How To Repair & Upgrade Weapons In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - TOTK Repair Weapons (2023)


In Tears Of The Kingdom You Can Now REPAIR & UPGRADE Weapons and shields!
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Did you know that you can actually repair your weapons and Shields and tears of the Kingdom.

This is a feature that wasn't available in breath of the wild and not only can you repair your favorite weapons.

But you can also roll to upgrade their stats as well.

Now the process for this is surprisingly, simple, but there's, actually a lot that we need to go over for the first example, I'm going to go over repairing and upgrading.

This Black lizzle Blade, which is my favorite weapon at the moment and I want to make it even more powerful.

So if you head Northeast from Central Hyrule up to Death Mountain, you can go to Goron City and pick up the shrine that's right here.

If we head just a little bit north from the shrine right on this little Plateau on the other side of it, you're gonna see one of these OCTA rocks.

Now you can find these pretty much all over Death Mountain.

And what we need to do is kind of get up close to it.

We need to make sure we unequip the weapon that we want.

And then once our weapon is not equipped, we just drop that bad.

Boy on the ground, make sure to equip a shield, it really helps when your weapon doesn't get blown away, but make sure to equip a shield there we go so it's gonna suck it inside of its dirty.

Little body, you're gonna get a little Sparkle and then it's gonna spit it back out at you.

Now, if we pick it back up we're going notice that not only has the Black lizzle Blade been fully repaired, but it also now has a new stat.

But the interesting thing about these Royal Guard Claymores is they're actually more powerful.

Just before they break I'm gonna have a separate video on.

Why that is absolutely amazing.

It sounds bad, but it's actually really good.

But maybe we want to re-roll that upgrade that we got.

So the thing about this is OCTA rocks can only repair and upgrade one of your weapons once a blood moon.

And there are only a limited amount of them available around Death Mountain.

So what I recommend doing is once you find an octa-rock, go ahead and just make a save game.

Now what we can do is actually save scum the repair and upgrade of our weapon until we get something that we want wait for it to blow out its thing go into your menu, we're going to redrop this Black lizzle Blade, which is now still, which is now back to being, which is now being back to almost broken drop that bad.

Boy on the ground, take out her Shields suck it into your body, a dirty, little OCTA Rock.

And this time instead of getting durability up, we have attack up plus five.

This time I got critical hit.

So you can see how this process works.

Now, the next important thing is not only can It only repair one item per blood moon and I really do mean that.

So if we open up our menu, so let's let's, take the Hylian Shield, for instance, if we drop this equip another Shield, so that way we can block with it and yes, you can repair the hylene shield with it.

Come back.

Baby, Come, Back you'll, see that it doesn't have that new Sparkle of being healed, because we already, uh, healed and upgraded, our Black, lizzle, Blade.

So it's, not like you can do weapon it's, not like you can do a weapon and a shield it's, just one item per blood moon.

Now, one thing that's cool about this is, you can actually re-buy the Hylian Shield.

But perhaps you want to upgrade the Hylian Shield, and you can continuously do this because it's so hard to break as it is as you progress through the game.

You can come back re-roll stats in your Hylian, Shield and continuously, make it even better.

Now what's interesting is, it seems like there's certain weapons that can't actually be healed this way.

So if we drop, if we drop our Fierce deity sword that we got, which is both an amiibo weapon and a weapon you can find in the game.

The octa-rock is not actually able to heal it or upgrade it, which is really weird and I'm.

Not sure why that's a thing it seems to be the same way with any amiibo weapon, whether you find them in the game or not, they can't be healed or upgraded.

Now, one of the reasons that I really wanted to upgrade the Black lizzle Blade is because that attack up plus five when it's badly, damaged actually becomes attack plus 10, because it doubles the damage when it's near braking and there's, actually a trick.

You can do to make sure this weapon never breaks when you're fighting lionels, which can be really powerful, but what's, even better about.

This particular weapon is say we get even a better item like the blue main little saber horn, little I have a habit of calling them linals instead of linals because it's more funny.

And what we can do is if we unfuse or destroy the fused material.

And if we go back and refuse it to this bad, boy, you're gonna see that.

Now we have a weapon with a 140 damage, which is just absolutely ridic.

Ridiculous, I.

Think it tops out around 170 something until you get more attack plus up, which is it just can be come.

Astronomically, powerful, there's, also, another octa-rock right nearby near this skull and there's, actually quite a few in this area, just near the shrine for Goron City there's.

