How To Fix Universe Mode In WWE 2k23 (2023)


WWE 2k23 News and updates keep coming there are many bugs in WWE 2k23 universe mode today we have a way to fix everyone of them, from managers to the rivalry systems, tag teams and everything in-between, this is a step to step guide on how to make everything work correctly in WWE 2k23 universe mode

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Today, I'm going to show you how to fix Universe, what yeah, that's, right.

And when I say, fixed, Universe, I mean, everything you want managers to work fixed.

You want Trio's entrances to work fix.

You want your rivalry system to work fixed.

Are you tired of Jay, Uso versus Jimmy, Uso fixed we're going over the step-by-step process of everything you need to do to fix your universe mode, 2K, wouldn't, fix it.

They continue to patch on top of a broken system.

So since they didn't I, went ahead and spent hours up on hours and I have fixed Universe for you and I'm going to show you a step-by-step guide of everything you need to do to fix Universe.

No matter what system you're on.

It will work correctly, the way it's supposed to out of the box.

So let's get started right now and show you every step-by-step process to make universe mode work in WWE, 2K, 23., WWE, 2K, 23, we're going to take a few steps and we're going to make sure it is working completely for you you.

The first thing you're going to do is fire up universe mode and start a new save pick a slot that you don't use primary.

We have three to choose from it does not matter which one that you pick but we're going to pick that universe mode and start it fresh.

Once it loads up you're going to go to calendar then you're going to pop in a new show on Wednesday make sure it is a major show if you don't need to finish this off.

This is just our starter to fix universe mode.

Once you go in there, and you start it you're going to need to put 10 Superstars.

It can be any 10 Superstars just fill it out.

So it creates it as a show the next step is what you're going to do is go in and delete Raw SmackDown NXT and all of the pay-per-views make sure it's completely clean for every month.

Once you have done that the only show that should be remaining is what's on Wednesday.

This is a very important step.

Next you're, going to go to edit universe mode, you're going to go into Champions.

And you are going to vacate every title.

Okay, every title has to be vacated.

Once you've done that we're going to go back then, you're going to pause and be like, hey, you just fix the title histories in WWE, 2K, 23.


How cool is that now I'll show you how to set them back up in a little bit.

But next we need to fix that rivalry system we're going to go to edit Superstars.

And as you see, there are superstars, and they are defaulted within who their allies are who their tag team is who their managers are who the rivals are we're going to go ahead and delete your allies, your manager and your Rivals do not delete.

The tag teams do not delete the tag teams, delete your allies, your enemies, and your manager we're going to go through and you're going to save after each one of these we're going to clear it completely out save on just your Universe slot on the universe slot that you picked save on that do not save for the rest of the game save on that Universe slot.

Once you've done that it's going to take about probably 15 to 20 minutes of real world time for you to go through, depending on who you have unlocked and who you don't as you if you have not completed the game, and you are still unlocking Superstars once you unlock that Superstar, you want to come into universe mode and delete out their default allies and Rivals immediately before you go to your next show, however, once you go down and complete everybody out and save to that universe mode, it should look like this as everyone is completely edited out.

Congratulations, you have just fixed the Rivalry section and I'll show you why in just a moment after we've done that we're going to go over to tag teams.

There are a couple of default tag teams that do work, and that just need edited.


Now, we're going to mess with the tag team entrances, a little bit we're going to go over to tag teams.

And there are a few ones that just need to be tweaked a little bit Kaden, Carter, Katana chance.

They come out as separate all you got to do is go down and put them in as come out together.

And their entrance is there.

You can pop that into universe mode, and it will work correctly.

Toxic attraction will work correctly.

You just have to change it to from separate to together put their entrance in also, if you do have a Mandy claw, and you go ahead and download her and pop her in, she will go ahead and work.

Now with the trios, toxic attraction, entrance, team's going, you got your show cleaned out for your allies, all your Rivals would work.

Now let's put the titles to work back together and make sure Universe goes back together correctly.

Universe mode, why it is your sandbox is defaulted out, because of the way they keep building on it.

So as much as you want to put all the custom shows on this day and this day, that's, what bugs the universe mode.

What you want to do now is go back to your calendar.

You want to add go to Monday and add Raw Back.

You want to hit Uh custom show, and it will give you do.

You want to make your own custom show or do you want to make Raw SmackDown NXT.

You want to put raw on Monday.

You want to put NXT on Tuesday, and you want to put SmackDown on Friday.

Once you've done that save right there.

Go back out to the main menu.

Once you do that go back in all your titles are there in those slots, all of your shows are in the correct slots now to make sure that rivalries work 100 of the time you want to go to your ples, and you want to put them on the fourth week.

Every time to start once this is all complete I will show you exactly how to edit it custom the way you want it.

So it will continue to work, but you have to do these steps first, or it will blow up the save.

