State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (2023)

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (1)

If you have ever played the first title, “State of Decay” then I guess you have pretty much played the sequel as well. Some might not agree with this, but I would beg to differ. The same sandbox-style RPG theme is set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world when you bash in some zombies while gathering survivors and supplies. It’s essentially the same thing but with a bit of different flavor, that doesn’t feel that tasty either. Enough about that, we are here to take a look at some of the best State of Decay 2 mods pc. So maybe this could a bit of that missing flavor to the game.

Many players start the game by choosing between Lilyana or Paquito, as they are the best character to begin this journey in a zombie-filled world. The main attraction of this game is that it offers cooperative gameplay with up to 4 players, and even supports crossplay between Xbox One and PC. Even if you call it cooperative gameplay, you are mostly gonna play with a bunch of dumb guys that cannot even swing a bat to the zombie’s head.

While not everyone is unfortunate as me, and some even got good teammates for such gameplay. Now, you play from a third-person perspective and the whole is to survive(obviously!). Players have to look for a place, find other survivors, and build a community to be the ideal hope for the survival of humanity(what a joke). You have to often go on supply runs to gather food and medicines for you and your player. Players have to build the various thing in their community with the available resources.

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You can see how that becomes boring after a while. So you will need state of decay 2 to keep the game interesting.

Best State of Decay 2 Mods Pc

The game is better than the previous one in some aspects like the open world is better and large, and the previously stated coop gameplay. Then it also gets repetitive and boring as you reach midgame. Also, some aspects like the night cycle, graphics, light, and shadows, and a few others require some tweaking. This can be done easily with the help of some state of decay 2 mods. Even the previous title had some great mods, and so does this one too. So, find out what great mods are available for this game and make the desired changes.

Less Night and More Day Time

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (2)

It is common with every game that is set in a zombie apocalyptic world where nights are more dangerous and filled with monstrous zombies. This makes nights more scary and difficult to navigate, which makes supply runs hard too. Even the visibility is pretty and during nights. Do not worry about that though because we have a perfect mod for that. This mod reduces the nighttime cycle and makes days last longer. So bye-bye scary nights.

The mod is called Short Night and you just have to download and install it on your device. This will shorten the nights in the state of decay 2 game. It might seem like a simple mod with just a single functionality, but it is really useful for those people who do not care for nighttime survival in the game.

More Inventory Slots for Your Vehicles

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (3)

Sometimes games do not offer in terms of capacity for various things in the game. Sometimes your backpack doesn’t have enough space to carry stuff or maybe the cars don’t have enough slots. Well, the latter is something that bothers many players. The game only provides 8 slots as maximum storage capacity and is only available for a few vehicles. This is frustratingly low and doesn’t provide enough capacity.

If you do think that too and want a huge boost to that storage number then this vehicle inventory 100 slots mod is something that you should look into. This state of decay 2 mod adds a whopping 100 slots for every vehicle in the game. So now you can carry whatever s**t you want for your community. Make sure to check the release notes and compatibility(if there are any) before you install this mod.

Make Desired Changes to the Game’s Save Files

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (4)

The title pretty much tells you everything that you need to know about the mod I’m going to mention here. The Community Editor is a mod that can be used to edit the save files of the State of Decay 2 game. This will help make small changes to the game where certain characters can be saved, more resources can be found, etc. There are many other things that you can do. For example, add new traits to a survivor, change their skills, clothing, voice, and a few other physical aspects.

Similarly, many other changes can be made to the save file of your game to provide you with better control of the game. Remember, there are chances that you might find the game a little boring after using this mod. Since you control most aspects of the game and hampers the intended gameplay aspect. So only use it something like that, doesn’t bother you.

No More Annoying Intros

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (5)

There are just so many times that one can watch the same intro for a game. After a while, it gets on your nerve to look at the same developer logos and stuff. This happens to me for many games, while games do have an option to skip through all the BS, the state of decay 2 doesn’t have one. Well, the mods can take care of that for you.

Just install the “No-Intro Fix” State of Decay 2 mod for your game and get rid of intros. This will remove the intro that comes at the start and directly land on the main menu of the state of decay 2 game. In case you do not wanna use any state of decay 2 mods and need another method then use the download link and go to the “Posts” tab of the download page and read the comments. You’ll find another way there.

Better Lights in State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (6)

Imagine you are taking a stroll out during the night a zombie jumps out of nowhere. Well, it doesn’t exactly happen in real life or even in the state of decay 2, but it feels like that because the light is so dull. Every light in the game whether it’s just a flashlight or a headlight of your car is the same. You cannot properly see things that are right ahead of you.

