Five of Pentacles Tarot Card (2024)

Key meanings (Upright): Hardship, loss, isolation, feeling abandoned, adversity, struggle, unemployment, alienation, disgrace.

Key meanings (Reversed): Positive changes, recovery from loss, overcoming adversity, forgiveness, feeling welcomed.

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Five of Pentacles is a tarot card that represents difficulty, similarly to the fives of the various suits. It depicts two people strolling through the snow outside. In addition to being chilly, individuals are also sick, destitute, exhausted, and hungry. They appear to be deficient in the essentials of existence. The two folks are relatable to a large number of people in various ways. Although the other character in the card has a scarf covering her head, one of the people in the card is using crutches. She is traversing the snow without shoes. The five pentacles are depicted in a window of stained glass on a dark wall in the backdrop, which alludes to a possible church.

The Five of Pentacles is generally not a good card since it denotes difficulty, rejection, or a bad turn of events. When it emerges, you could feel as though everything is fighting you and nothing is going in your direction. It could represent misfortune, hardship, or adversity. This Minor Arcana card represents homelessness, unemployment, estrangement, and poverty. It may also symbolise disease, divorce, breakups, or scandals that are upsetting your life. If you find yourself feeling alienated, first keep in mind that this is simply a temporary circ*mstance, and then consider asking for any available assistance or aid.

There is assistance available to you. Take it, regardless of whether it comes in the manner of moral encouragement from family members or friends cash aid from welfare benefits, or even the compassion of strangers. Nothing lasts forever, and this struggle will also end. The Five of Pentacles is typically a sign of terrible luck. Do not worry, though; according to where it is positioned in the reading, it may alter.

Five of Pentacles (Upright)

Upright Five of Pentacles tarot card meaning

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card (1)

The upright Five of Pentacles represents a loss of money and destitution. You've had difficult times, particularly concerning your job, career, cash, and material belongings. It's possible that you recently lost your house, employment, or financial stability. You no more feel secure since everything has been taken from you with a single strike. Since achievement and financial success are frequently correlated, losing either may be a humiliating setback to your identity and confidence in yourself. Your vanity could also be hurt. The fact that this is a Minor Arcana card with transient effects is a plus because a Major Arcana card has a long-term effect. This will also pass.

The upright Five of Pentacles suggests that you feel alone and alone at this crucial moment. You experience a similar sense of being abandoned as the two individuals in the card. "Why is no one coming to aid me!" could be on your mind. It could seem like nobody is interested anymore. Help is close by because the church's windows are illuminated, but you are simply too preoccupied with your issues to realise it. When you genuinely need help, you should be assertive and demand it. You could be waiting for somebody to arrive and assist you. You must swallow your ego or overcome your fear of being rejected to reach out. There are people here to help you.

The Five of Pentacles occasionally draws attention to a "lack of attitude." Because you only concentrate on what you don't have, you are hindering your capacity to produce plenty. You can only observe what is incorrect. Find proof of what you have, even if it's very little or seems minor, and express your thankfulness for those benefits in your life to shift this energy. The advantages will progressively increase, and eventually "lack" and "not having" will become a memory of the past.

Love and Relationship (Upright)

The upright Five of Pentacles is a bad omen to acquire in a romance Tarot reading. If you are in a partnership, it may be a sign that you are having issues with feeling abandoned, overlooked, or unwanted by your partner. Your companion can reject you or leave you all alone, and in the worst-case scenario, this could imply a breakdown, separation, or divorce. It may also be a sign of scandal, illegitimate offspring, or being involved in a connection that your peers view as immoral or dishonourable. However, it may only be a sign that both you and your spouse are having relationship difficulties due to unresolved financial or health concerns. If you care about each other, you must choose to work together rather than apart. The Five of Pentacles, if it appears to you while you are single, may represent feelings of rejection or be ignored by a potential partner. It may also just stand for the difficulties that come with being a solitary parent.

Existing partnerships can also experience feelings of loneliness or shortage, whether they originate from inside the relationship or from outside of it. It may be difficult for lovers to be emotionally intimate with their partners or to have open communication, which causes them to put up a wall between them. Additionally problematic may be depression. This card may occasionally indicate a lack of economic stability, which may strain your love connections. Even though it may be challenging, it is more crucial than ever to stick together rather than drifting away.

Finance (Upright)

The Five of Pentacles might signify brief financial troubles in a financial situation, so when it shows up, be prepared for tight finances. It can also indicate severe financial losses, famine, homelessness, bankruptcy, or financial devastation in its most dire form. When money arises, treat it with extreme caution. It is a notice to put economic protective measures in to ensure your financial stability if it shows up in a future position. The Five of Pentacles represents adversity with money. Money is quite tight right now, so you'll need to stretch your dollars and pinch pennies. This card can occasionally, and in the worst case, also indicate financial loss, thus you might also be struggling with debt, insolvency, or evictions.

