Jailbirds: Where Are the Inmates Now? (2024)

Netflix’s ‘Jailbirds’ is a reality series that centers around the experiences of inmates imprisoned in Sacramento County Jail, California. The show portrayed female prisoners, their way of living, their ambitions, and their past crimes. The realistic drama in this series was a result of actual violence, isolation, and the novel dynamics between the inmates. It also features deputies, a romance that sparked in jail, and their daily lifestyle, and it provides an honest insight into the lives of these women.

The show focused on six cast members out of the 2,400 inmates, who were all intriguing and entertaining to watch. They each had a story to tell, dreams, regret, and complex emotions, which evoked empathy within the audience and connected them to the inmates’ struggles. The first season aired in 2019, and since then, most people have been curious to learn about how the circ*mstances have changed for these women. If you’re also eager to get an update about them, here’s all you need to know.

Courtney “Jay” Koranda is Maintaining Family and Career

Courtney, a mother of a 4-year-old boy, was worried about her relationship with Kadin. She has seemingly sustained her relationship, and even though she isn’t active on social media, it’s safe to assume that she continues to live with Kadin and her son Alexei Kaname-Makua Koranda. She is now an established Makeup Mixologist Artist and switches back and forth between Las Vegas, Nevada, to Monterey and Sacramento in California to maintain her work-life balance. She hasn’t updated the viewers about her future plans and whether she wants to return to the limelight, perhaps because she is currently occupied with caring for her family and improving herself.

Tayler Renee Coatney is Embracing Freedom and Privacy

New Avi 👅 pic.twitter.com/7PTHQV4GjC

— Tayler Coatney (@babytay20916) February 21, 2016

Tayler was underage when she was first convicted for her involvement with a home invasion and burglary that also led to three murders. After serving her sentence in juvenile detention, she was set for parole time in 2022. As per reports, she is currently not in prison and is living her best life. However, little is known about her life after the incident, and her social media presence is little to none, with only an inactive Twitter and Facebook account. Moreover, Tayler is seemingly in a relationship and lives in Galt, California.

Rebecca Temme is Enduring Life Behind Bars

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Rebecca Temme, also known as Baby Girl, was an administratively segregated inmate, and she was brought in for being a suspect in robbery and murder. In 2022, Rebecca was supposed to be out of prison for parole. However, she was reportedly found guilty of one murder and two robberies. Moreover, her previous records suggest that she was also charged with battery (unlawful application of physical force to another), felony, and vehicle theft. However, on June 28, 2019, she and her partner in crime, Baca, were purportedly sentenced to life in prison without parole. So, as of now, she continues to live behind bars in Sacramento County Main Jail.

Megan Hawkins is Rebuilding Life Post-Release

Megan, who also goes by “Monster,” was a tattoo artist turned criminal who was convicted of a felony during bail, possession of controlled substances, transportation of narcotics, check fraud, and stealing vehicles. She was back in jail for reportedly exploiting someone else’s ID to steal from a bank account.

The car she brought to the bank was also stolen; she had multiple credit cards that didn’t belong to her and controlled substances. But for now, Megan is out of prison and living her best life with her romantic partner, Mr. Ward. After her fans’ support and donations on her GoFund Me, she could restart her life and get back to work as a tattoo artist.

Ebony Natsmartt is Navigating Post-Release Challenges

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Ebony was hotheaded and had several charges, from burglary, robbery, and assault, to identity fraud. She was inspired by her mother, who owned a nail salon and dreamt of starting her own business someday. After her release, she was reportedly arrested (likely imprisoned) twice for violating multiple rules and committing crimes. As of now, it’s hard to tell whether or not she is out of prison. Her socials are set to private, and viewers are still waiting on an official update.

David Matlock’sStatus and Future Uncertain

David was caught in the world of crime at the tender age of 14. He was charged with theft and unlawful driving, and one of his concerns on the show was whether or not she should pursue a long-term relationship in prison. Also known as “Squeeze,” his current status remains unknown, and there are no updates about his whereabouts.

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Jailbirds: Where Are the Inmates Now? (2024)
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