One, right here, there's another one here and then there's.

Another one right up here and I know, there's more around the map as well.

If you have these sensor Plus for your Pura pad, you can actually track them down, but it's, really nice being able to know where just even a few of them are.

Because if you want to be able to upgrade your items, you can literally just come back here, anytime there's, a Blood Moon.

You can repair and or upgrade, oh, my God.

My shield is gone there.

It is you can repair and or upgrade your weapons as you progress through the game and keep your favorite stuff at all times.

So it's, a really amazing trick.

And so happy to see that it's a thing actually in tears of the Kingdom, let me know what you think in the comments below and I'll see you all in the next one.


How To Repair & Upgrade Weapons In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - TOTK Repair Weapons? ›

All you need to do is run up to a rock octorock and drop the weapon, shield or bow that you want to repair. Run away and the rock octorock will suck up the weapon, upgrade it then launch it back at you. Watch out because it will deal damage if you get hit. Pick up your weapon and see what upgrade you got!

How do you strengthen Tork weapons? ›

Using diamonds to increase the general durability of an item — not to mention that diamonds boost the attack of your weapon by 20 points of damage — make them a incredibly valuable. So definitely consider heading back to Tarrey Town to save your diamonds if a weapon they're Fused to is about to break.

How do you repair damaged items in Totk? ›

Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as hunting down some blacksmith and paying to repair it. Instead, it requires players to track down Octoroks across the Zelda: TOTK's map that will suck up the dropped weapon and then return it, repaired.

Why won t Octorok repair weapons? ›

Unfortunately, certain weapons cannot be repaired, including any that were obtained using amiibos. Additionally, each Octorok can only repair one item, meaning that players will need to wait for them to respawn during a Blood Moon before they can make use of their weapon degradation-defying abilities again.

Is there a repair system in Tears of the Kingdom? ›

To help make up for that issue, Tears of the Kingdom includes a bona fide repair system, but even that mechanic is so limited that players can only use it once in a blue moon. Or should we say once in a Blood Moon? In order to repair a weapon in Tears of the Kingdom, you have to feed them to Rock Octoroks.

Where do you upgrade weapons in TOTK? ›

To upgrade your weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you must first look for a Rock Octorok. These creatures are scattered in the Kingdom of Hyrule, and they can help Link by repairing weapons & shields. This allows for restoring their durability to make the weapons last longer.

How do you repair the Master Sword in TOTK? ›

You will need two full stamina circles to pull the Master Sword from the Light Dragon. Simply hold the A Button down, and watch an intense cutscene play out. Once Link acquires the weapon, you will now have the repaired Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom and it is free from decay.

What is the strongest weapon in Tears of the Kingdom? ›

The Gloom Spear is arguably the strongest weapon in Tears Of The Kingdom, at least if you're a spear fan. Spears are an excellent weapon type in general and with a 40 base damage stat, this one offers unusually high damage for a poke weapon.

What is the unbreakable weapon in Zelda TotK? ›

The Master Sword is unbreakable and does not need repair.

What is the strongest shield in TotK? ›

A true icon of the entire Legend of Zelda series, the Hylian shield is without a doubt the best in the game. It has a base defense of 90, meaning it is the strongest defensive tool at Link's disposal.

How do you repair tools in Tears of the Kingdom? ›

To do this, get close to the Octorok as quickly and safely as you can. Once in you're in any kind of close proximity, the shy creature will hide under its rock shell. Now you can get right up close, select the weapon you want to be repaired and drop it beside the Octorok.

Can you fix rusty weapons in Tears of the Kingdom? ›

Unfortunately, rusty weapons can't be repaired in Tears of the Kingdom. Despite this, a Rock Octorok can give a "bonus" effect to the rusty weapon: Players can drop their rusty gear (one per Octorok) and have it inhaled by the Rock Octoroks in Eldin Region.

Do legendary weapons break in Tears of the Kingdom? ›

Nearly all weapons in Tears of the Kingdom will break after enough use, but the bond you share with your friends will not. Weapons all have different durability levels, with some breaking after just a handful of swings, while others last a lot longer.

Can Octoroks repair decayed weapons? ›

Yes, you read that right. Chuck a bow, shield, or sword at an Octorok and it will vacuum it right up into its mouth. Then, it will spit it back out at you, repaired and even buffed.

How do you repair weapons in dead maze? ›

You cant repair weapons, just recycle them in house and learn it to max, so you have better chance to craft green, blue and purple ones.

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