Whatever the circ*mstance, don't allow pride to prevent you from seeking assistance. If you need to, seek food banks and charity; there ought to be no embarrassment in doing so as everyone experiences difficult financial circ*mstances. You might wish to begin building emergency savings if you can. The upright Five of Pentacles somehow doesn't signify a good financial omen since it symbolises poor personal finances, a reliance on wealth, and poverty. When it shows up, it may suggest that you've been excessively superficial, pampered, or materialistic, or even that you are striving to accumulate wealth or goods while being thrifty. Possible representations include the one who is subtly seeking to harm you out of resentment for your professional standing.

Career (Upright)

The upright Five of Pentacles is not considered a positive omen in a professional Tarot spread since it might indicate business failure, job loss, or bankruptcy. Your dependence on social assistance, which may be hurting your confidence or stressing you out, may result in losing your employment or business. Alternatively, you can be struggling at work but not see any alternative options, or you might feel alone or exclude from your coworkers. Whatever the scenario, try to have a good attitude and focus on looking for solutions because the problem won't endure forever.

The upright Five of Pentacles appearing in a professional or business setting might be problematic. You can be experiencing a challenging situation at work, such as losing your job or starting to feel alone and forsaken by coworkers or managers. You could experience discrimination from others and have trouble interacting socially and in office politics. You could be having trouble if you operate a business. Your mental health may be negatively impacted by all of these problems, and the situation may get worse. If you think that nothing will change, you might be inclined to begin your search for a new position.

Health (Upright)

The Five of Pentacles might represent a time of disease or health problems in a medical Tarot spread. Other aspects of your life might have contributed to these health problems. For instance, if you are experiencing financial difficulty, you may discover that you get stress-related ailments or just become exhausted from worrying about it. It is crucial to make an effort to look after your health if you are dealing with hardship in your life. So, consider setting aside some time each day to centre yourself and meditate. The upright Five of Pentacles may indicate that something is keeping you from experiencing true fulfilment. This may convey a heartless, all-consuming narcissism. If that's the issue, then turning toward your true inner spirit will help you discover pleasure.

The Five of Pentacles suggests that you may be having a difficult time spiritually and may feel like the universe is conspiring to your disadvantage or that you are unlucky. To get through this difficult period, reach out to individuals close to you and embrace the assistance that is offered. Remember that it is frequently through our struggles that our strengths are revealed, so take advantage of whatever lessons you may learn and keep in mind that this time in your life won't stay forever.

Five of Pentacles (Reversed)

Reversed Five of Pentacles tarot card meaning

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card (2)

Reversed The Five of Pentacles signifies an end to challenging circ*mstances, especially if you have lately had a significant financial setback or job loss. Someone may have volunteered to assist you until you get back onto your feet, or you could find new employment opportunities or money sources. You could be recovering your confidence and feeling like life is worth enjoying once again. Your optimism is restored when you finally find a solution to your financial problems.

The Five of Pentacles in reverse might occasionally shed light on the endurance of inner, psychic deprivation. If something seems to be missing or wholly out of place, but you can't quite put your mind on what it could be, it probably is. Even when surrounded by a large group of people, you could still feel alone and alienated. If you give it some more thought, you could discover that you have disregarded your spiritual health in favour of your financial prosperity. Particularly when it regards to wealth and materialistic belongings, you can worry that you don't have "enough" and that you are unworthy since you are not affluent.

It's possible that you believe you don't deserve pricey, luxurious stuff or that you probably couldn't obtain the things you desire. Should you spend your cash today, you could be concerned that you won't have enough afterwards. Or perhaps you spend most of your money on unimportant items, leaving little money for the things you desire. Yes, things may be bad presently, but if you catch yourself thinking with a poverty mindset, stop for a minute and evaluate if the statement "I can't afford that" is true or just a limiting perception. Have faith that the Universe will provide for your financial needs, particularly if you are pursuing your mission and your soul's destiny. When something is genuinely important to you, you'll make it happen.

Love and Relationship (Reversed)

The Five of Pentacles reversed in a romance Tarot reading is a wonderful sign to get. Being in a relationship may be a sign that you are conquering past challenges. Making improvements and enhancing the connection gradually might be one way to do it. Deciding to end a relationship that is no longer healthy for you can also be interpreted in this way. This card suggests that if your partnership first generated a scandal, those close to you will likely start to tolerate it more. In a love Tarot deck, the Five of Pentacles reversed is a good card to draw if you are single since it denotes that you are emerging from a period of loneliness.

