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Toulouse, with a rich history that dates back over 2000 years to the Roman city of Tolosa, is a treasure trove of culture, innovation, and vibrant youth. Known affectionately as La Ville Rose due to its picturesque terracotta brick buildings, Toulouse stands out not just for its beauty but as a hub of academic and aerospace excellence. As the second-largest university city in France, it is home to approximately 150,000 college students from France and across the globe, while also being the epicenter of the aerospace industry, housing giants like Airbus, CNES, and Thales. Yet, amidst these feats of human achievement and historical grandeur, Toulouse's true gem lies in its gastronomy.

Blessed with southern European weather, Toulouse enjoys an abundance of fresh produce, a rich tradition of cheese-making with delights like Roquefort, Bethmale des Pyrenees, and Pélardon, and a renowned charcuterie scene featuring the famed black pig of Bigorre along with duck and goose delicacies such as rillettes and foie gras. Not to mention, it's nestled within two of France's most intriguing wine regions, Fronton and Gaillac, and is a haven for lovers of exquisite baked pastries.

Despite its myriad attractions, Toulouse remains less trodden by tourists compared to French giants like Paris or Bordeaux, offering a unique opportunity to explore genuine local haunts free from the trappings of mass tourism. This relative obscurity, coupled with a lack of gentrification, means that Toulouse offers exceptional value for money in dining, making it a paradise for food lovers seeking authenticity without breaking the bank.

If your palate yearns for the rich flavors of French cuisine, Toulouse is an essential stop on your culinary journey through France. Join us as we embark on an epicurean adventure through the best restaurants in Toulouse, where places to eat transform into gateways to gastronomic bliss. From casual cafés and Michelin-starred establishments to the yummiest street food and vegetarian delights, Toulouse is a city that caters to every taste.

For those eager to dive deeper into the heart of Southwestern French cuisine, consider booking our This 3.5-hour journey through the historic Carmes and Saint-Etiénne neighborhoods offers a blend of culture and culinary delight, featuring 7 stops, 7 stories, and 7 tantalizing food samples. It's an immersive way to discover the rich history of La Ville Rose and fall in love with Southwestern French cuisine, one of the world's finest.

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Dining in Toulouse: Essential Tips and Etiquette for Travelers

Where are the Best Places to Eat Out? Discover the Best Restaurants in Toulouse:

French Cuisine

1. Best Traditional French Restaurants

2. Best Cassoulet Restaurants

3. Best Meat Restaurants

4. Best Lunch Restaurants

5. Best Casual Dining Restaurants

6. Best Fine Dining Restaurants - Bib Gourmand

7. Best One-Michelin-Star Restaurants

8. Best Two-Michelin-Star Restaurants

9. Best Brunch Spots

10. Best Cafes Serving Cakes

11. Best Boulangerie-Pâtisseries

12. Best Wine Bars

13. Best Oyster Bars

International Cuisine

14. Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

15. Best Italian Pasta Restaurants

16. Best Italian Pizza Restaurants

17. Best Middle Eastern Restaurants

18. Best Vietnamese Restaurants

19. Best Burger Restaurants

20. Best Food-to-Go & Street-Food Restaurants


Dining in Toulouse: Essential Tips and Etiquette for Travelers

Navigating the culinary landscape of Toulouse, renowned for hosting some of the best restaurants in France, offers a unique blend of traditional charm and modern vibrancy. Whether you're seeking the best lunch in Toulouse or planning an exquisite dinner, understanding local dining etiquette can enhance your experience. Here are essential tips and etiquette for travelers eager to explore the places to eat in Toulouse:

Greeting: A warm "bonjour" upon arrival and to your waiter is customary in Toulouse, reflecting the city's friendly, small-town vibe. Remember to always use "s’il vous plaît" (please) and "merci" (thank you) when being served, embracing the polite French dining culture and the friendly nature of Toulouse.

Opening Hours: Most Toulouse restaurants serve lunch from 12 PM to 2 PM and dinner from 8 PM to 9:30 PM. Don’t expect to have dinner at 6 PM. With few exceptions for all-day kitchens, plan your meals within these windows to avoid disappointment.

Days Off: Sundays and Mondays are common rest days for many establishments. To ensure a spot for dining, verify the restaurant's opening hours online before making plans.

Summer Holidays: During August, many restaurants close between 2 and 4 weeks for summer vacation. Despite reduced options, diligent research can still uncover fantastic dining experiences in the city.

Reservations: Booking in advance is highly recommended for most restaurants, especially for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings. Unfortunately, online reservations may not be widely available in Toulouse yet. However, most restaurants accommodate English calls during business hours, so don’t be shy and call at least a week in advance.

Water: Tap water comes for free with your meal. However, you must request "une carafe d’eau” (a jug of water) or “de l’eau,” which means just water. If you order “une bouteille d’eau” (a bottle of water) instead, you’ll be served bottled water and be charged for it. Toulouse's tap water is both excellent and free.

Ice: Ice in drinks is uncommon unless you enjoy an apéritif like Pastis. Expect your water served without ice. In the hot summer months, and especially when sitting outdoors, you can request some ice to be added to your white or rosé wine glass, but never with red wine.

Bread and Butter: Complimentary bread is standard, often replenished upon request, and always free of charge. However, don’t expect butter because it’s typically reserved for breakfast, not for accompanying bread at lunch or dinner. Bread is meant to be used to “saucer” the plate, a French verb that means sopping the sauce and wiping the plate clean.

Toasting: In France, we say “santé,” which means “to your health,” and it’s used as “cheers.” Also, you’ll hear locals using expressions like “à la nôtre” (to us) or “à la vôtre” (to you). When clinking glasses, eye contact is a must with every single member of the table, and you should avoid crossing arms with others during this process. Failing to follow these rules is believed to bring 7 years of bad love luck.

Vegetarian Options: Confirm the availability of vegetarian or vegan dishes before seating, as not all restaurants in Toulouse may offer these options. This also applies to other dietary special needs and restrictions since Toulouse has a lot of catching up to do in this regard.

Asking for the Bill: Don’t wait for the cheque. Unless you are in a high-end French restaurant, you are expected to pay at the counter before leaving.

Tipping: Waiters don’t live on their tips and they have fair compensation. Therefore, tipping is not obligatory in France, as the service is included in your bill. Even though locals barely ever tip, small tips by visitors are appreciated for exceptional service.

Foie Gras and Soft Cheeses: Don’t spread foie gras or soft cheeses on your bread. If you have a starter like the Toulouse delicacy foie gras mi-cuit, or you’re finishing your meal with some gooey bloomy rind cheeses like regional Pélardon, you may be tempted to smear them across the bread the way you would butter. Don’t. They’re meant to sit on the bread, like a slab of meat, and you bite into it directly to enjoy their original texture in your mouth. You can spread spreads, like rillettes or patés, though.

Smoking: For a smoke-free environment, opt to dine indoors. Outdoor terraces accommodate smokers. This is particularly important in winter when many of the cafés and bistros enclose their sidewalk terraces with awnings and plastic coverings to keep in the heat. This is where the smokers head in winter. So sit here if you want to light up or watch others enjoy smoking.

Tacos: The Toulouse "taco" is a unique French interpretation, far from traditional Mexican fare, often resembling a döner kebab, a dürum, or a shawarma. It’s a wrapped wheat tortilla stuffed with crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, and French fries (yes, you’ve read it right), and dressed with yogurt-based sauces. If you’re looking for genuine Mexican food, avoid these fast-food joints advertising their kebabs as “tacos.” We know it’s confusing.

Embracing these tips can make your culinary journey through Toulouse not only more enjoyable but also a deep dive into the local culture and traditions. Whether you're searching for where to eat in Toulouse or the best dinner Toulouse offers, these guidelines will ensure a memorable gastronomic experience.

