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R180 Feature Packed September Release

  • Posted Monday, September 17, 2012

Wow have we got a release for you! We're excited to announce the details of our feature-packed September release, due to go live September 25, 2012.

We're currently focusing on enhancing our widely used email marketing component and in this release we've made great progress in offering integration workflows that other solutions simply can't - for instance, the ability to embed dynamic modules such as blog posts, news items or event bookings from your site, right inside email newsletters!

Embed dynamic modules inside email campaigns

You will now be able to insert dynamic modules such as news items and blog posts inside email marketing campaigns, using a completely revamped Module Manager. These modules are then dynamically rendered when the campaign is sent, so the recipient sees the latest content.

Embed modules in email campaigns

There are a range of useful cases where this would come in handy - for instance, including the latest blog posts in your campaign, or embedding an up-to-date list of upcoming events.

If you would like your newsletter template to utilize these new features, please contact us.

Enhanced workflows and interface for recipient lists

We've made it far easier to search through and select your email recipient lists when creating new campaigns, simply start typing and we’ll automatically filter the through your existing lists.

You can also easily exclude a certain list of recipients. For instance, if you're sending to a large list, but would like to exclude all customers who haven't made a purchase in the 6 months. This makes your targeted email marketing easier and much more robust!

We hope you enjoy this month's system update, stay tuned for more great updates next month and get in touch if you have any questions!

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