Also, the distance for these lights is pretty short. There is a mod for that as well, since it is all about survival in this game, every little supply matters. So, add the “Light-Bright’s improved Flashlight and Headlights” mod to your game. I know the creator did a bad job at naming the mod, but it works perfectly fine.

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Stack More Items

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (7)

Games always provide a limit on the items you can carry in a backpack/inventory. Most of the time this can be a bit of an issue, especially when you are still in the lower levels of the game. Also, in games where you have to fight hordes of zombies, such restrictions can be fatal. Almost anyone who plays zombie games like the State of Decay 2, just empties their whole gun on zombies. Well, at least amateurs do. Such players will always be running on low ammo.

If you are one of them then this Stack 999 items mod can be of huge help. This mod reduces the sizes of all those weapons ammunition and other throwable objects like grenades, mines, etc. So if you install this mod, you can almost carry unlimited stuff and never run out of any items. One thing you might wanna know about this mod is that not every item can be carried in huge amounts. Rest assured that this only applies to unless items, not the ones that everyone uses.

Get Them All Bounties

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (8)

Every game has a level of progress where players have to finish certain missions and tasks. Even in State of Decay 2, your progress slowly by unlocking outposts, gathering men/women to build your community, and saving as many lives as you can. One sort of side quest is the option to collect bounties. Yeah, this ain’t old west, but it has a mission where you meet the bounty broker who hooks you up with certain missions. Players have to finish those tasks to earn rewards and unlock new items like weapons, vehicles, facility mods, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, State of Decay 2 has a certain progress level so not every bounty is available right from the start. Players will only get access to a few of them and in your progress through the game, new ones are available. Though you do not have to wait for that. That’s because you can unlock them all at once by using the “Unlock All Hidden Bounties” mod. Add this to your game and all the hidden bounties are playable from the bounty broker.

A Mod Manager Is a Must for Multiple Mods

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (9)

So far we talked about different kinds of mods that add more features, unlock hidden stuff, improve gameplay, etc. This is all great and if you are using all these mods or any other mods then you might encounter certain issues. Sometimes certain mods conflict will other mods and either they do not work or cause some kind of issue to your game. Regardless, that can be a huge pain. So you need a tool that can handle multiple mods for your game. Enter State of Decay 2 Mod manager.

This will find out any kinds of conflicts that arise with multiple mods and fix them for you. It even finds out missing assets for the mods and manages both pak and cooked folder. There are a bunch of mods that add new weapons, vehicles, facilities, etc. Sometimes such mods might override one another, and this mod also takes care of that. So, install this ASAP if you are using multiple State of Decay 2 mods for your game. Read the instructions on the download page for more info.

Use the Developer Menu

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (10)

Playing games in god mode can be a lot of fun, no vanilla version of the game offers such an option for players, or does it? The game may not have a direct way for one to play in such a way but if people have access to the developer menu then they can do anything. This “Unlock Developer Menu” State of Decay 2 mod lets one access the developer menu. So what can one do with this developer menu in the game?

Anything. That’s right, you can do whatever your heart desires. Want more weapons? Just add them. Need new and locked vehicles? Unlock them with the developer menu. Get infinite health, stamina, reload, just infinite everything. Render game changes, make changes to NPC, and anything you want. The developer menu provides you access to all aspects of the game.

Also, check out this Gameplay Overhaul mod that has a bunch of other options that can completely change your gameplay experience.

More Realistic Game With This State of Decay 2 Mods

State of Decay 2 Mods - 10 Best State of Decay 2 Mods That You Should Try (11)

The last mod on your list ain’t about more stuff to the gameplay or removing it, but improves the graphics of the game by tweaking the lightning. This mod is called Project Realism and intends to improve the gameplay experience by removing certain lightning aspects. Uh! So it does remove some things. The mod provides better lightning in the game by disabling volumetric fog.

There are many other changes as well as the sunlight is more bright as it is doubled. While the nights are pitch black, moonlight is improved. The newer version of this mod adds FX changes and sounds to some maps in the game. There are many other changes and improvements that you can read from the download page of this mod. Also, this mod is still in development, so you might encounter some bugs. Do not worry though, constant updates are released to fix them.

These are some of the best and useful State of Decay 2 mods in my opinion. Some of you might prefer a few other mods, but these are useful for all kinds of players. So check them all out and read the instructions provided on the download page to understand them better. Now, you may not know how to download and install state of decay 2 mods for your game. In that case, check out the section that explains just that.

How to Install State of Decay 2 Mods?