French Cuisine

1. Best Traditional French Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (2)

L’Os à Moëlle

14 Rue Roquelaine, 31000 Toulouse

Tucked away in the discreet Chalets neighborhood, L’Os à Moëlle offers a journey back to the roots of Southwestern French cuisine within its brick-walled, traditionally Toulousain setting. Since 1986, this restaurant has been a bastion of conviviality and warmth, where large wooden tables and a homely atmosphere invite diners to feel like part of the family. Chef-driven, the menu showcases the richness of local produce, with a particular emphasis on duck products sourced from surrounding farms. Signature dishes like cassoulet and mi-cuit foie gras have cemented L’Os à Moëlle’s reputation, while homemade desserts provide a sweet finale to the rustic, authentic dining experience. Here, tradition meets the palate with a touch of elegance, making it a cherished spot among locals and visitors alike.

L'Air de Famille

6 Rue Jules Chalande, 31000 Toulouse

At L'Air de Famille, the essence of dining transcends the mere act of eating—it's about sharing, tradition, and a deep connection to the local terroir. Chef Georges Camuzet masterfully crafts menus that reflect the season's bounty, from Mediterranean tuna to succulent Quercy lamb, all within a setting that feels like a step back in time. The restaurant's vintage decor and friendly atmosphere complement the meticulously prepared dishes, making every meal a heartwarming experience. With a focus on local produce and a wine list featuring selections from friends of the house, L'Air de Famille stands out as a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Toulousain dining experience.

La Braisière

42 Rue Pharaon, 31000 Toulouse

Nestled between Place du Salin and Place des Carmes, in the historic heart of Toulouse, La Braisière has been a beacon of traditional Toulousain cuisine for over forty years. This family-run establishment, now in its fourth generation, epitomizes the warmth, conviviality, and generosity that the city is known for. Dining at La Braisière is like taking the pulse of the Pink City; it's where you're guaranteed a hearty welcome and a delightful meal. Specializing in meats grilled over a wood fire, the restaurant offers dishes like a succulent demi côte de bœuf or a whole duck magret, paired with fine wine and plenty of love. A simple yet winning formula that keeps its diverse clientele smiling and coming back for more, La Braisière continues to be a true classic in Toulouse's dining scene.

2. Best Cassoulet Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (3)

Le Genty Magre

3 Rue Genty-Magre, 31000 Toulouse

Le Genty Magre, crowned at the 2023 Toulouse Cassoulet Championship, is not just a restaurant; it's a celebration of Toulouse's rich culinary heritage. Under the guidance of owner and chef Romain Brard, this establishment serves a cassoulet that has captivated both locals and culinary luminaries alike, including Michelin-starred chef Michel Sarran. Brard's philosophy centers on a hearty, meat-rich cassoulet, incorporating pork rind, pig snouts, and ears from the esteemed Maison Garcia, crowned with the signature Toulouse sausage. This dish, a result of a meticulous two-day preparation process, offers a luxuriously creamy texture and a depth of flavor that's both traditional and unforgettable. Le Genty Magre stands as a testament to the art of cassoulet, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking to experience the soul of Toulouse's gastronomy.


13 Pl. Saint-Georges, 31000 Toulouse

Émile, a cornerstone of Toulouse's dining scene, is celebrated for its dedication to traditional cuisine, crafted with 100% homemade, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients. Nestled in the historic heart of Toulouse, this restaurant boasts a beautiful terrace on the charming Place Saint-Georges, offering an idyllic setting for enjoying its renowned dishes. The star of the menu is undoubtedly the cassoulet, a testament to the culinary heritage of the Southwest, but the restaurant also presents a variety of exquisite alternatives. With a solid wine list to complement the meal, Émile ensures a delightful dining experience that combines quality, tradition, and affordability.


Victor Hugo Market - 1st Floor, Marché, Pl. Victor Hugo 1 er étage, 31000 Toulouse

Perched atop the bustling Victor Hugo market, L'Impériale stands as a testament to culinary heritage, stewarded by three generations of women: Ginette, Martine, and Emma. Since 1985, this matriarchal trio has been serving dishes that resonate with the soul of Toulouse, with their cassoulet taking center stage. Crafted from haricots de Tarbais, pork loin, Toulouse sausage, skin sausage, and duck wing, their cassoulet embodies the essence of tradition and the peak of market freshness. Beyond cassoulet, L'Impériale delights with a variety of meats and seafood, each dish a celebration of Southwestern flavors and the day's catch, seared to perfection on the plancha.

If you're intrigued by the rich history of cassoulet, and its meticulous preparation process, and are eager to explore a more extensive list of top-notch cassoulet restaurants in Toulouse, we invite you to delve deeper into our dedicated article, "Discovering the Best Cassoulet in Toulouse: Five Unmissable Restaurants to Experience".

3. Best Meat Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (4)


15 Bd de Strasbourg, 31000 Toulouse

L'Entrecôte, the original gem of Toulouse since 1962, is where the unique dining concept of a single-menu offering was born. Founded by Henri Gineste de Saurs, this restaurant has since expanded its distinctive experience to six other French cities, including Lyon and Bordeaux. Patrons are treated to a meal that starts with a walnut salad, followed by a finely cut faux-filet steak drenched in a secret sauce, unlimited homemade fries, and concludes with exquisite desserts. The restaurant's iconic black and yellow theme and the traditional attire of the waitresses enhance its timeless appeal. It's important to note that L'Entrecôte does not accept reservations and is renowned for the queues that form around the block. To secure a spot without the wait, we recommend arriving early, right when the kitchen opens at 12 PM for lunch or 7 PM for dinner. This strategy ensures you can enjoy the legendary steak and secret sauce that have made L'Entrecôte a cornerstone of Toulouse's culinary scene and beyond.

Oh la vache!

2 Rue d'Austerlitz, 31000 Toulouse

Just a stone's throw from the bustling Victor Hugo market, Oh la vache! offers a vibrant slice of village bistro charm with a modern, neo-industrial twist. Celebrated for its dynamic atmosphere and friendly service, this spot delights with a menu of bistro classics that sing the praises of local produce. From the succulent magret de canard with its lemony sauce to what many claim is the best gratin dauphinois in town, each dish is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to quality and tradition. With its excellent value, especially given its prime location, Oh la vache! is a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic taste of Toulouse's culinary heritage.


1 Rue Perchepinte, 31000 Toulouse

Barbaque, nestled in the historic heart of Toulouse, is a carnivore's dream come true, especially renowned for its exquisite ribeye steak. Since its opening in 2020, this restaurant has quickly become a reference for meat lovers, offering a selection of quality, matured meats cooked to perfection in a braise oven. The côte de Galice stands out as a marvel, alongside a menu filled with hearty dishes like the perfectly cooked magret and a gratin dauphinois that's caused quite a stir. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, complemented by an extensive wine list carefully curated by their sommelier, Barbaque promises an unparalleled dining experience. Whether it's the generous servings, the quality of the meat, or the pleasant setting, Barbaque has cemented its status as a favorite meat restaurant in Toulouse.

4. Best Lunch Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (5)


6bis Rue du Canard, 31000 Toulouse

Combustible stands out as a delightful discovery in Toulouse's lunch scene, offering a cozy ambiance, friendly service, and a culinary experience that leaves patrons longing for more. Known for its masterful cooking, the bistro serves dishes rich in taste and flavors, with comforting plates that might leave you wishing for a bit more to savor every last drop. Their lunch option (called formule déjeuner in French), a unique formula priced at €18 for a dish and a drink, consistently delights diners. And for those with a sweet tooth, indulging in a dessert is a must, as it's just as exquisite as the main course. Combustible's commitment to providing a memorable dining experience is evident, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to explore Toulouse's vibrant culinary landscape.