You'll be changing your life for the better and experiencing much more receptive to the love opportunities all around you. You're prepared to go into a new romance and risk falling in love. Other people will be drawn to you by this pleasant vibe. Maybe the solitude, rejection, and hopelessness are nearing an end. As a result of your efforts to overcome challenging situations, the reversed Five of Pentacles tarot romance interpretation might indicate that your connection or your chances of finding love are increasing once more. You can make consistent progress at reigniting your relationship or becoming more approachable when challenges lessen.

Finance (Reversed)

The Five of Pentacles reversed in a financial situation might signify overcoming difficulties or losses, repayment of debts, and achieving financial stability after a time of turbulence. The most challenging part is finally behind you! You can be recuperating from economic damage gradually, piece by piece. You could be making debt payments or replenishing your emergency reserve following a significant loss. If you have plans to purchase, sell, or construct a property, it will be a great experience for everyone involved. You are currently on the correct track for planning your perfect future, whether you are establishing a business in real estate or your dream house. If you persist, you'll probably return to a position of financial stability. The worst has passed.

Additionally, you will be gifted with a wealth of inventiveness, which you may utilise to raise your riches and ensure your long-term survival. You are safe inside your zone and won't need assistance from outsiders, which is a beneficial development right now given that you are aware of the difficulties that arise when one is confronted with a crisis or a lack. However, since you have sufficiently protected yourself, you do not need to worry about any of those things at this moment. Now that you are secure enough, you may treat your loved ones to things and pay back everyone who has ever helped you during tough times.

Career (Reversed)

The Five of Pentacles reversed in a professional Tarot reading is a much better sign since it might indicate a business's comeback or a return to occupation. This card suggests that the fight is gone and possibilities will soon reveal themselves when you have been getting caught in a job rut owing to a shortage of opportunities. Your career will gain momentum, and there is a good probability that you will expand significantly shortly. You are experiencing an uptick in creativity and knowledge, and when you carry out your ideas, you are greeted with success and gratitude from others involved in your effort.

You are now feeling the need to be enthusiastic about your line of work and to devote all of your attention to expanding and growing your company. The best moment to begin a new endeavour based on a concept you have been toying with for some time is right now since, if the plan is carried out correctly, the only thing you will encounter is good fortune. The reversed Five of Pentacles might indicate that there is hope if your job or company has been experiencing difficulties. It's conceivable that everything will get back to normal. You may have discovered new employment that appreciates you for the work you do, or difficult circ*mstances may finally be resolved. Keep an eye out for any chances.

Health (Reversed)

If you've been having health issues or ailments, the reversed Five of Pentacles in a health Tarot reading may symbolise a diagnosis or therapy. Even if your health doesn't improve right away as a result of this assessment or treatment regimen, you should feel more at ease knowing what is wrong and that you have a strategy in place to cope with it. Nevertheless, this Minor Arcana card can also suggest recuperation or enhancements in fitness or well-being when it is in the reversed position. In a health reading, this card is often a good sign.

This card is a sign that all your hopes are about to come true and that you or your companion will soon become pregnant if you've been striving to have a family for a while and are hoping for a kid in your life. Reversed Five of Pentacles suggests that your fortunes are increasing and that you have overcome a difficult spiritual period. Your confidence in the love of the universe for your sake is being restored, and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Consider how you might assist people in need by applying the fortitude and knowledge you have gained from your trials.

Five of Pentacles: One card Pull

One card pull is performed when you want to have straight to the point and quick answers. It is for the time when you wish to know specific answers, in the form of Yes or No. So, getting a one-card pull is always helpful if you are going through any tough situation or are stuck in a dilemma. Post shuffling the card, you can choose one from the deck. Depending on your question, you shall get the answer to the question. The results for one card pulled in the Five of Pentacles tarot card are:

Upright position: If you get the pulled card in the upright position, it indicates No as an answer.

Reversed position: If you get the pulled card in the reversed position, it indicates Yes as an answer.

Five of Pentacles Card for Timing

It's time to control your feelings so you can advance. You need to have your capabilities and potential, yet you also need to have guts and confidence in yourself. You shouldn't let your fear of humiliation or failure prevent you from realising your potential. That promotion is available to you if you want it. Make your presence clear if you're being ignored. If you've ever wanted to be your boss, think about doing so. Right now, you ought to widen your heart even further. All of these are great possibilities, as are doing charity work and meditation.

The freedom from all restraints and re-discovery of your identity symbolised by this card will help you to inhabit the present moment without being preoccupied with the past. The Five of Pentacles predicts that a strong sense of nostalgia will first turn inside before growing. This incident could take place in the coming weeks or months.

