Cricut Vinyl Storage Ideas - How to Organize and Store Craft Vinyl (2024)

These Cricut vinyl storage ideas may be just the thing you’re looking for if vinyl is taking over your craft space. These storage solutions will help you keep a nicely organized craft space and give you lots of ideas for spaces of any size.

Having an influx of rolls of vinyl is common when you’re an avid Cricut user. The issue is they can take up too much space and leave you feeling disorganized. Below are some of the best solutions to help!

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The organization ideas below are amazing because most of them don’t cause an additional cost. And if so, you can find many of the supplies needed to recreate the solution at the Dollar Tree or Ikea. Get ready to get your vinyl collection in order!


Whether you want to use a vinyl storage rack or dowel rods, the ideas below will help you create the perfect storage for whole and scrap pieces of vinyl.

As a Cricut user myself, I was thrilled to come across these amazing ideas. They are practical, ideal, and will help you get your space tidy and free of clutter in no time.


One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need a special space or area for getting your craft supplies in order. While it may seem like a nice idea, you can use whatever space you have or didn’t even know you had.

When it comes to getting your vinyl stash – or even your scrapbook paper stash – organized, the number one thing to keep in mind is functionality.

Cricut Vinyl Storage Ideas – For Crafters and Craft Rooms of all Styles

I’ve gathered storage ideas for people of all DIY abilities. Some are woodworking plans or build tutorials. Others are upcycled or repurposed projects that require no power tools or special skills. There are even organizers that you can buy, assemble, and start organizing right away.

So no matter what your DIY ability or budget, I’m sure you can find the perfect solution for your Cricut organizing needs.

1. Vinyl wall shelf with dowels

Source: Vinyl wall shelf with dowels by Kate Krener

Kate shows us that by using a shelf and dowel system, you can easily store your vinyl rolls in a way that can easily be seen. If you’re really feeling organized, you can color-code them and place them by size.

2. Trellis Vinyl Storage

Source: Unknown

A couple of planks of wood and a few pieces of trellis will help get your vinyl rolls organized in no time. This is ideal if you have wall space or floor space.

3. Dollar Tree Hack: Dish Rack Vinyl Roll Holder

Source: Dollar Tree Dish Rack Vinyl Roll Holder by Simply Sallie

Organizing on a budget? Pick up a few dish racks from the Dollar Tree to recreate this simple, but stylish way to keep your rolls in vinyl tidy in one place.

4. Tiered Baskets Vinyl Roll Storage

Source: Tiered Baskets Vinyl Roll Storage by Silhouette School

Baskets have long been a storage solution for a variety of things, which is why they are ideal for holding your Cricut vinyl rolls. You can place it anywhere and easily grab what you need.

5. Upcycled Wine Rack to Store Vinyl

Source: Wine Rack Upcycled Vinyl Holderby Monica Caldwell

Quickly upcycle a wine rack holder with spray paint and turn it into a place to store your vinyl rolls. Most wine racks will hold about 20 (opened) rolls. You could probably place more than one roll in a space if it’s unopened.

6. Woodworking Project: Hanging Vinyl Roll Storage

Source: Woodworking Project: Hanging Vinyl Roll Storage by Houseful of Homemade

This is another option that is ideal for making the most of your wall space. It doesn’t take up much room and holds quite a few rolls of vinyl.

7. Elfa Storage System for Craft Vinyl – Hanging Bins on a Wall

Source: Elfa Storage System for Craft Vinyl by Pretty Providence

Take the guesswork out of how to keep your Cricut vinyl organized by adopting this Elfa storage system. Pretty Providence walks you step-by-step to make this a reality in your craft space.

8. PVC Pipe Craft Vinyl Storage

Source: PVC Pipe Craft Vinyl Storage by Craftaholics Anonymous

PVC pipe can be used for many things, but have you considered using it as a vinyl storage solution? It’s as easy as cutting and placing the pipes on your bookshelf and whalah – instantly organized vinyl rolls.

9. Over the Door Hanging Vinyl Storage Rack

Source: Over the Door Hanging Vinyl Storage Rack by Amazon

This solution is ideal if you don’t want to manually create something. It can be purchased on Amazon and all it takes is unpacking, hanging, and putting your vinyl inside each looped section. The over-the-door storage rack is a great space saver.

10. Desktop Vinyl Storage Rack

Source: Desktop Vinyl Storage Rack by Amazon

This is a great option for smaller vinyl pieces or to keep your most-used vinyl closely on your work surface.

11. Hang vinyl rolls on pants hangers

Source: Hang Vinyl Rolls on Pants Hangers by Felt So Cute

Use your closet space with just a few pants hangers to easily and quickly organize your vinyl rolls. Each pant hanger typically has 5 racks so having just a few can really do wonders.

12. DIY Vinyl Storage Crate

Source: DIY Vinyl Storage Crate by Addicted 2 DIY

This storage crate holds up to 30 rolls and fits nice and neatly in the corner, underneath a desk, or in a closet. You’ll have everything you need in one convenient spot that’s easy to grab and not out in the open.

13. Organize Vinyl Rolls with Ikea Bag Holder

Source: Organize Vinyl Rolls with Ikea Bag Holder by Sweet Red Poppy

Ikea is known for creating functional pieces and this one doesn’t disappoint. In fact, its original intention is for trash bags, but you can also use it for storing your vinyl rolls. They’ll fit perfectly in the slots and can be hung on the wall close to your craft space.

I have used a similar vinyl storage solution in my craft room:

14. Shoe Rack Vinyl Storage

Source: Shoe Rack Vinyl Storage by Craftaholics Anonymous

Have an extra shoe rack that’s not being used? Craftaholics Anonymous turned one into a vinyl storage, which is perfect for desktop organization. Simply assemble your shoe rack and place your vinyl in the slots by color.

15. Secure Vinyl Rolls with Paper Clips and Store in a Wire Baskets

Source: BHG

If you are storing rolls of vinyl open in a bin or basket, they are guaranteed to come unrolled. In the past, I have used rubber bands to keep vinyl rolled tightly. But they can break over time. Paper clips are another great option to keep those rolls from coming unfurled and creating a big mess.

16. Lay Vinyl Rolls in the Shallow Drawers of a Craft Cart

Source: Crafty Storage Cart from iHeartOrganizing

Shallow drawers are a fantastic option for organizing craft supplies of all types – not just Cricut tools and supplies. The drawers keep everything contained, while keeping your space looking tidy and clutter free. And since the drawers are shallow – you never have to worry about any supplies getting lost or buried in the shuffle.

17. Vinyl Scraps Folder or Binder Storage – Store vinyl sheets flat

Source: Vinyl Scraps Folder Storage by Where the Smiles Have Been

If there’s one thing you’ll have with Cricut vinyl, it’s scraps. Instead of leaving these on the table or tucked off in a drawer, place them inside of a folder for quicker and easier storage.

This way, if you are looking for something particular, you can just flip through the pages to get a quick glimpse at what you have available to use.



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Cricut Vinyl Storage Ideas - How to Organize and Store Craft Vinyl (2024)
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