27/29 Rue Charles Viguerie, 31300 Toulouse

Pépite, a gem nestled in the tranquil streets of St Cyprien, truly lives up to its name, offering a bistronomic experience that emphasizes a short supply chain and natural wines. With a daily changing lunch menu priced at an accessible €22 for a starter, main, and dessert, Pépite delights its patrons with flavors that are both innovative and comforting. The restaurant's decor, featuring Toulouse's iconic brick walls and a serene terrace that comes alive in summer, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The commitment to seasonal, locally sourced ingredients ensures that each dish is a celebration of the region's bounty. Pépite's wine selection, carefully curated by their sommelier, complements the culinary experience with natural and biodynamic choices, making every meal a memorable one. Whether you're in for lunch or exploring their weekly evening menu, Pépite offers an excellent culinary moment in a beautifully appointed setting.

Restaurants at Marché Victor Hugo

Pl. Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse

Perched on the 1st floor of Toulouse's largest covered market, Victor Hugo, resides a quintet of family-run restaurants that epitomize the essence of traditional, unpretentious, yet utterly delectable cuisine. The secret to their culinary success lies just beneath them, as they source their ingredients directly from the bustling market below. Among these gems are L’Impériale, Attila, Le Magret, Au Bon Graillou, and Maison Louchebem. While each offers a unique taste of the region, Le Magret, with its specialization in duck products, and Au Bon Graillou, celebrated for its grilled fresh fish and seafood, stand out as our top picks. These culinary havens operate in sync with the market, serving lunch from Tuesday to Sunday until 1:30 PM, with kitchens firing up at noon. They do not accept reservations, so arriving early is advisable to avoid the lunchtime rush of local workers. In a laid-back setting, they deliver exceptional value, offering lunch formulas ranging from €20 to €24 that include a starter, main, and dessert, allowing diners to savor the authentic flavors of Southwestern Cuisine.

5. Best Casual Dining Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (6)

Les Planeurs

56 Bd des Minimes, 31200 Toulouse

Les Planeurs, a hidden gem in Toulouse's Minimes neighborhood, offers a unique dining experience where French cuisine meets Japanese precision. Since its opening in September 2017, this restaurant has charmed diners with its bohemian and quirky decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The menu, crafted by a Japanese chef, named Katsu Nakanishi, and his associate, features precise, original, and balanced dishes, such as a risotto of poultry and shellfish with a potent iodine flavor or the freshness of roasted apricots in a rosemary broth with homemade yogurt ice cream. With a good quality-price ratio and a wine list boasting about 100 meticulously selected references, Les Planeurs is a culinary adventure that combines tradition with a touch of the exotic, making it a must-visit for those seeking an exceptional meal in Toulouse.

Les P'tit* Fayots

8 Rue de l'Esquile, 31000 Toulouse

Les P'tit* Fayots, nestled in the heart of Toulouse, is a cozy and elegant restaurant that spans two levels, offering a modern and creative cuisine centered around the finest products from the Gers region. The chef-owner, Aziz Mokhtari, brings his passion and culinary flair to life in an open kitchen, allowing diners to witness the magic as it happens. With a focus on sincerity, generosity, and authenticity, Aziz has made Les P'tit* Fayots a renowned table in the region. The restaurant's atmosphere is complemented by a carefully selected wine list, emphasizing biodynamic and natural wines. Whether you're enjoying the Carte Blanche menu at €47 or the seasonal menu at €28, Les P'tit* Fayots promises an unforgettable dining experience, blending impeccable taste with a warm, welcoming environment.

Le Place Mage

2 Rue Tolosane, 31000 Toulouse

Le Place Mage, situated in the vibrant heart of Toulouse, is a culinary gem that offers an innovative dining experience in a charming setting. With outdoor seating on the plaza, guests can enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city while indulging in high-quality, locally sourced dishes that change daily. The menu, crafted by Chef Philippe Ducos after his experience in Michelin-starred kitchens, features creative and meticulously plated dishes that surprise and delight with every bite. From the perfect egg to tataki of duck with lychees, and from Parmentier of duck to a kiwi/mint pavlova, each dish is a revelation of flavors. The restaurant also boasts a thoughtful wine selection, ensuring a harmonious pairing with your meal. Despite its high-quality offerings, Le Place Mage remains reasonably priced, making it an unmissable destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience in Toulouse.


31 Rue de la Chaîne, 31000 Toulouse

Franquette embodies the essence of bistronomy without the fuss, offering refined dining that doesn't shy away from a generous dollop of butter. It's about savoring every bite, indulging in another bottle of wine from artisan vintners, and embracing the most local and seasonal produce with an extra sprinkle of love. This cozy restaurant, led by a talented female chef, is a haven for those who appreciate organic, locally sourced ingredients, including vegetarian-friendly options. With its weekly rotating menu, Franquette invites regular exploration and discovery, all from its idyllic terrace on Place des Tiercerettes. It's a place where simplicity meets sophistication, where every dish is prepared with care, and where dining is a communal joy. Franquette isn't just about eating; it's about experiencing the joy of food in its purest form, making it a standout choice for casual dining in Toulouse.


17 Rue Croix Baragnon, 31000 Toulouse

Hortùs, a culinary haven in Toulouse, is where Chef Clément Lessoud, formerly of Une Table au Sud in Marseille, brings his vision of eco-minded and health-conscious cuisine to life. Emphasizing organic produce with limited meat, Hortùs offers a menu that sings an ode to the South of France, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. The restaurant's commitment to responsible cooking is evident in every dish, from green asparagus with bottarga to roast turbot with artichoke, each infused with herbaceous notes and a touch of bitterness. By focusing on local, seasonal ingredients and showcasing lesser-known products, Hortùs not only delivers a delicious dining experience but also supports sustainable practices and the preservation of culinary diversity. This approach makes dining at Hortùs more than just a meal; it's an opportunity to engage with and support a cuisine that respects producers, the environment, and diners alike.

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (7)


6 Rue des Prêtres, 31000 Toulouse

Contre-Pied, nestled in the historic Carmes district of Toulouse, is a testament to the power of passion and quality in the culinary world. Anaïs, with her background in prestigious kitchens and a deep connection to farm-fresh ingredients, and Thibaut, with his extensive experience in the world of natural wines, have created a space where dining is an act of joy and discovery. Their menu, based on the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, offers a sincere and vibrant take on modern cuisine. The restaurant's warm ambiance, with its raw wood tables and thoughtful decor, mirrors the care and creativity that go into every dish and wine selection. Contre-Pied is more than just a place to eat; it's a celebration of shared pleasures, quality produce, and the future of sustainable agriculture, all served up in a cozy yet elegant setting right in the heart of Toulouse.


26 Rue de la Fonderie, 31000 Toulouse

Hito, a semi-gastronomic restaurant in Toulouse, is the culinary canvas of Chef Hitoshi Araki, located near the Place du Salin. Embracing a French creative cuisine with subtle Japanese influences, Chef Araki stands alone in the kitchen, delivering dishes with undeniable precision, remarkable cooking techniques, and bold flavors. A standout dish, the tender pork belly, confit in its juice and lightly caramelized on the outside, exemplifies his skill. Hito's lunch menu is particularly enticing, offering an affordable gateway to this fusion of flavors. The restaurant's commitment to fresh, homemade cuisine, served in a cozy setting with a terrace, makes it a must-visit for those seeking an exceptional dining experience that bridges French culinary artistry with Japanese finesse.


21 Rue Perchepinte, 31000 Toulouse

Beneath the bricks of a 17th-century vaulted cellar, L’Emulsion offers a contemporary dining experience, perfect for both intimate meals and friendly gatherings. The menu, crafted entirely in-house, features dishes made from fresh, locally sourced, and organic ingredients. Chef Baptiste Perthuison, with experience in London, Toulouse, and his family's restaurant, now brings his culinary artistry to the heart of Toulouse's historic center. His cuisine is generous, contemporary, and creative, staying true to the local terroir while embracing global flavors. With a weekly changing menu offering a Discovery Menu at €38 (3 courses) and a Tasting Menu at €49 (4 courses), L’Emulsion presents meticulously composed dishes like crispy lamb with red cabbage puree and caramel tonka cream with black sesame ganache. This cozy, vaulted cellar restaurant, known for its refined dishes and professional, friendly service, is a testament to the chef's passion for quality and innovation, making it a beloved spot for those seeking a remarkable culinary experience in Toulouse.

