Is The Steam Deck As Good As Everyone Says? - Steam Deck 1 Year Review (2023)



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Since the release is a steam deck in February of 2022 everybody's been engulfed into why you need to go out and buy one.

But what is it actually like living with a steam deck for a whole year? What are some things I have learned with my steam deck? And what are some of my hopes and dreams revolved moving forward from all this let's, discuss it a little bit more and find out before we talk about anything else, let's discuss how it performs in real life scenarios playing a wide variety of games from smaller Indie titles to full-fledged AAA games and everything in between when looking at how the steam deck performs overall I can run most games out of a solid 30 to 60 FPS with minimal.

Tweaking required now I should say the steam deck does come equipped with a 1280x800 screen resolution.

However, I have found by bumping down.

My resolutions at 1280x720 I tend to get a better fps, while also not really having that big of an impact on visual quality.

Now since the steam deck does have a smaller screen for me that resolution change isn't a big difference.

I don't really see it.

However, that may be something you might want to consider moving forward.

Now, let's see how the steam deck performed with these set of games, foreign ing, foreign let's, move on to our second topic comfortability, even though the steam deck weighs roughly 1.7 pounds, compared to the Nintendo switch, which weighs roughly 0.9 pounds, I personally, haven't found it uncomfortable to hold rather when playing I have found it to be actually very comfortable and well balanced in my hand, even though the steam deck is made of plastic.

It doesn't feel low quality, but rather on par with honestly, a lot of modern first party controllers and accessories found on the market today.

And this leads us perfectly to our third topic customizability.

When it comes to the customizability of the steam deck valve has made comprehensive videos demonstrating how to open the steam deck and replace Hardware such as the SSD or perform basic pairs.

Now I should mention, even though valve has made these videos.

They do not recommend that you perform them because by doing so and opening your steam like you void, the warranty and anything that may happen after you do so is on you so be aware of that.

However, when it comes to the customizability, it is great to see that Bob does not only promote an open and accessible Hardware device, but software, too the steam deck.

Os runs on a version of Arch Linux.

And as a result is more or less, steamed, Big, Picture, Mode running as an overlay.

So if you would like to add third-party, emulators or non-steam game launchers to the steam deck is very easy to do so by going into the desktop mode instead, where you can add these different launchers or third-party emulators.

And since the steam deck, pretty much just runs in Big, Picture, Mode, it's, actually also improved for me.

A lot of my gaming experience on a Windows PC as well since I tend to play on my PC with a controller, rather than mouse and keyboard and I tend to already put in Big Picture Mode anyway.

So a lot of the developments that have gone into the steam deck recently has also made its way on over to Steam Big, Picture Mode on Windows devices.

And one of the great additions valve has added recently to their software is custom videos on Startup.

These may sound small and simple to the average person.

But for me, they just add to the experience of having a much more Grand experience when playing games.

And since this is found through the steam Ducks OS, it's also found on Big Picture Mode on a Windows device or any other device.

So if you have some extra points from purchasing games through Steam, and you have no clue what to use them towards at the point shop, maybe considering buying a few startup videos and adding those on shuffle that's, what I've done and it's honestly made it a lot more just enjoyable to boot up my steam deck or boot up, my PC and see a different video play each time.

But overall just make me want to turn on my steam deck, or my PC more and play more games.

And lastly, what I feel the most compelling aspect of purchasing in Steam decks is is that for 99 of people it's, the perfect gaming device when it comes to being able to enjoy game whenever and wherever just like the switch, the steam deck shines here, I've, never once felt that the experience was unplayable.

And as long as I would buy an outlet for more demanded games, I never had to worry about battery.

And this brings us to the end and what I want to leave you with is my hopes for valve moving forward after seeing how well the steam deck has performed in games that I'm going to play, but also seeing other reviewers as well I've really gotten to see what makes this team deck.

So amazing it's, not that it is the best gaming machine by no means.

It is not that it's perfect.

It definitely has its flaws, but I've never once felt that I couldn't play a game or have an enjoyable experience playing on my steam deck.

And even though I have my PC that I tend to use the most when playing I still reached for my steam deck, a good amount of time.

So my hopes for valve moving forward is to look at their success and think about what can they do to improve it for a steam deck 2, or even just an updated steam Deck with a little bit better Hardware and I think what the greatest part about this is that valve knows that they've struck gold and they're, not trying to hide that behind an extreme amount of money to put forward to enjoy it.

They want to make it so that steam deck can be played by anyone and purchased by anyone.

And even though there are multiple tiers in the steam deck, just like we discussed before, you can always customize and add things to your steam deck to make it even better for me, I've added a one terabyte SD card.

And honestly, that's all I've needed to add I haven't done anything else to I haven't opened it up.

Because with the one terabyte SD card, I can put all the games I want on there and I don't have to worry about running out of space.

So if you enjoyed this video, please consider leaving a like and maybe even subscribing, and if not that's fine too I, just appreciate you spending this time with us here today.

