Daisy In The Sky | S1 E15 | Full Episode | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse | @disneyjunior (2023)


In this episode of Mickey Mouse Club House we focus on Donald & Daisy Duck! Daisy is in The Sky in this episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior! And check out more videos with Mickey and friends here: www.youtube.com/playlist

Mickey Mouse and his lovable band of friends embark on exciting play along capers and invite kids at home to help them solve problems and overcome obstacles.

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Hey, everybody it's me mickey mouse say, you want to come inside my clubhouse.

Well all right let's.


Oh, I almost forgot to make the clubhouse appear.

We get to say the magic words, misca, mooska, mickey mouse say it with me, misca mooska, mickey mouse, it's, the mickey mouse clubhouse, come inside it's from inside it's.

The right here, it's, the mickey mouse clubhouse, daisy in the sky.

Welcome to our clubhouse.

Everybody it's, my pal pluto, say, what's, he holding in his mouth balloons, right? Gee, I wonder where he got those balloons, hey, mickey, hi, you goofy great news.

Professor von drake is giving away balloons.

Oh boy lead the way fellas.

Happy balloon day.

Wow, that's.

A pretty swell machine.

You've got there professor that's.

My inflatarific balloon-o-matic have some won't you gosh.

Thanks professor.

Ah, look.


Donald duck.

Now, hold still donald and say, cheese.

Hello, donald.

Oh hello.


Would you mind if I borrowed your balloons? I want to take my picture with all the balloons.






Mickey minnie.

Pluto, may I borrow your balloons too? Why not okey-dokey? Why? Thank you that's too.

Many balloons, oh, no she's, getting carried away already.

I can't reach they're, too high.

Are you guys all right? Yes, uh-huh but we're going to need some help getting back down? Yep, just a little help.

Oh good heavens.

She has broken newton's law.

And even ludwig von der, I can't fix that will you help us rescue? Minnie, daisy and pluto.

Hot dog, come on let's go to the mousekadoor and get some mousekatool oscar.

Hey, oscar, hi moscow.

Oscar ready master set here.

We go you're a thinking and a solvent working through her mask of me master.

You musketeer.

Oscar me master, you musketeer, misca, muska, a beach ball, a giant candy cane a party horn.

And the mystery mouse get tool that's, a surprise tool that can help us later.

It's doodle.

Hi here tooties toodles is gonna bring us our mouth to tools when we need them.

Come on.

Everybody let's go get minnie, daisy and pluto.

Right behind me say, do you see minnie, daisy and pluto you do where there they are and they're flying to mickey park come on gorge.

How are we gonna reach those balloons? I can maybe one of our mousekatools can help us.

Everybody say, oh doodles there.

He is a beach ball, a giant candy cane a party horn.

And the mystery mousekatool can a beach ball help us reach all the way up to our friends, nah a beach ball, can't bounce high enough, but can a giant candy cane help us sure it can if it's really long that is let's, try it to reach the balloons we're gonna need our tallest friend to hold up the candy cane now, who's, the tallest donald goofy or me, goofy's the tallest right? Ah, here we come.

Oh, get ready here you go.

Goofy, whoa.

Oh, goofy needs a hand, lifting that giant candy cane let's, help him out reach your hands up high now reach your hands up higher.

Finally, reach highest of all.

We got right pal.

We still have to rescue minnie and daisy look they're heading to the lighthouse.


We better get to the lighthouse fast.

Do you see anything that will help us get to the lighthouse fast? You see a bicycle where carrying house come on fellas let's ride.

The bike help us pedal everybody put your feet out in front of you and pedal pedal pedal animal alert.

Oh that's a big idea.

We need something loud to warn the animals that we're coming.

Why don't we check our mousekey noodles? I mean, no maskatools, you betcha, goofy, everybody say, oh toodles here.

He comes a beach ball, a party horn and the mystery mousekatool, which mousekatool can we use to warn the animals? The party horn? Right? We got ears say, cheers, all right now we can warn the animals and look there's chip and dale help me honk the horn to warn chip and dale, everybody say, honk, honk, wow.

We made it past chip and dale, which animals are next chickens, right? Three of them.

So let's, honk, three times.

We made it past all the chickens, good honking.

Everybody, right? Where are they do? You see minnie and daisy, right there? They are.

We better hurry.

Help us pedal really fast.

We got to the lighthouse before minnie and daisy look an elevator hot dog.

If I take that elevator to the top of the lighthouse, I can reach minnie and daisy when they fly by that's a real hum, dare of an idea there mickey, but how does it go up? Well, if we put something heavy on the left side of the elevator it'll, make the right side go up, oh, hmm.

But we don't have anything that's heavy.

Not you pluto.