Les Têtes d’Ail

6 Rue de la Fonderie, 31000 Toulouse

Les Têtes d’Ail, located in a bustling street near Place des Carmes, is a beacon of South-Western bistronomy in Toulouse. This market-driven restaurant prides itself on seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, offering a superb quality-price ratio within its contemporary and tasteful setting. The menu, though concise, is a testament to the kitchen's commitment to flavor and innovation, featuring dishes like crispy lamb with red cabbage puree and fish of the day with smoked potato puree. Each plate is a thoughtful exploration of taste and texture, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Les Têtes d’Ail's popularity is no accident; it's a cherished spot for those in search of a modern take on traditional flavors, all served up in a convivial and professional atmosphere.

Au Pois Gourmand

3 Rue Emile Heybrard, 31300 Toulouse

Au Pois Gourmand, set in a breathtaking Colonial-style building with a terrace overlooking the Garonne River, offers a serene escape from the city's hustle. This gastronomic haven, once home to a Toulousain artisan lace maker, combines the charm of its picturesque location with the sophistication of its cuisine. The restaurant specializes in pairing dishes with wines from an extensive cellar of over 300 references, ensuring a perfect complement to the seasonal culinary creations. Whether it's the semi-cooked duck foie gras with apricot or the grilled Mediterranean lean fish with fennel confit in orange, each dish is a celebration of flavor and craftsmanship. The tranquil and scenic setting, coupled with the exceptional dining experience, makes Au Pois Gourmand a must-visit destination for those seeking culinary excellence in Toulouse.

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (8)


38 Rue des Polinaires, 31000 Toulouse

Solides, a standout dining destination in Toulouse, captivates with its commitment to bistronomy and short supply chains, located just opposite the Marché Couvert des Carmes. Chef Fabien Gélenne's menu is a testament to local sourcing, featuring dishes that highlight the region's bounty, including the house specialty: vol-au-vent with sweetbreads, co*ck's combs, and poulette sauce. The restaurant's bohemian ambiance is matched by an excellent and thoughtfully curated selection of natural wines, enhancing the dining experience. With a daily comfort menu at €28 and more elaborate options in the evening, Solides offers a culinary journey that's both grounded in tradition and innovative in execution. The emphasis on regional cheeses and the chef's dedication to quality make Solides a must-visit for those seeking an authentic taste of Toulouse's gastronomic excellence.

Aux Pieds sous la Table

4, 8 Rue Arnaud Bernard 6, 31000 Toulouse

Aux Pieds sous la Table, a Maître Restaurateur establishment, is not just a restaurant; it's a story of commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, cultural sharing, and collaboration. Brothers Antoine and Fabien welcome you to their world, where the ethos of 100% homemade cuisine meets the principles of sustainable and responsible dining. Nestled near the Saint-Sernin church, the restaurant offers a menu that changes daily for lunch and weekly for dinner, with a constant highlight being the renowned homemade Pain Perdu. Sourcing primarily from short circuits, seasonal, and local producers, with a preference for organic ingredients, the establishment stands as a testament to a balanced plate where creativity, hospitality, and teamwork blend seamlessly. Here, dining transcends the act of eating—it's an invitation to engage in conviviality and exchange, rooted in the South-West culture yet open to modern culinary influences. Aux Pieds sous la Table is more than a place to eat; it's a venue where every dish is a means to connection and exchange.

Les Sales Gosses

81 Rue Pierre-Paul Riquet, 31000 Toulouse

Les Sales Gosses, led by twin brothers Mathieu and Bruno Barthe, is a playful yet sophisticated dining spot that has charmed Toulouse for over a decade. Awarded a BIB Gourmand by the Michelin Guide in 2016 and an Assiette since 2019, this restaurant offers a creative twist on classic bistro fare. Chef Bruno, with experience in esteemed kitchens including Michel Sarran's, crafts dishes that are inventive and delicious, served in an ambiance filled with childhood nostalgia yet far from the simple fare of yesteryears. The restaurant's commitment to quality is evident in its 100% homemade cuisine, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients. With a Classic Menu at €40 (3 courses) and a Tasting Menu at €50 (4 courses), Les Sales Gosses provides a gastronomic experience that's both accessible and exceptional. It's a place where the joy of dining is celebrated, supported by a dynamic team that includes potential future star sommelier Camille and the ever-supportive Clémentine, making every visit memorable.

6. Best Fine Dining Restaurants - Bib Gourmand

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (9)


43 Pl. des Carmes, 31000 Toulouse

Cécile, nestled in the lively Carmes district, is a modern bistro that embodies the love of good food in a convivial and accessible setting. The restaurant champions a gourmet and healthy cuisine that emphasizes short and responsible supply chains, featuring a Kamado barbecue to enhance the flavors of its dishes. The wine list is diverse, showcasing the dedication of artisan winemakers committed to respecting their land. With a menu that offers a blend of local and exotic flavors, such as duck tartare with Thai influences and pork loin with mango and pomegranate, Cécile stands out for its creativity and commitment to quality. The open kitchen and contemporary decor under a wooden veranda create a welcoming atmosphere, making Cécile a must-visit for those seeking an exceptional dining experience in Toulouse.

Une Table à Deux

10 Rue de la Pleau, 31000 Toulouse

Une Table à Deux, nestled in the Carmes district since 2018, is the brainchild of Morgane and Nicolas, a duo whose culinary journey spans from Toulouse to the far reaches of Korea and Malaysia. Their restaurant, a blend of brick and wood, serves as a charming backdrop to a menu that's an invitation to a culinary voyage. The cuisine, a reflection of their travels, offers a surprising mix of Mediterranean and tropical influences, executed with remarkable balance and mastery. The warm service complements the inventive dishes, such as line-caught hake, grilled octopus, and beef with cherries and Madagascar pepper, making every meal a delightful exploration of global flavors. With an excellent price-quality ratio, especially at lunch, Une Table à Deux stands out as a destination for those seeking a playful and delicious dining experience in Toulouse.


38 Rue Pierre-Paul Riquet, 31000 Toulouse

Cartouches, a jewel in the vibrant Saint-Aubin neighborhood, is a testament to the culinary prowess of Nicolas Brousse, a chef whose journey from the hotel school of Carcassonne to prestigious kitchens across France has culminated in this charming bistronomic spot. Opened in September 2020 and quickly recognized by Gault & Millau, Cartouches offers a menu that celebrates simple, local, and naturally prepared products. The cuisine, which changes weekly, is a delightful exploration of flavors, from local charcuterie to shared butcher's cuts, all complemented by a thoughtful selection of natural wines. The intimate setting, with a maximum capacity of 30, ensures a convivial dining experience, where guests are treated like friends. With a Bib Gourmand from the Michelin Guide 2021, Cartouches stands as a beacon of market-driven, tasteful cooking that never fails to entertain its patrons.

7. Best One-Michelin-Star Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (10)


2 Imp. Saint-Félix, 31400 Toulouse

At Hedone, MICHELIN-starred chef Balthazar Gonzalez showcases a cuisine of exquisite finesse. Despite his youth, Gonzalez is a maestro of culinary innovation, offering a unique dining concept with just six tables. The surprise menu for lunch and dinner, along with a selection of à la carte dishes, allows him to express his creativity fully. Signature creations include roasted blue lobster with butter, lobster broth-infused candied carrots, and nasturtium leaves and oil. An experience at Hedone might last 3 to 4 hours, but the exceptional freshness of the ingredients, predominantly from plant and sea sources, and the explosive flavors make it entirely worthwhile. Gonzalez's bold and insightful approach to cuisine is indeed commendable.