So you want to go through all of the months and on the last on the fourth week, that's, where you want all your main pay-per-views for Raw and SmackDown on the third week is where you want all of your pay-per-views for NXT.

Once you've completed that, and your universe mode looks like you have the entire calendar set out save your game and go back now reload that save.

And now that you've loaded that save your universe mode is completely workable.

You can go through here and then set up.

This shows the way you want.

If you change the main titles, though on if you're using Raw and SmackDown and NXT, and you change your main titles, and you change the slots that they are in, it will change who your Universe Champions are right out the gate.

So if you that doesn't bother you then you can go ahead and put them in the slots that you want.

If it does bother, you leave all the default championships where they are use the sixth and seventh slot to add if you're going to add the 24 7 title, or in my case, I added, the European title back to SmackDown.

You can go ahead and do that, but use it in the last couple of slots.

Once you've completed that universe mode will work correctly.

We have then simmed together.

We went a year.

And what happens is is with your rivalry system as you go through the years it now works correctly.

You each Superstar will gain enemies and allies based on the story lines that you put them in, or that universe mode puts them in.

And as those rivalries die, those managers and or those allies, and those Rivals will change based on what they're going through at the time of the storyline no longer will they be locked and that's, what hiccups the cut scenes and everything that you were getting in universe mode.

But now for the big elephant in the room, what about managers? Yes, there is a way to make the managers work correctly.

We've deleted them all out.

So no one has a manager in your universe mode right now with the exception of the NWO, if you have them unlocked, the NWO will always keep a fourth member for some reason, it's, six and Kevin Nash cannot be deleted.

The reason why is is that the universe mode is set up for you to only have three managers if you have them, however, they added the fourth managers to make things look, pretty with bloodline and NWO, but they didn't actually add a slot in universe.

So Universe does not recognize it that's.

Why you are having problems with it.

But now I want to talk about the managers how to fix the manager.

So we don't have this foreign, and you get the correct entrance for who you want.

So this is exactly how to set up managers to make them work correctly every time why because whose game is it, oh, having the correct managers that is the biggest hiccup in the universe mode for a lot of people.

And this is exactly how you fix it.

When you started out, you cleared out all of everyone's managers.

So you have it blank.

Now when you go to custom match card, you have to go to the first slot, you go to the first slot and we're going to use carrying cross.

And you want to then assign Scarlett as his manager by editing the match when you do that universe mode only recognizes the first slot on the left side as a manager.

You have to put that in first once you do that it registers correctly, the Superstar and the manager.

Then you can go to the second slot and add who you want and their manager save their.

You know, save that match.

Once you go into your show, then you can pick which one you were going to play, or you can simulate it, and you will get the correct manager entrance every time for both Superstars.

But you have to set the left side or slot one.

First every time, if you do it differently, or if you sign a manager in universe mode to that Superstar, it will not work.

Also, you can play as the manager by switching to the manager.

It brings back manager controls.

And you are able to control that manager anytime or any way that you want.

Once you start the match up, which I find is pretty awesome that you can still play as a manager in WWE 2K 23., also for the bloodline.

The bloodline is tied to Paul Heyman for Roman to get his double title, entrance in universe, or his single title entrance.

It is tied to Paul Heyman.

So you have to select Paul Heyman as his manager.

Also, this still Brock Lesnar's entrance is still in the game.

So if you want Brock and Paul to have their entrance, you have to select Paul Heyman.

First every time by adding double superstars, it does not work.

It will default out.

So you have to add in the first slot and the manager you want second slot.

The manager you want then when you're playing the match, you can pick who you actually want to be, and it will not affect it doing it.

This way will also trigger the correct cut scenes.

When a manager is there, and you will get unseen cut scenes that aren't on the list that are exclusive to the bloodline exclusive to edge for whatever reason and exclusive to just having a manager there in your deal overall.

It will take you about 30 minutes worth of work to reset everything.

But by doing this, you are then able to once you have that save you can now copy that to another Universe slot.

So if you leave like I used Universe slot, three I used it set it up before I started all my shows Once I, got it completed I left.

It alone, I copied that to universe mode 2 and that's is what I play with if I decide that I want to create a new universe later, I, just delete.

It go back to three and copy it over to the new spot.

So I don't have to reset this up every time I want to use a universe mode.

I've gone through over 10 years in universe mode.

And it hasn't messed up at all doing this.

The managers work correctly.

The story lines are working fantastically.

And it is a lot of fun.

Also there is no more rivalry system where it's going to be Jay, Uso versus Jimmy, Uso or Kevin, Owens versus Sami Zayn.

If they're in a tag team, the universe works correctly.

Now and lets you do the way it should it should have worked like this out of the box, but it didn't because 2K just keeps pasting old universe and new data on top of it and that's.