The installation procedure for State of Decay 2 mods is pretty simple, well, at least for most of them. Certain mods require a different procedure to install state of decay 2 mods. For such mods, you have to check the description of the mod given on the download page. Other than that, there is one single installation procedure for all mods. The following steps will guide you in that process.

  • The first you need to do is download required state of decay 2 mods for your game. Go through the mods listed in this article and click the download link.
  • When you are on the mod page, you will see the download option on the right. There are two ways to do this.
  • One is to use the Vortex mod manager to download and install the mod and the other one is the manual procedure. Here, we shall discuss the manual method.
  • So click on the download link, and you will be redirected to another page. Make sure that you are logged into the state of decay nexusmod account, otherwise you cannot download the state of decay 2 mods.
  • After you download the zip file, extract it. The extracted folder contains .Pak file.
  • Now you have to copy this file to the Saved folder in State of Decay 2 game.
  • In case you cannot find the folder, the address should be this “%LocalAppData%\StateOfDecay2\Saved\Paks“. This is for steam user.
  • For Windows users, “%LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.Dayton_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Local\StateOfDecay2\Saved\Paks
  • Copy the .pak file in the above folder depending on where it is and start the game to check if the mod works.

As mentioned earlier, few mods have different installation procedures so users have to read the mod description to install them.

Thoughts on State of Decay 2 Game

The sequel to the state of decay came out in May 2018 and was published by Xbox Game Studios. The game is set in an open world where the main objective is survival, but in a world filled with zombies, you cannot do that alone. So you need others like you and help them survive, you do this by scavenging and building a safer community. Now, this is also the same premise of the first game, but what makes this one different? Well, there are a bunch of differences actually.

For example, in the first game, the melee weapons or cars were not very durable and were damaged easily. You bash a few zombies’ heads and your melee weapon becomes useless. This is fixed in the State of decay 2. The most noticeable difference is the graphics, while the first had a more comic bookish design the sequel runs on Unreal Engine 4 and hence has better graphics. These are some improvements you can find in the sequel.

The sequel doesn’t just improve on certain aspects, but it also takes a step backward in a few of them. In the first part, the game had a better character that you wanted them to survive, but the sequel’s characters are a little bland. SO you don’t care if they die and just move on with others. Also, you now have fewer outposts (4, previously it was 6), no barricading the windows, no trusted system where you have to be wary of other survivors while driving or killing zombies. Such things make the game less interesting.

In many ways, the sequel feels hollow when compared with the first game. If you don’t care about high graphics then I suggest you rather play the first one than the sequel.

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Wrapping Up

While the game has its flaws, it’s still a zombie game which means you can cause mayhem and have fun. Tough some of those flaws can be taken care of, and if you think that the game requires a certain amount of tweaking then the state of decay 3 mods are useful. We have listed a few best State of Decay 2 mods for your game. So take a look at them all and download & install them. Do worry if you don’t know how to do that because we have a tutorial that will help you with that. So add State of Decay 2 mod for your game and get a whole new experience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Where can I find State of Decay 2 mod support?

After reading the instructions for downloading and installing this mod, if you still have any issues then check out the mod description. This mod description is added on the mod download page for every mod since certain mods have a different process for installation. This is where you can find the state of decay 2 mod support.

What are some of the State of Decay 2 best mods?

To name a few State of Decay 2 best mods, Community Editor, State of Decay 2 mods manager, vehicle 100 inventory mod, etc. Apart from that, I would also pick Gameplay Overhaul, 10 Facility Addon, etc.

Do you need a mod manager for State of Decay 2 mods?

If you are using multiple State of decay 2 mods in the game then there could be various conflicts and issues with the state of decay 2 modding. So, in such cases, it is essential that you the State of Decay 2 mods manager.

Where can you download State of Decay 2 mods?

The best place to download State of Decay 2 mods is from the Nexus mod. It has all the mods you will ever need for the game. It also contains mods for many other games as well.


  • 1 Best State of Decay 2 Mods Pc
      • 1.0.1 Less Night and More Day Time
      • 1.0.2 More Inventory Slots for Your Vehicles
      • 1.0.3 Make Desired Changes to the Game’s Save Files
      • 1.0.4 No More Annoying Intros
      • 1.0.5 Better Lights in State of Decay 2
      • 1.0.6 Stack More Items
      • 1.0.7 Get Them All Bounties
      • 1.0.8 A Mod Manager Is a Must for Multiple Mods
      • 1.0.9 Use the Developer Menu
      • 1.0.10 More Realistic Game With This State of Decay 2 Mods
    • 1.1 How to Install State of Decay 2 Mods?
    • 1.2 Thoughts on State of Decay 2 Game
    • 1.3 Wrapping Up
  • 2 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


What is the best thing to build in State of Decay 2? ›

We suggest building an Infirmary first, as this is where you can recover your health and treat illnesses like the Blood Plague after returning home from an arduous zombie-killing session.

