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Simply fill out a few easy details then check your “My Rewards” for your Welcome Reward.

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Better yet, you'll earn more points for every $1 spent when you reach a new status.

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The good part—you earned it, now spend it!

The Benefits




Earn points on all your purchases
—online and in stores

2 Points for
every $1 spent

3 Points for
every $1 spent

4 Points for
every $1 spent

Required spend per year from
Feb 1 to Jan 31




Shipping upgrades

Free Standard

Free Expedited

Birthday offer

Special bonus points promotions

Access to member-only sales and events

Special gift for OFFicial status


Got questions? We've got answers.


OFF 5TH Rewards is the free rewards program from Saks OFF 5TH. As a member, you can earn points on your purchases at any Saks OFF 5TH store or online at saksoff5th.com. OFF 5TH Rewards is open to US customers only who are 18 years of age or older, and enroll in the program with a valid email and mobile number.

No, OFF 5TH Rewards is a free rewards program. There is no cost to join, and no credit card application is required.

You can join OFF 5TH Rewards at any of our store locations in the US, on saksoff5th.com or on our mobile app. Creating an online account on our site or our app enrolls you into the program.

No, OFF 5TH Rewards is a separate rewards program and not connected to the SaksFirst program. You will only earn points and rewards on purchases from Saks OFF 5TH in stores and online in the OFF 5TH Rewards program. Purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue stores or saksfifthavenue.com are not qualified to earn points or rewards in the OFF 5TH Rewards Program.

Yes. If you created an account online on saksoff5th.com after May 16, 2022, you are a member of the rewards program and can begin the accumulation of points. You must validate your OFF 5TH Rewards account by signing in to get the benefit of points, get rewards and enjoy OFF 5TH Rewards program benefits. If you created an account online before May 16, 2022, you need to log into your account and may need to provide some additional information to fully enroll in the program.

No. Each individual may only have one OFF 5TH Rewards account associated with them. Accounts cannot be combined, transferred or combined with other accounts even in the same household. There is a maximum of five individual accounts per household address. If we detect an individual holding multiple accounts, we reserve the right to delete all associated accounts at our sole discretion.


You can earn points in the program four ways:

1. Make a purchase at Saks OFF 5TH stores in the US and provide your OFF 5TH Rewards member information to the Associate so they can identify you as a Rewards member.
2. Make a purchase at saksoff5th.com or on our mobile app while logged in to your OFF 5TH Rewards account.
3. Through promotions that we may offer or communicate to you from time to time. Points are not available for purchases made for resale or commercial purposes. We reserve the right to determine in our sole discretion that a purchase is ineligible for points accumulation for this reason or any other reason including fraud or abuse.
4. Complete various activities available in your member dashboard such as: sign up for SMS, download the app, and refer a friend.

When you join the program, you earn two points per dollar on your purchases at Saks OFF 5TH online and in store. If you reach Tier 2–Icon status, you will earn three points per dollar. If you reach Tier 3–OFFicial status, you will earn four points per dollar.

Different activities can earn varying amounts of points:

● You earn 50 points when you sign up for SMS. You can only earn these points once per lifetime. If you have already signed up for SMS prior to joining OFF 5TH Rewards, this activity will be marked as complete and you will automatically receive 50 points.
● You earn 100 points when you download the app. You can only earn these points once per lifetime. If you have already downloaded the app prior to joining OFF 5TH Rewards, this activity will be marked as complete and you will automatically receive 100 points. Please note, you will need to sign into your account on the app for the points to be awarded.
● You will earn 50 points for each friend that you refer after they have made their first purchase. You are eligible to earn up to 100 points per month.

Please allow up to 72 hours for points that you’ve earned either through purchases or activities to appear in your online account.

Yes, you have 30 days from the date of your purchase to earn points for that purchase. Call OFF 5TH Rewards Customer Service at https://support.saksoff5th.com/s/contactsupport.

Points will be deducted from your account when you return items or cancel an order.

Your points will not expire if you make a purchase at least once within each 365-day period. If you do not make a purchase within 365 days from your last purchase, your points will expire. If you make a purchase but return all of the items from your purchase, your 365-day timing will revert back to your last purchase date. Points do not have any monetary or cash value and are completely forfeited when expired.