So with that I'll, see you guys next time? Peace out.


Is The Steam Deck As Good As Everyone Says? - Steam Deck 1 Year Review? ›

Eventually, we got one and were glad we did. Could we say the same in 2023? Well yes, 100% we still recommend the Steam Deck. But, Asus has given this a little doubt by announcing the ROG Ally back on April 1st.

Is the Steam Deck still good in 2023? ›

Eventually, we got one and were glad we did. Could we say the same in 2023? Well yes, 100% we still recommend the Steam Deck. But, Asus has given this a little doubt by announcing the ROG Ally back on April 1st.

Is Steam Deck good enough? ›

The Valve Steam Deck has impressive performance and power, which makes it a great choice for gamers who want to play AAA games on the go. It has a custom AMD APU that is designed to deliver high-quality graphics and performance, which means that gamers can enjoy their favorite games in up to 720p resolution with ease.

How long can Steam Deck last? ›

We'll update this article over time to include more games that catch our attention without draining the Deck's battery too badly. Valve estimates that Steam Deck playtime ranges from two to eight hours.

Is anything better than Steam Deck? ›

The devices we would personally choose are the Asus ROG Ally, the AYANEO 2 and the GPD WIN 4. Although the last two are at a higher price than the Steam Deck, these are the most complete alternatives currently in development.

Is Steam giving away Steam Decks? ›

As if it wasn't enough that Valve gave away one Steam Deck every minute during The Game Awards 2022 to lucky winners, the developer is now saying it wants to reward even more people by doing another giveaway.

Does the Steam Deck have a future? ›

"Unless something major changes, there will be a next generation of Steam Deck products in the future... The theme, size, and shape will change, and it might even become a streaming machine. Development of the Steam Deck will continue." It seems that the future of Steam Deck is going to be interesting.

Is the $400 Steam Deck worth it? ›

Is Steam Deck good value for money? If you're using it at home as a replacement for a high-quality PC to play games, then the Steam Deck is a no-brainer purchase. If you're attempting to use it as a travel device, however, it's important to consider its limitations, and how and when you'll be using it most.

Has the Steam Deck improved? ›

That's well deserved, too: the Steam Deck was a fun little alternative way to play PC games when it released, and through a combination of added features, ongoing improvements to game compatibility, and simply a wider choice of great games, it's a better device now than it's ever been.

Is Steam Deck 2 coming out? ›

Steam Deck 2 release date likely not until 2025

The current generation runs on a Zen 2-powered AMD APU, which functions as both the CPU and GPU.

Does the Steam Deck get too hot? ›

The Steam Deck is a popular device that has been prone to overheating. If the unit overheats, it can cause extensive damage to your property. It's important to be aware of the signs of an overheating Steam Deck unit and take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening.

Is Steam Deck better than switch? ›

There's not really any way around it: the Steam Deck has much faster performance. The use of custom AMD processors and RDNA2-based graphics gives the Steam Deck a huge advantage in terms of gaming performance. Games can look much better while also running more smoothly than they do on the Switch.

Can you run every game on Steam Deck? ›

Not every Steam game is compatible yet, but most are. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed's editors.

Is Steam Deck stronger than PS5? ›

The Steam Deck isn't intended to compete with the PS5 or Xbox SX. It's intended to compete with the Switch. The PS5 is 10+Tflops of compute power dedicated solely toward gaming. The Steam Deck has 2 Tflops and comes with a full Linux distro and is designed as a PC capable of multiple OS (meaning lots of overhead).

Do I need the more expensive Steam Deck? ›

Ultimately, it depends on where you plan to play your Steam Deck. While the $649 model objectively has the better screen, if you'll mostly play indoors then you'll rarely see the benefit. However, if you live in a sunny climate and plan to play outdoors, consider the upgrade.

Why Steam Deck is the best? ›

From its massive game library to its impressive performance, this little PC has only gotten better with age. Steam Deck condenses an entire gaming computer setup into a portable device—complete with a built-in controller and an 800p LCD touchscreen.

How many steam decks sold 2023? ›

According to Omdia, the Steam Deck sold an estimated 1.62 million units in 2022, and is on track to sell about 1.85 million units throughout 2023. This would push total Steam Deck unit sales to 3.47 million by the end of 2023.

How many steam decks will be given away? ›

Valve is giving away a Steam Deck each minute of The Game Awards when that show airs on Thursday, Dec. 8. The Game Awards 2022 usually runs about three hours, so, that's 180 Steam Decks!

Will the Steam Deck overheat? ›

The Steam Deck is a popular device that has been prone to overheating. If the unit overheats, it can cause extensive damage to your property. It's important to be aware of the signs of an overheating Steam Deck unit and take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening.

How good is the new Steam Deck? ›

The Verdict

Sure the Steam Deck has some areas where it could improve in its next iteration, namely the screen and the 2.5 hours of battery life when playing games at their highest fidelity. But the fact is that this hardware is surprisingly future-proofed, even a year out from its debut, bodes well for its longevity.

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