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card (2024)


What is the advice of the five of Pentacles? ›

Five of Pentacles as Sage Advice

Don't be your own enemy, listen to your gut, treat yourself with kindness and don't be harder on yourself than you would be on others. Don't allow worries to completely consume your life. Trust that all bad things must pass and there will be a lift in your situation soon after.

Is the five of Pentacles yes or no? ›

5 PENTACLES Answer: No, only through a crisis. This is a map of incompatibility, discomfort, loss of something valuable to you; the reason is the loss of stability connected with a spiritual source or your higher self.

Which Tarot cards indicate success? ›

In tarot readings, certain cards are believed to symbolize fame, achievement, and success. These cards include The Star, The World, The Six of Wands, and The Ten of Pentacles. Drawing these cards in a reading may suggest a period of recognition, accomplishment, and prosperity.

What does number 5 mean in Tarot cards? ›

Waite's 1910 book Pictorial Key to the Tarot, the Hierophant card carries several divinatory associations: 5. THE HIEROPHANT. --Marriage, alliance, captivity, servitude; by another account, mercy, and goodness; inspiration; the man to whom the Querent has recourse.

What is the five of cups advice? ›

Five of Cups in a Reading

It signifies a period of healing and growth, urging you to release negative emotions and focus on new opportunities. This card encourages self-forgiveness, openness to change, and the willingness to let go of the past.

What is the 5th Tarot card reading? ›

The Hierophant Tarot Card is the fifth card in the major arcana deck. People often call him the teacher or the Pope. It's usually linked to the Taurus zodiac sign. This card shows a guy who's all about religion and spirituality.

What does the Pentacles mean in tarot? ›

As with all the Aces, the Ace of Pentacles symbolises a beginning and something new being offered. This will often be a new source of money coming to someone. It is usually extra regular money of some description. It can indicate new opportunities leading to increased prosperity.

How do you tell if a tarot card is a yes or a no? ›

In case you're just starting out with a YES NO tarot reading keep it basic. If the Tarot card is upright, you've got a Yes. If it's reversed, it's a No. To use this technique, make sure your deck has a balanced mix of upright and reversed cards.

What is the queen of Pentacles? ›

The upright queen of pentacles signifies someone down-to-earth, who takes responsibility for many roles in the care for her family. Representing a mature female or feminine presence, the receiver of the upright queen of pentacles has central focus on childcare and wellbeing.

What is the most prosperous card in tarot? ›

Card 'Ace of Pentacles'

In the traditional tarot deck, this card depicts a hand holding a golden coin. Despite its simplicity, the meaning of this card is highly positive. When this card appears, it signifies that you are embarking on a new journey in life, especially related to prosperity.

Which tarot card is powerful? ›

In almost all tarot games, the Fool is one of the most valuable cards.

What is the most lucky tarot card? ›

Wheel of Fortune is one of 78 cards in a tarot deck and is the tenth trump or Major Arcana card in most tarot decks.

Why is 5 a powerful number? ›

Numerology Number 5 is associated with the ruling planet Mercury. It is considered to be a good number that brings good luck in life, and those who belong to this number are intelligent, adventurous, and have good communication skills. However, their negative traits include talking too much and overconfidence.

What does five of coins mean in tarot guide? ›

Common interpretation

The Five of Coins, or the Five of Pentacles is a card when upright means to lose all faith, losing resources, losing a lover (mostly shows up when you've had a breakup), and losing security whether financially or emotionally (or both).

What is the life path number 5 in tarot? ›

5s are inherent free spirts, restless souls, and adventurers. They're always looking for the next quest or horizon to chase. This is a life path that will keep you on the move, always— physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

What is the five of wands advice? ›

On a spiritual level, the Five of Wands indicates inner conflicts and struggles that may impede your spiritual growth. It is essential to find harmony within yourself and let go of negative influences that hinder your progress. Embrace self-reflection and seek ways to align your actions with your spiritual path.

What is the 5 of pentacle? ›

Common interpretation. The Five of Coins, or the Five of Pentacles is a card when upright means to lose all faith, losing resources, losing a lover (mostly shows up when you've had a breakup), and losing security whether financially or emotionally (or both).

What is the ace of Pentacles advice? ›

If you're asking about a potential investment, the Ace of Pentacles says: go for it! Same if you are inquiring about a new job, financial offer, or relationship. Aces are often an affirmative. This card can also advise to give as much as you can.

What is the pentacle element in Tarot cards? ›

It is derived from the suit of coins in Italian and Spanish card playing packs. In occult uses of tarot, Coins is considered part of the "Minor Arcana", and may alternately be known as "Pentacles", though this has no basis in its original use for card games.

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