Les Jardins de l'Opéra

Located in Grand Hôtel de l'Opéra Toulouse Centre - 1 Pl. du Capitole, 31000 Toulouse

Nestled in the heart of Toulouse's Capitole, Les Jardins de l'Opéra offers a serene oasis amidst the city's hustle. This Michelin-starred restaurant, under the virtuosic guidance of Chef Stéphane Tournié, presents a culinary experience that marries simplicity with sophistication. The bright and stylish dining room, alongside a leafy interior courtyard covered by a glazed roof, sets the stage for Tournié's masterpieces. With experiences in esteemed kitchens across France, Tournié excels in dishes that capture the essence of the ingredients, such as wild pollock with spicy langoustine stock or duck smoked in grass and herbs. The meticulous presentation, often finished tableside, adds an element of theatre to the dining experience, making Les Jardins de l'Opéra a must-visit for those seeking an exceptional meal in Toulouse.

Restaurant Michel Sarran

21 Bd Armand Duportal, 31000 Toulouse

Michel Sarran, located in the heart of Toulouse, is more than a restaurant; it's a home where the art of hospitality and gastronomy flourish under the guidance of its namesake chef. With a decor that blends modernity on the ground floor with a more intimate bourgeois setting upstairs, Michel Sarran invites guests to savor the moment. The Gers-born chef, who has navigated between the South-West and the Mediterranean before making his mark in Toulouse, offers unique menus that celebrate the region's finest produce. His warm southern cuisine incorporates spices, marinades, and confits, with occasional nods to distant lands like the Maghreb, Asia, and the Caribbean. Michel Sarran's establishment stands as a culinary embassy of Toulouse, showcasing a commitment to creating memorable dining experiences that resonate with both locals and visitors alike.

8. Best Two-Michelin-Star Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (11)

Le Puits Saint-Jacques

57 Av. Victor Capoul, 32600 Pujaudran

Le Puits Saint-Jacques, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant located 25km from Toulouse on the historic route to Santiago de Compostela, welcomes guests year-round into its warm and distinguished atmosphere. Chef William Candelon, who took the helm in 2019 after honing his skills with culinary luminaries like Alain Ducasse and Michel Guérard, continues to honor the restaurant's legacy with his passionate and meticulous approach. The menu, deeply rooted in the South-Western terroir, features dishes like roasted scallops with fresh truffles and roasted duck supreme with black walnut sauce, showcasing the region's rich culinary heritage. The elegant setting, once a stopover for pilgrims, now serves as a backdrop for Candelon's generous and inventive cuisine, making Le Puits Saint-Jacques a must-visit for those seeking an exceptional dining experience near Toulouse.


19 Dsc de la Halle aux Poissons, 31000 Toulouse

At Py-r, Chef Pierre Lambinon's boundless energy and creativity are palpable in every dish. Located just steps from the Pont Neuf, this Michelin-starred restaurant dazzles with a cuisine that harmoniously blends garden herbs, fish, seafood, and seasonal vegetables. The dining experience begins with an array of amuse-bouches, setting the stage for innovative dishes like line-caught hake from Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Pyrenean trout gravelax, accompanied by fava beans and wild garlic in a tonic pesto. Lambinon's mastery in balancing seafood flavors, grilled notes, and the bitter overtones of vegetables showcases his originality and skill. The restaurant's predominantly white interior, adorned with contemporary art, complements the stylish and inventive culinary journey offered at Py-r, making it a standout dining destination in Toulouse.

9. Best Brunch Spots

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (12)

La Fiancée

54 Rue Peyrolières and 9 Pl. Saint-Sernin, Toulouse

La Fiancée, with its two prime locations near Place du Capitole and beside the majestic Basilique de Saint-Sernin, has earned its reputation as one of Toulouse's premier destinations for specialty coffee and brunch. The anticipation for their weekend brunch, starting at 10 AM on Saturdays and Sundays, is evident in the queues that form outside. While the Capitole venue is cozier, the Saint-Sernin spot boasts a spacious terrace, offering a more relaxed setting to enjoy their acclaimed menu. Their expertly crafted coffees, fresh juice selection, and smoothies set the stage for a brunch menu that's both innovative and indulgent. Highlights include savory sourdough pancakes with caramelized bacon, fried eggs, and maple syrup, and the breakfast bun featuring a Toulouse sausage patty from Maison Garcia. Not to be missed are their cookies, especially the peanut butter white chocolate chunky cookie, reminiscent of Levain Bakery's famous treats. La Fiancée stands as the city's most beloved brunch spot, a testament to its quality, atmosphere, and culinary creativity.

La Belle Brune

31 Rue Pharaon, 31000 Toulouse

La Belle Brune is a gem in Toulouse's coffee scene, offering a cozy and always bustling atmosphere. This trendy specialty coffee shop not only serves excellent coffee throughout the week but also features an all-day breakfast menu. On weekends, from 10 AM to 4 PM, they switch to a highly sought-after closed-menu brunch. Due to its popularity and no-reservation policy, arriving early is essential to secure a spot. Beyond their remarkable coffee and juices, La Belle Brune delights with a range of tasty brunch options, including vegan bowls, avocado toast, and homemade buns.La Belle Brune is a must-visit for coffee aficionados and brunch enthusiasts alike, offering a perfect blend of quality, ambiance, and flavor.

Le Café Cerise

4 Quai de la Daurade, 31000 Toulouse

Le Café Cerise stands out as a premier destination for brunch enthusiasts in Toulouse. Founded by Valentin, who was inspired to introduce specialty coffee to the locals, this café has grown into a full-fledged team passionate about quality and environmental respect. Their brunch menu, available without reservations, includes a warm beverage of choice, fresh seasonal juice, a seasonal salad, avocado toast, organic scrambled eggs, and farmer's yogurt with homemade granola and fresh fruits, all for 25 euros. The café's commitment to homemade, savory meals and its vibrant atmosphere make it a must-visit for a delightful brunch experience. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a brunch lover, Le Café Cerise offers a cozy setting to enjoy meticulously prepared dishes and beverages, ensuring a memorable visit.

10. Best Cafes Serving Cakes

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (13)


13 Rue de la Bourse, 31000 Toulouse

Bapz, an exceedingly popular salon de thé located in the heart of Toulouse, is a haven for those with a sweet tooth and a love for traditional English baked goods. The café's centerpiece is a stunning display of homemade cakes, tempting patrons with an array of choices. Among their specialties are the indulgent Chocolate Overdose, the classic carrot cake, and notably, their classic scones served with jam and clotted cream, praised for their authenticity and deliciousness. Bapz also boasts a diverse selection of quality teas and is renowned for its thick hot chocolate, perfect for chilly winter days. The warm, cozy ambiance, combined with the friendly and efficient service, makes Bapz a must-visit. Regulars and newcomers alike are charmed by the welcoming atmosphere and the delightful treats on offer, making it a cherished spot for a sweet pause in the bustling city. Whether you're a local or just passing through, Bapz promises a memorable experience with every visit.

Flower’s Café

6 Pl. Roger Salengro, 31000 Toulouse

Flower's Café, nestled in the quaint Place Roger Salengro near the bustling Alsace Lorraine, has been a beacon of sweetness since its inception in April 2003. This family-run café, with its cozy ambiance and charming decor, invites patrons to indulge in a nostalgic journey through its array of homemade cakes. Known for their moelleux au chocolat, banoffee cake, and tarte pistache framboise, Flower's Café excels in creating desserts that are both comforting and exquisite. However, the standout is undoubtedly their crumble poire chocolat, served warm and offering a heavenly blend of flavors. Beyond cakes, the café is celebrated for its extensive tea selection and rich, thick hot chocolates, making it a beloved destination for those seeking a delightful tea-time experience in the heart of Toulouse.