How about a mousekatool? Yeah, everybody say, oh toodles.


What do we have that's really heavy is a beach ball, really heavy.

Nah beach balls are light.

Oh, this means it's time for the mystery mousekatool, everybody say, mystery, mousekatool, wow, it's.

A piggy bank is a piggy bank full of coins really heavy.

Yeah, sure it is.

We got ears say, cheers, careful donald.

This bank is very heavy.

Remember, we have to put the coins on that side of the elevator to make this side.

Go up it's working.


Oh, look here.

Come minnie.

And daisy, we better hurry.

Fellas, throw more coins.

How about if we throw ten coins up that's, a great idea, goofy? Instead of adding one coin at a time, we can add ten coins at a time let's count by tens good counting everybody I'm, almost at the top just a few more coins.

Fellas, of course, we're out of coins, my dumbbell heavy, ain't, it that's perfect now toss it.

It up nice going everybody here we go help me reach up high put your hands up in the air and reach up high with me now reach up higher help me catch minnie reach up the highest of all hooray.

We got minnie.

Thank you mickey.

Thank you.

Everyone don't.

Forget about me, oh, my goodness daisy's, floating to the ferris wheel.

Come on let's.

Go rescue.

Daisy help us pedal everybody pedal as fast as you can pedal pedal pedal power.

We made it to the ferris wheel before daisy, oh, hi pete that's.

My name price of admission is my game now to get in you have to shoot one basket each and blast the goods while you sure thing pete, no problem, you have a ball for us to use.

Uh, nope.

Oh, we need something to shoot a basket with say, what about one of them mousky, little doohickeys, great idea, goofy let's, check our mousekatools, everybody say, oh toodles.

Can we use a beach ball to shoot a basket? I think so let's try it.

We used all our mouseket tools say, super chairs, would you help me toss the ball into the basket reach your hands out in front of you aim for the basket and toss the ball? Hmm? Well, that's one down two to go.

You can do it goofy help goofy toss the ball into the basket reach your hands out aim for the basket and toss the ball.

Oh, that's, two down one to go got it here you go.

Hey, guys over here.

You can do it donald help donald toss the ball into the basket reach your hands out aim for the basket and toss the ball.

We did it.

Thanks for helping everybody.

Well, okay, you can enter, but a single file please to reach the top we have to go from number 10, all the way up to number 20.

So count with me from 10 to 20 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

All right you did it.

We made it to the top of the ferris wheel.

Good, counting everybody.

Now help me reach up and catch daisy now reach higher.

And now reach highest of all now catch daisy catcher.

I knew you wouldn't.

Let me down, oh, shucks.

Thanks for rescuing me, everybody and I'm.


I took all the balloons for myself it's, much better to share with your friends and to get so carried away.

And I know just what to do with these balloons.

Oh better be careful.

Daisy I'm gonna share them with my friends.

Here you go mickey minnie, pluto, donald goofy.

And this one's for you come on.

Everybody let's do the master dance.

Now we we had a great time today, saving our friends from floating away.

We used a giant candy cane to rescue pluto.

We used a party horn to warn the animals that we were coming.

We used coins from a piggy bank to weigh down one side of an elevator and lift me to the top of the lighthouse 50 coins, and we use the beach ball to shoot baskets.

So I could ride the ferris wheel that was so much fun.

Mickey mouse.

See you real soon you.


Daisy In The Sky | S1 E15 | Full Episode | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse | @disneyjunior? ›

Daisy Duck is a supporting character in the Disney Channel animated series Mickey Mouse. She was designed by animator Paul Rudish and is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Is there a Daisy in Mickey Mouse? ›

Daisy Duck is a supporting character in the Disney Channel animated series Mickey Mouse. She was designed by animator Paul Rudish and is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Who is the voice of Daisy Duck in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? ›

What episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is Daisy's birthday? ›

Episode 065: Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland.

Who is Daisy in Minnie Mouse? ›

Pets. Daisy Duck is an anthropomorphic duck who first appeared in the 1940 short Mr. Duck Steps Out. A stylish prima-donna, Daisy is the girlfriend of Donald Duck, and the best friend of Minnie Mouse.

Is Daisy Duck Donald's sister? ›

According to Rosa, Daisy is Donald's sister-in-law – Daisy's brother had married Donald's twin sister, Della Duck, and together, the two became the parents of Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck.

Is Daisy married to Donald Duck? ›

Daisy Duck is a cartoon character created in 1940 by Walt Disney Productions as the girlfriend of Donald Duck. Daisy Duck Donald Duck's girlfriend had her debut as Donna Duck in Don Donald (1937), but was first known as Daisy in Mr. Duck Steps Out (1940). She made 14 film appearances.

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