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R172 Preview v3 now

  • Posted Sunday, February 19, 2012

As of R172 (February 2012) you can now switch over to v3 to preview the improved interface and test out the enhanced usability and productivity.

The functionality of the system is the same as v2 but speed and workflows have been improved. During the preview stage we encourage you to try it out and let us know what you think!

Along with this release, the reports interface has also been updated. The reports now have the following menu structure:

  • Visitors: Overview, Geographic location, Visits and Page views, Unique visitors, Visitor loyalty, Browser and Operating Systems
  • Traffic Sources: Overview, Referrals, Search Phrase, Search Engine Referrals and Spider
  • Website Content: Overview, Pages, Entry Pages and Exit Pages
  • Web Forms Usage: Overview, Inquirer Geographic Location, Inquiries and Top Web Form Usage
  • e-Commerce: Overview, Shopper geographic location, Sales, Top products and Abandon rate
  • Email Campaigns: Overview, Campaign, Subscriber Geographic Location, Subscriptions vs Unsubscriptions and Newsletters sent
  • Custom Reports: Customer Reports, eCommerce Reports and Website Reports
  • Special Reports: includes the former Custom Reports (custom built report by BC engineers and linked into specific sites, only 31 still active)
  • Admin Reports: Admin Usage and Total Traffic Reports
Deprecated functionality

The Refer-a-friend form has been removed and it will no longer be available. Existing forms will continue to work. As a replacement, we recommend to use Social Sharing modules which we keep enhancing. If you would like to add social sharing to your site, please open a ticket.

Visitor Details, Visitors by IP address and Spy Lens reports will be deprecated for privacy reasons.

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