Salon Cacao’T

21 Rue Charles de Rémusat, 31000 Toulouse

Salon Cacao’T, a cherished salon de thé just steps from Place du Capitole, is renowned for its exceptional homemade baked pastries and cakes, with their Kouign-amanns being hailed as the best in town. This sweet Breton cake, celebrated for its layered, buttery richness and caramelized sugar crust, is truly a work of pastry art. Resembling a round, dense croissant, it's crispy and sticky on the outside, yet cakey and gooey within. Cacao’T offers a tempting variety of flavors, including classic plain, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, salted caramel, pistachio, and hazelnut spread, each ensuring a distinct and delightful taste experience. Alongside the Kouign-amann, the salon features an extensive selection of homemade pastries, sweets, and hot beverages, with a special nod to their rich hot chocolate.

11. Best Boulangerie-Pâtisseries

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (14)


3 Rue de la Fonderie, 31000 Toulouse

Nestled near Place du Salin, Loma is a captivating boulangerie that charms visitors with its quaint interior and commitment to homemade excellence. Opened in June 2019 by the passionate duo, Lolita Champagne from France and Mathieu Champagne from Montreal, Loma has quickly become a beloved spot in Toulouse's Carmes neighborhood. Their secret lies in the premium ingredients used, such as organic and Label Rouge flour, AOP Poitou-Charente butter, dairy products from Normandy, organic Kuna Equator chocolate, organic Madagascar vanilla, and free-range organic eggs from la Ferme du Vert, in Omps. Each ingredient is thoughtfully sourced and displayed on a blackboard for patrons to see. Loma's viennoiserie, including croissants, brioche, almond croissants, chocolatines, and pain aux raisins, are celebrated for their buttery, well-layered, and flaky perfection. For those intrigued by this exceptional boulangerie/pâtisserie, further insights can be found in our article "Loma Pâtisserie: A Gem of Toulouse Serving the Finest Chocolatine," highlighting the journey and dedication of Lolita and Mathieu to creating a slice of pastry heaven in Toulouse.

Pêché Mignon

37 Rue du Languedoc, 31000 Toulouse

Pêché Mignon, nestled on Rue du Languedoc in the bustling heart of Toulouse, epitomizes the charm of a local bakery while captivating both residents and visitors alike. Since Christophe and Charlotte Zasso took the helm in December 2021, this bakery has become a sanctuary for those seeking traditional breads, pastries, and an array of baked goods. The bakery's Scandinavian-inspired design, featuring a minimalist white façade and a cozy interior of white and wood, creates a welcoming atmosphere that encourages lingering over coffee or a tasty treat. Renowned for their exquisite homemade viennoiserie, including croissants, torsades, noisettines, pain aux raisins, and brioches, Pêché Mignon also shines with its marbled cake and the distinctive mi-cuit au chocolat. This cold take on the classic coulant au chocolat offers a moist, dark chocolate experience with a delightfully gooey center. For those intrigued by the allure of Pêché Mignon and its dedication to guilt-free indulgence, further insights can be discovered in our article "Pêché Mignon: A Haven of Traditional Breads and A Must-Try Croustade aux Pommes," showcasing why this bakery is a must-visit in Toulouse.

Boulangerie Pâtisserie Cyprien

55 Rue de la République, 31300 Toulouse

Boulangerie Pâtisserie Cyprien, the result of a deep friendship and shared expertise between Gilles Guiraud, Lionel Fauré, and Pierre-Jean Souviron, has become a beloved fixture on Toulouse's left bank since its opening on October 7, 2017. This bakery embodies the trio's commitment to 100% artisanal and authentic creations, focusing on "simple, good, and tasty" offerings that evoke the flavors of childhood and emphasize the basics. Lionel Fauré, distinguished by winning "Best AOP Poitou-Charentes Butter Croissant in Île-de-France" three times, has brought his exceptional croissant-making skills to Toulouse, ensuring each viennoiserie is crafted with the finest ingredients and baked continuously for freshness and a deliciously crisp texture. Notably, their chocolatine stands out for its unique addition of a third chocolate bar, offering an extra layer of indulgence and setting a new standard in the city. Cyprien's dedication to in-house production extends to bread, fine pastries, sandwiches, and salads, driven by the ambition to delight customers with every bite. The bakery's journey, marked by early recognition on "La Meilleure Boulangerie de France," underscores its esteemed place in the realm of quality artisan baking.

12. Best Wine Bars

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (15)

Au Père Louis

45 Rue des Tourneurs, 31000 Toulouse

Nestled in the heart of Toulouse since 1889, Au Père Louis not only boasts the title of the oldest bar in the city but also holds a revered spot on the city's register of historic monuments. This venerable establishment captures the essence of French bar culture with its authentic 19th-century ambiance and a welcoming atmosphere that encourages the art of conversation. By day, it serves classic French dishes, while by night, it transitions to offer an exquisite selection of cheeses and charcuterie, complemented by a carefully curated wine list. The bar's specialty, quinquina, a fortified wine with a rich history of its own, symbolizes the blend of tradition and conviviality that Au Père Louis represents. With its recent change in ownership, the bar is poised to continue its legacy, blending tradition with subtle innovations, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Toulouse's historic charm and social warmth.

Le 5 Wine Bar

5 Rue de la Bourse, 31000 Toulouse

Le 5 Wine Bar transcends the typical wine bar experience, earning global recognition as the Best Wine Bar in the World for three consecutive years (2017, 2018, and 2019). This prestigious venue is a haven for wine enthusiasts, boasting an extensive collection of over 20,000 bottles and more than 500 wines available by the glass. Its unique self-serve wine dispensers enable patrons to explore a vast selection of wines in a relaxed, educational setting, encouraging discovery and exploration. Beyond wine, Le 5 Wine Bar offers exquisite tapas made from local ingredients, perfectly complementing the wine offerings. Nestled in a charming, vaulted brick cellar, the ambiance enhances the overall experience, making it an essential destination for anyone wishing to delve into the world of wine. As it plans for expansion through franchises, Le 5 Wine Bar continues to embody the essence of Toulouse's rich wine culture, providing an unforgettable experience for both seasoned connoisseurs and those new to wine.

La Cave se Rebiffe

2 Rue Joutx Aigues, 31000 Toulouse

Nestled in the heart of Toulouse, La Cave se Rebiffe offers an authentic gateway to Corsican wine culture, curated by the hospitable Marc, a local artist with a penchant for creating memorable experiences. This cozy underground bar, with its distinctive brick-vaulted cellar, specializes in a handpicked selection of Corsican wines and tapas, setting the stage for an intimate dive into the island's rich flavors. Visitors are treated to Marc's expert wine recommendations and warm welcome, making every encounter special. The lively ambiance is further enhanced on Tuesdays with live music sessions, making La Cave se Rebiffe the perfect spot for those seeking an engaging and flavorful wine-tasting adventure in Toulouse.

For enthusiasts eager to explore further, our article "Find the Best Wine Bar in Toulouse: Ultimate Guide" offers a comprehensive journey into the city's finest. This essential guide is your key to uncovering more of Toulouse's celebrated wine bars, perfect for those looking to deepen their wine discovery in this charming city.

13. Best Oyster Bars

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (16)

Le Cabanon

6 Rue Victor Hugo

Le Cabanon stands out as a cherished gem in Toulouse, nestled by the bustling Marché Victor Hugo. This enchanting oyster bar, with its inviting terrace, is a testament to friendship and the joy of gathering. It prides itself on serving a splendid array of oysters and other seafood delights, perfectly paired with an exquisite selection of wines. Born from a deep-rooted passion shared among friends, Le Cabanon has evolved into a central hub for both locals and visitors seeking a warm, welcoming atmosphere to enjoy the freshest seafood. The interior, adorned with wood-paneled walls, barrels, and unique decor, creates a cozy ambiance where guests can indulge in seafood, tapas, and specially selected wines. Despite its focus on raw and ready-to-eat seafood options, as opposed to cooked dishes, the charm and essence of Le Cabanon remain unparalleled, making it a must-visit destination for seafood and wine enthusiasts in the heart of Toulouse.