Why it's not working this fix will work for WWE 2K17, 18, 19, 20 and 22.

If you follow these steps, it will work for all of those shows, it will not work for 16.

I could not get it to work at all that's when they started bringing in the new stuff for the next-gen systems.

But let me know in the comments below what problems you are having with the universe and did this help you out if it did.

Can you hit that like button for me and hit that subscribe button.

It really helps the Channel I want to get this message out to everybody.

Because this is a problem for the community.

Everyone needs to see this so that they can have a universe mode that should work, not what 2K gave us.

And if you're looking for more WWE 2K content on how to do things in wrestling games, check out those videos, right? There remember make life your Beats we'll, see on the next video.

Thank you.


How To Fix Universe Mode In WWE 2k23? ›

Universe mode puts every Superstar, show, and title match in your hands, granting you the power to make career-altering decisions and orchestrate the biggest spectacles in sports entertainment.

How does universe mode work 2K23? ›

Universe mode puts every Superstar, show, and title match in your hands, granting you the power to make career-altering decisions and orchestrate the biggest spectacles in sports entertainment.

Does WWE 2K23 have online universe mode? ›

The Universe mode has been a staple in WWE 2K for quite a while and once again makes its appearance in 2K23.

How do you get good universe mode in WWE 2K22? ›

Table of Contents
  1. 1) Build a New Promotion.
  2. 2) Keep Notes of Everything.
  3. 3) Use Your Imagination for Storylines.
  4. 4) Don't Play Too Realistically.
  5. 5) Get Legends Involved.
  6. 6) Simulate by One Year.
  7. 7) Play With Friends or Family.
May 15, 2022

Is WWE 2k23 Universe mode worth it? ›

Universe Mode is back in WWE 2K23 and is as good as ever. It has become a fan-favorite over the years for fans that want to sink their time into a mode that allows them to control everything happening in WWE. Admittedly, not a whole lot has changed from WWE 2K22 to now.

What is free mode in WWE 2k23 universe mode? ›

With the momentum resource enabled by default on Universe Mode, there's a separate Free mode where players can just do whatever they want, momentum-free. In this mode, players have full control of their Universe, and can absolutely dictate what their wrestlers will do, how they will react, and who will win matches.

Why can't i play WWE 2K23 online? ›

The most common reason behind WWE 2K23's “online not working” issue is a network error. This can also be caused by a server hiccup on the developer's side. However, the issue can have causes spanning beyond a network or server glitch.

Is WWE 2K23 better than 2K22? ›

WWE2K23 had a surprising amount of expectations attached to it; this was largely because its predecessor 2K22 came after a year-long hiatus from the franchise and made tangible improvements that made the game a better all-around package for players.

What faction is MyRise 2K23? ›

WWE 2K23's MyRise game mode will give players the choice of entering one of two legendary factions: Evolution and The Hurt Business.

Why is my universe not working in WWE 2K22? ›

Update the game

It's important to ensure that you have installed the latest updates for WWE 2K22. Outdated versions of the game can sometimes cause Universe mode crashes or not loading issues. Check for any available updates and install them before attempting to play the Universe mode.

How do you end rivalry in WWE 2k23? ›

According to MyGM if you do a submission match it will end rivalries.

Does WWE 2K23 have elimination chamber? ›

WWE 2K23 has four different versions of the cage match to play. There is Hell in a Cell, The Elimination Chamber, the new addition of WarGames, and the classic Steel Cage Match. The Cage Match is one of the oldest in wrestling and the most brutal match types players can choose.

How to do the cody cutter in 2K23? ›

Springboard Cody Cutter To Ringside
  1. During the match, throw the opponent to the outside of the ring.
  2. Stand on the apron outside the ropes and press and hold LB/L1 and then press X/Square to hit the Springboard Cutter to the outside.
Mar 20, 2023

What is the first count lock in WWE 2K23? ›

First Count Lock: When on, this setting forces the count of one, but reduces the chances of kicking out. Human Finisher Values: Lower the value to make it easier to kick out of finisher moves. Players can make additional finishing moves harder to kick out of for realism.

What is the best mode in NBA 2K23? ›

MyTeam. This is the ultimate single player fantasy game mode for NBA 2K23. Players are acquired via cards you collect by either grinding for them, bidding on them in the auction house, or by getting lucky when opening packs.

What does space creator do in 2K23? ›

Increases a player's ability to both hit shots after creating space from the defender, as well as cross up an opponent on step-back moves.

How do you start a rivalry in WWE 2K23 Universe mode? ›

The player must get their chosen superstar's momentum advantage in the rivalry. Creating the first rivalry will also trigger the Battle of Rivals Trophy/Achievement in WWE 2K23. Press the R3/RS button to access the Rivalry Actions screen. Players can choose the action category to gain momentum in the rivalry.

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