are three possible endings to Deus Ex. Which one in particular plays out depends on the actions taken by JC Denton (the player character) during the final mission of the game, which takes place in Area 51.

Is Deus Ex The Fall canon? ›

Since the events in the comics are not explicitly contradicted by the rest of the series, they are generally treated as canon under the inclusive policy of this wiki.

What happened to Hugh Darrow? ›

Darrow dies on Panchaea during the incident.

Is Cyberpunk as good as Deus Ex? ›

Deus Ex can deliver a better role-playing experience and a better cyberpunk story than Cyberpunk 2077, as it has done both things before.

What are the benefits of non-lethal in Deus Ex: Human Revolution? ›

There are encouragements to be non-lethal ghost everywhere, but I think the most obvious is in takedowns. Non-lethal is silent, activates instantly, and gives more xp. Lethal takes nearly a second to activate, alerts enemies, and gives less xp.

Why was Deus Ex cancelled? ›

Development of Deus Ex 3 ended when Eidos closed Ion Storm in February 2005 due to the departure of key personnel and the studio's financial troubles.

Why is Deus Ex called that? ›

The name "Deus Ex" comes from the Latin phrase "deus ex machina", meaning "god from the machine". This name was chosen for multiple reasons. Firstly, its origin in the phrase deus ex machina was a nice connection to the plot of the game since multiple forces in Deus Ex aspire to attain god-like powers.

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