Chez Jeannot

1 Rue de Bayard

Chez Jeannot emerges as a pivotal seafood restaurant in Toulouse, heralded for its impeccable oysters and traditionally prepared seafood that dances on the taste buds. This destination thrives on the freshness and unmatched quality of its offerings, adapting to the rhythm of the seasons, climate, and fishing yields, ensuring a dynamic selection throughout the year. With rave reviews praising the delightful seafood dishes, fresh and excellent oysters, and the warm, welcoming service despite bustling crowds, Chez Jeannot is recommended for anyone seeking an authentic maritime feast. A visit promises a charming culinary journey, making it an essential stop for seafood aficionados.

L'Atelier du pêcheur

Address: 6 Pl. Laganne, 31300 Toulouse

L'Atelier du pêcheur, nestled in the Saint-Cyprien neighborhood of Toulouse, brings a unique dining concept to the city: seafood "from the stall to the plate." This innovative restaurant allows patrons to hand-pick their fish, shellfish, and crustaceans directly from a market-style stall, emulating the experience of a traditional fishmonger. With products freshly delivered each morning from the Mediterranean and the ocean, customers can look forward to a daily feast of the sea's bounty, cooked to perfection on the plancha. Bruno Allouche, the visionary behind this venture, emphasizes the restaurant's unique selling point: pricing by weight, enabling diners to tailor their meals to their appetite and budget. Whether opting for a modest meal or indulging in a lavish seafood platter, L'Atelier du pêcheur offers an unparalleled gastronomic experience, complete with a choice of sides and special moules-frites deals, setting a new standard for seafood dining in Toulouse.

International Cuisine

14. Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

La Belle Verte

50 Rue d'Aubuisson, 31000 Toulouse

La Belle Verte shines as a culinary sanctuary in Toulouse, offering a menu steeped in organic, zero-waste philosophy, and exclusively plant-based ingredients, with many gluten-free options. This vegetarian gem combines affordability with creativity, serving up three-course lunches and six-course tasting dinners. Their welcoming staff and selection of natural wines from small producers elevate the dining experience, appealing to vegetarians and omnivores alike.


28 Rue de Bayard, 31000 Toulouse

Sixta, a vegetarian coffee shop in Toulouse, excels in brunch and lunch offerings with a focus on fresh, organic, and ethically sourced seasonal ingredients. Daily changing non-alcoholic beverages, vegan, and gluten-free options ensure diversity. Unique features include post-meal nap pods and tantalizing tapas evenings every Friday, blending quality dining with relaxation and socializing.

La Faim des Haricots

2bis Rue du Puits Vert, 31000 Toulouse

La Faim des Haricots is a beloved vegetarian spot in Toulouse, known for its convivial vibe and generous all-you-can-eat buffets. Offering mixed salads, savory homemade pies, desserts, and seasonal soups, plus a daily special, it caters well to vegans. A go-to for variety and value in the vegetarian dining scene.

15. Best Italian Pasta Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (17)


8 Rue Maury, 31000 Toulouse

Mantesino, led by a Naples-born chef-turned-engineer, showcases Southern Italy's rich culinary traditions in a cozy bistro setting near Église Saint-Aubin. Celebrating non-stereotypical Italian fare, it impresses with a focus on flavorful, high-quality ingredients like Bologna mortadella, Piedmont hazelnuts, Ibaïama pork, Aveyron meat, and locally sourced vegetables. A truly uplifting dining experience.


16 Rue Léon Gambetta, 31000 Toulouse

Cugini’s embodies the essence of Italian cuisine without pizza, presenting a chic trattoria vibe within a charming pink brick house. This spot elevates classics with a twist of imagination, freshness, and modernity. Highlights include delightful arancini, hearty Caprese salad, lasagne al ragu, and gnocchi carbonara. Notable for homemade pasta fresca and mouthwatering desserts like chocolate tart and "Lemone Rivisitato," it's a must-visit for authentic Italian flavors near le Couvent des Jacobins.

Officina Gusto

Pl. Saint-Étienne, 31000 Toulouse

Officina Gusto is a vibrant nod to the dolce vita, set in Toulouse's Pl. Saint-Étienne, featuring a lively terrace and three distinct interior spaces each with a unique ambiance and bold green decor. Led by French chef Pierre Henry, the restaurant delivers an authentic Italian experience from start to finish. Its specialty, CHIFFERI NAPOLETANI À LA TRUFFE MELANOSPORUM, is a sublime dish featuring fresh winter truffle, truffled white ham, and aged mountain Parmesan. Officina Gusto stands as a testament to genuine Italian cuisine in the pink city, complete with exquisite plates and creative co*cktails, making it an essential destination for Italian food lovers.

16. Best Italian Pizza Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (18)


13 Rue des Filatiers, 31000 Toulouse

Bringing the heart of Naples to Toulouse, Tripletta has quickly become a must-visit for pizza lovers. Established by a group of friends and part of a small chain originating from Paris, this pizzeria offers a cozy vibe alongside a wood-fired menu of 18 authentic Neapolitan pizzas. With ingredients sourced from Italy, each pizza promises a taste of authenticity. Tripletta’s relaxed atmosphere, affordable lunch deals, and expansive evening terrace make it a beacon of good vibes and Italian cuisine in the Carmes district. Whether for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, Tripletta delivers on both quality and atmosphere.


9 Pl. Saint-Georges, 31000 Toulouse

Marcello, renowned for its authentic Neapolitan pizza, began its journey in Toulouse at Place Saint-Georges. Antonio Picone, with a legacy of four generations of pizza makers, crafts pizzas with traditional Naples ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes and Mozzarella di Bufala. The pizzeria's specialty includes the "pizza en portefeuille" and the iconic "Maradona" pizza. With its commitment to quality and a diverse menu catering to all preferences, including vegan options, Marcello offers a slice of Italy in Toulouse. The story of Marcello continues to evolve with multiple locations, celebrating Italian culinary traditions with every pizza served.

Pizzeria d'Alexis

12 Rue de la République, 31300 Toulouse

Pizzeria d'Alexis, a testament to self-taught skill and dedication, has been serving some of Toulouse's finest pizzas since 2014, in adherence to the storied Neapolitan tradition. Alexis, a former warehouse worker turned pizzaiolo, infused his pizzas with the essence of Naples, using quality Italian flours for a well-hydrated, thin crust that undergoes a long fermentation for easy digestion. Specializing in the iconic Margherita, he emphasizes the importance of each ingredient, notably the San Marzano tomatoes grown at the base of Vesuvius. This dedication extends to dessert, with choices ranging from Italian artisanal ice cream to homemade treats by his wife, making every meal a delightful journey from start to finish.

17. Best Middle Eastern Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (19)

Le Ksar

7 Rue Perchepinte, 31000 Toulouse

Le Ksar, celebrated for serving arguably the best couscous in Toulouse, is a Moroccan restaurant that skillfully blends traditional stone architecture with Moroccan crafts. Located near Saint-Etienne Cathedral, it offers an authentic gateway to the flavors of the Maghreb. The menu is a vibrant palette of Moroccan specialties, rich in spices and bursting with color. Highlights include couscous, tagines, grilled dishes, and mint tea, with the Couscous Royal at 28.00€ featuring lamb skewers, beef meatballs, double merguez, and chicken skewer. Le Ksar promises a culinary journey through Morocco, providing a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Le Sémiramis

23 Rue Peyrolières, 31000 Toulouse

Nestled near La Daurade quay in Toulouse, Le Sémiramis offers a captivating oriental escape showcasing the culinary delights of Lebanon. Welcoming guests to explore or reacquaint themselves with refined and flavorful Lebanese gastronomy, this restaurant caters to all gourmets, including vegetarians. Whether dining with family or friends, visitors can expect a typical and warm atmosphere. The passionate chef brings expertise to the table with aromatic dishes, expertly cooked meals, and irresistible oriental pastries, all prepared from fresh vegetables and high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted local producers. Le Sémiramis is an invitation to savor homemade Lebanese cuisine in a friendly setting, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Chez Nous les Libanais

6 Rue Jean Suau, 31000 Toulouse

Chez Nous les Libanais stands as a beloved spot among Toulouse's youth, celebrated for its cozy ambiance and terrace. Far from serving the conventional döner, dürum, or shawarma, this snug restaurant prides itself on its assorted plates. These plates allow diners to experience 5 to 6 different Lebanese tapas in a single meal, offering a taste of the country's rich culinary diversity. For a mere 12€, guests can indulge in a delightful mix of keftas, chawarma, or chich taouk, complemented by Lebanese specialties such as hummus, labneh, or tabouleh. This affordable and popular destination ensures a warm and typical dining experience, perfect for family or friends.