Members who join the program and spend less than $300 per year will have Tier 1–Star status.
Members who spend between $300 and $1,499 per year will have Tier 2–Icon status.
Members who spend $1,500 or more per year will have Tier 3–OFFicial status.
Your total spend within the calendar year determines your tier status. Tiers reset February 1 every year, and your tier status may change regardless of your point balance.

You will be assigned a tier based on your total spend within a year, starting on February 1 at 12:00 AM EST and ending on January 31 at 11:59 PM EST.

Once you reach a certain tier, you will remain in that tier for the remainder of that year and all of the next year.

Example: You earned Tier 2–Icon status on October 1, 2022. You will remain Tier 2–Icon status until January 31, 2024 (subject to other provisions in our Terms and Conditions).

Points will normally be added to your account within approximately three (3) business days after the day you earned them or, for online orders, when your items ships, but it can take up to 30 days.

Points from purchases are credited to your OFF 5TH Rewards account within three (3) business days after the day you earned them or, for online orders, when your items ships, but it can take up to 30 days. If you did not receive points seven (7) business days after purchasing your item or after your online order has been shipped, contact customer service by visiting https://support.saksoff5th.com/s/contactsupport and have your OFF 5TH Rewards member ID and order information ready. It is your obligation to check your OFF 5TH Rewards account to validate that you have received the points you were expecting. If you do not alert us within sixty (60) days to any missing points, you have waived the right to receive any such points.


Rewards are automatically issued to your account once you reach a minimum threshold of points earned. The minimum threshold to earn a Reward is 500 points. Once you earn 500 points, you will receive a $5 Reward in your account. Rewards are issued in $5, $10, $15 and $20 increments.

Yes, Rewards expire on the date stated on the Rewards email you receive, which will be 90 days or more from the date of issuance.

Points, Rewards and any benefits associated with the OFF 5TH Rewards program are non-transferable. You may earn and redeem points and Rewards only for your own OFF 5TH Rewards account. Only one OFF 5TH Rewards membership per person is allowed.

Your Welcome Reward for joining the program can only be used online at saksoff5th.com. You can use any of your earned Rewards or your Birthday Reward either online or at any Saks OFF 5TH store in the US. All Rewards are single-use only, so you cannot use the same Reward both online and in store.

Online/app Rewards redemption: Log into your account on saksoff5th.com or on the Saks OFF 5TH app. When you are ready to check out, you will see any Rewards available in your “My Rewards” basket. Click “Apply” on any Rewards you want to use towards your purchase.

In-store Rewards redemption: Tell the Associate at checkout that you are a Rewards member and provide the necessary member info. The Associate will be able to see which rewards you have available and apply them to your order. Alternatively, if you have the email with your Rewards barcode available, you can show it to the Associate so they can scan the Reward to apply it to your order.

You can see any Rewards or points you have available when you log into your account on saksoff5th.com.

All Reward redemptions are final. Rewards must be used in full towards your purchase. If your total order is less than your Reward amount, any used Reward amount in excess of your purchase amount will be forfeited.

Rewards are one-time use only. If you return any merchandise that was purchased with a Reward, you will not receive the Reward back as part of your return.

Once you reach Tier 2–Icon status, you can receive free standard shipping on all of your saksoff5th.com orders. Once you reach Tier 3–OFFicial status, you can receive free expedited shipping on your saksoff5th.com orders. The shipping benefit will activate on your first online transaction as a Tier 2 or Tier 3 member.

Congrats on reaching OFFicial status! Members who have reached OFFicial status will receive a gift once a year towards the end of every program year (the beginning of February.)

Once you reach Tier 2–Icon status or Tier 3–OFFicial status, you will receive free returns on all of your saksoff5th.com orders. In order to start an online return, visit https://returns.narvar.com/off5th/returns to have a pre-paid shipping label emailed to you to return items by mail.


Log into your account on saksoff5th.com to view information about your account.

Unfortunately we cannot combine multiple OFF 5TH Rewards accounts.

Please contact Customer Service at https://support.saksoff5th.com/s/contactsupport

Please contact customer service directly by visiting at https://support.saksoff5th.com/s/contactsupport

The only way to maintain an online account is by being an OFF 5TH Rewards member. OFF 5TH Rewards is free to join and rewards you for every purchase you make as a member! If you wish to cancel your OFF 5TH Rewards membership, please contact Customer Service directly by visiting https://support.saksoff5th.com/s/contactsupport.

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loyalty-landing | Saks OFF 5TH (2024)
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