What is the best town to start in State of Decay 2? ›

Meagher Valley is the best map in State of Decay 2 for newcomers as it offers varied environments, plenty of combat scenarios to engage in, and a decent selection of bases.

Does State of Decay 2 have cheats? ›

State of Decay 2 Cheat FAQs

Once the cheat engine has been downloaded and installed, allow it to scan the files with your games. From here you will be able to download and install Trainers that contain several cheat options.

What is the largest base in sod2? ›

Heartland's Trumbull Valley only has one base, which is also the game's largest base so far.

What is the best house in State of Decay? ›

The best two bases, just like in the main game, are the Snyder Trucking Warehouse in Marshall (the southwest corner of the map) and the Trumbell County Fairgrounds in Fairfield (the northwest corner of the map). Depending on your goals, each of these is an ideal home base.

What is the best AR in State of Decay 2? ›

Best Guns: RTX Stormbringer (7.62): Out of all the rifles in the game that use 7.62 Ammo, the RTX Stormbringer comes out on top. This gun boasts a capacity of 61 and it comes with the best stats of all the other 7.62 rifles.

What is the hardest mode in State of Decay 2? ›

The game currently has 5 difficulty settings:
  • Green Zone - A more welcoming apocalypse. ...
  • Standard Zone - A fair challenge not everyone will survive. ...
  • Dread Zone - A more intense threat to your survival. ...
  • Nightmare Zone - A punishment for something you did. ...
  • Lethal Zone - Seriously.

Can you beat State of Decay 2? ›

Only by destroying every last plague heart in the area can you unlock the endgame legacy story that matches your leader selection. Completing this legacy “wins the game” by cementing your community's lasting contribution to the world.

Where is the best place to find a generator in State of Decay 2? ›

If you're looking for the Portable Generator location, be ready to go on a hunt. Since State of Decay 2 has randomized loot, there's no one guaranteed place to find a Portable Generator. However, you are more likely to find on in a garage or other hardware unit.

What is the secret heavy weapon in State of Decay 2? ›

The Enigmatic Axe is a hidden weapon found on the Providence Ridge map. It is found to the mid South-West side of the map. I found it best to go to the self storage lockers along the main road and book it west from there. Your looking for a rock formation blocking the path and in the center there is an opening.

What is the max number of people you can have in State of Decay 2? ›

Community Size

The game limits any community to no more than 12 survivors. However, opportunities to recruit new survivors become rare once your community reaches a population of 9 or more. This makes your choices about who to recruit, who to keep around, and who to exile from your community very important!

What is the strongest base ever? ›

Strongest superbases are synthesised in only gas phase:
  • Ortho-diethynylbenzene dianion (C6H4(C2)2)2 (the strongest superbase ever synthesized)
  • Meta-diethynylbenzene dianion (C6H4(C2)2)2 (second strongest superbase)
  • Para-diethynylbenzene dianion (C6H4(C2)2)2 (third strongest superbase)

What is the unbreakable trait sod2? ›

In State Of Decay 2, there are a number of injuries the survivors can suffer and be hindered by. The Unbreakable trait accomplishes this by offering two benefits to the survivor that has it: +45 Max Health. -100% Injury Chance.

How big can hordes get in State of Decay 2? ›

A zombie Horde is a group of 5—20 zombies traveling together as a single-minded undead unit.

What is engineering good for State of Decay 2? ›

Engineering. Survivors with Engineering can also provide your community with a Pile of Weapon Remains or an Improvised or Handmade Muzzle Mod occasionally. I was scrounging around and I found some weapon parts! I figured I could use the scraps left over from our last construction job to make a weapon attachment.

What is the highest morale in State of Decay 2? ›

There are 7 tiers of morale for base and survivors, ranging from the worst to best are: Hopeless > Miserable > Depressed > Stable > Cheerful > Empowered > Enthusiastic.

What is the best action difficulty in State of Decay 2? ›

I'd say normal, or at the most dread especially for the first time. Nightmare mode, because of the need to be "harder then hard" stops some of the fun parts of zombie games IE using Guns, and vehicles to name a few. Nightmare mode pretty much requires playing a very specific way to survive, so thats also a factor.

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