18. Best Vietnamese Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (20)

Bep Chay

22 Rue des Couteliers, 31000 Toulouse

Bep Chay, a recent addition to Toulouse's dining scene since November 2021, shines a spotlight on vegetarian Vietnamese cuisine paired with unique co*cktails. Diverging from the typical offerings of local Asian restaurants, Bep Chay serves up an authentic Vietnamese experience, debunking the myth that Vietnamese cuisine is limited to nems and caramel pork. The lunch "plateau" at €13.50 offers a comprehensive taste with two starters, a main, a side, and a soup, featuring dishes like soy protein-based faux caramel pork. Evenings transition to Vietnamese tapas, ideal for sampling alongside original co*cktails crafted by Maxime Tunini. Decorated with vibrant colors and silk lanterns from Hoi An, the restaurant creates a rich, immersive dining experience, all under the theme of "vegetarian cooking."

O Phở

60 Bd de Suisse, 31200 Toulouse

O Phở in Toulouse stands out with its unassuming exterior yet sets a high standard for Vietnamese cuisine. This cozy establishment, with a modern and simple decor, offers a warm welcome and a unique dining experience. The owner's commitment to explaining the history and preparation of each dish adds a personal touch. Highlight dishes include light soy-fried shrimp crunchies, fresh spring rolls with a choice of sauces, and the distinctive Bò bún nem. The restaurant also surprises with a curry magret and coconut milk, and a sublime homemade mango tiramisu. Affordable and quality meals at €15 for a lunch set and around €20-€25 for a complete dinner ensure a satisfying experience, albeit with a relaxed pace.

Le Kiosque

77 All. Forain-François Verdier, 31000 Toulouse

Le Kiosque, a beloved Vietnamese street food kiosk similar to a food truck in Toulouse, has been a staple for nearly 40 years, now with a new city-center location adding to its charm. Known for its delicious and humble Vietnamese offerings, the original spot continues to draw crowds with its family recipes. Specializing in bò búns, Phở, Bánh mì, and more, it provides a diverse menu of Vietnamese classics. With its latest expansion, Le Kiosque not only celebrates its historical roots but also its commitment to affordable, authentic Vietnamese cuisine, solidifying its status as a go-to destination for food enthusiasts in Toulouse.

19. Best Burger Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (21)

Les Burgers de Colette

19 Bd de Strasbourg, 31000 Toulouse

Fresh and proudly French, Les Burgers de Colette has made its mark in Toulouse, following successful stints in Rennes, Bordeaux, and Cap Ferret. This street food franchise, setting up where L'Atelier du burger once stood, promises a unique approach to the classic burger by utilizing exclusively fresh, French-sourced ingredients. Christopher Petit, one of the founders, emphasizes the difference quality makes, with meat, potatoes, and cheese all hailing from Normandy and bread from a Bordeaux artisan. With a track record of 290,000 burgers and 120 tonnes of fries sold in 2022, the franchise is on a rapid ascent, boasting about 1 million euros in revenue per restaurant. Now taking on Toulouse, despite the stiff competition, Les Burgers de Colette is ready to enchant with its top-notch offerings, confident in the allure of their fine products.


10 Place de la Charte des Libertés Communales, 31300 Toulouse

Located in the Les Halles de la Cartoucherie food court, Yegg is a unique fusion of street food and haute cuisine, offering a fresh take on classic sandwiches like the smash burger and pastrami sandwich. By focusing on locally sourced ingredients from Les Halles and the Occitan region, Yegg is committed to an eco-friendly approach, emphasizing short supply chains and anti-waste practices. This commitment not only supports local producers but also ensures each dish served is of the highest quality, offering a gastronomic twist to beloved street food favorites.

L'Antidot Burger

10 Rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse

L'Antidot Burger in Toulouse is a testament to eco-conscious dining, blending BIO, local, and reasoned food practices into a delicious burger experience. Founded by three friends with diverse backgrounds, this burger restaurant commits to 100% organic and locally sourced products. Situated near the Notre-Dame-du-Taur church, L'Antidot not only stands out for its high-quality, bio burgers made with ingredients from the region but also for its unique story of friendship and passion for sustainable gastronomy. With everything from the beef to the cheese, bread, and even cola being locally sourced, L'Antidot offers a dining experience that supports the local economy while providing guests with fresh, ethical, and utterly delicious meals.

20. Best Food-to-Go & Street-Food Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (22)

Le Boui Boui

41 Rue des Paradoux, 31000 Toulouse

At Le Boui Boui in the Carmes district of Toulouse, kebabs are redefined as a gourmet experience, far from any fast-food cliché. Drawing inspiration from Berlin's Mustafa Kebab, Le Boui Boui prides itself on serving kebabs crafted with the utmost authenticity and care. Everything, from the sauces to the bread provided by the esteemed Boulangerie Cyprien, is homemade, ensuring each bite is a testament to quality and culinary passion. Whether you opt for a classic Döner Kebab or the vegetarian-friendly Gemüse with falafels, don't forget to complement your meal with their signature fries and irresistible tarragon aioli sauce, elevating the street-food dining experience to new heights.

Le Détaillant

17 Rue Peyrolières, 31000 Toulouse

Le Détaillant in Toulouse distinguishes itself through its commitment to high-quality sandwiches, which are a blend of culinary craft and local bounty. Managed by a prodigious young chef, a protégé of the esteemed Michel Sarran, the eatery ensures that each sandwich is a showcase of both skill and fresh ingredients. The bread, artisanal in nature, is delivered multiple times a day to guarantee the utmost freshness. This commitment to quality, along with a deep respect for local sourcing, makes Le Détaillant a standout destination for sandwich aficionados seeking a premium, flavorful experience in the heart of Toulouse.

O Saj

15 Rue Léon Gambetta, 31000 Toulouse

O Saj is Toulouse's go-to spot for delightful Lebanese galettes (savory crêpes). Prepared on-site using fresh ingredients, these galettes offer a satisfying meal that delights everyone. With meal deals ranging from 11 to 13€, patrons can enjoy a filling galette of their choice, accompanied by a fattouch salad, and a choice of houmous or moutabal, plus a piece of bread. Individual galettes are priced between 4 to 6€, making O Saj the perfect destination for those in search of a quick, affordable, and well-balanced meal in Toulouse.


In Toulouse, the confluence of history, culture, and gastronomy crafts a dining scene as rich and diverse as the city itself. The best restaurants in Toulouse stand as testaments to the region's culinary prowess, offering a spectrum of flavors from traditional French fare to inventive street food. Each establishment, from Michelin-starred eateries to humble bistros, tells a story of passion, tradition, and innovation. Toulouse is a city where gastronomy is celebrated, inviting both locals and travelers to indulge in experiences that tantalize the palate and enrich the soul. For further exploration of Toulouse's gastronomy, our article “The 10 Local Dishes You Have to Try When You're in Toulouse” is a must-read, offering deeper insights into the local culinary landscape. Should you have any inquiries about this blog or our tours, we warmly invite you to visit our website or contact us directly, ensuring your journey through Toulouse’s gastronomic delights is as informative and enjoyable as possible.

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Best Restaurants in Toulouse: Top Places to Eat — Toulouse Gourmet Tours (2024)
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